Rotary Club of Innisfail

Pennies for Polio


At the March 14th meeting, Joe Lehane holds a flyer about the Pennies for Polio fund raising drive & reminds everyone where the Pennies for Polio collection cans are located around Innisfail.  Please give whatever you can.



Everyone is smiling as they deposit their pennies into the collection bucket on Feb 28th.

Rotary is collecting all the pennies they can before the penny is discontinued and no longer used in Canada.  All the pennies collected will go towards the fight to end Polio. 

In this photo John Newsham shows we are "this close" to eliminating Polio.  The smiling faces are: Rod Bradshaw, President Elect; Bryn Chambers, President; Lise Rundell and Mevce Acur, Inbound Exchange Student.