1991-92 K.J. Garson Look Beyond Yourself
1992-93 Bevan Rehbein
Real Happiness is
Helping Others
1993-94 Michael Visona
Believe In What You Do,
Do What You Believe In
1994-95 Trevor Standfast Be a Friend
1995-96 Ian Petherick
Act with Integrity, Serve with Love,
Work for Peace
1996-97 Ray Bruce
Build the Future, With Action
& Vision
1997-98 John Connole Show Rotary Cares
1998-99 Rob Gilbert Follow Your Rotary Dream
1999-00 Warren Highland Rotary International 2000
2000-01 Geoffrey Campbell
Create Awareness,
Take Action
2001-02 Bob Gallagher Mankind is Our Business
2002-03 Peter Thompson Sow the Seeds of Love
2003-04 Robert Edgar Lend a Hand
2004-05 Gary Kirk Celebrate Rotary 100 Years
2005-06 Peter Ahern Service above Self
2006-07 Stephen Bennett Lead the Way
2007-08 Don Robinson Rotary Shares
2008-09 Ian McCloskey Make Dreams Real
2009-10 Chris Roelofs
The future of Rotary
2010-11 Tom Head
Building Communities
Bridging Continents
2011-12 Allan Keleher
Reach within to Embrace
2012-13 Lindsay Cunneen Peace through Service
2013-14 Neil Robinson Engage Rotary, Change Lives
2014-15 Tony Castro Light Up Rotary
2015-16 Chris Parker Be a Gift to the World
2016-17 Stephen Ford Rotary serving humanity
2017-18 Greg Jensen Rotary: making a difference
2018-19 Brad Warburton Be the inspiration
2019-20 Peter Doohan Rotary connects the worlds
2020-21 Chris Foley Rotary opens opportunities
2021-22 Blair Felsch Be a gift  to the world
Chris Hair
Chris Foley
Imagine Rotary