Olds Rotary Club Long Term Rotary Youth Exchange Candidate Arrives

Olds Rotary Club is very pleased to welcome Balint Kele to our community for a one year Rotary Youth Exchange.  Co-sponsored by his home Rotary Club and the Olds Rotary Club, 17 year old Balint has travelled from Hungary to Olds.  He will be hosted by Rotary Club families during his time here. 

Although Balint, his brothers and parents have travelled in Europe, this is his first trip to North America.

Balint is excited to experience Canadian culture and will study at Olds Junior Senior High School in the 11th grade for the year.  In addition to school, Balint looks forward to playing soccer locally during his time as well.

Olds Rotary Club participates in both Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchanges.  Last year's outbound student A.J.Grove had a terrific year during his Youth Exchange to Taiwan and says the exchange was truly a great experience!

The Exchange Program is made possible by the fund-raising efforts of the Olds Rotary Club.  Harvest Ball 2010 is the largest fund-raising event of the year and will be held October 2, 2010 at the Alumni Centre