In Thursday night's meeting Rotary Club of Nelson Bay, unanimously agreed to donate shelter boxes to Philippines relief efforts.
The club donates two, then another two from the members when Chris Coy started by donating $500.
This followed with at least 6 other members donating $100 each and most others donating at least $20.
It was a wonderful and spontaneous outpouring of compassion by all to provide 4 shelter boxes @ $1000 each.
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Posted by DeeGee Greiter

Our Latest Project:
Recently we finished refurbishing the Gan Gan Lookout. 

Hunter Water appoved and sponsored a rainwater tank, to be installed shortly

We don't have to carry the water for the plants up the hill any more


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Posted by Henk Tobbe on Sep 13, 2012

Jade McArthur  told us that sheImage was a high school “drop out” but by the sound of it she is catching up quickly and getting on well in her career.  She is doing night classes at Newcastle University, reading marketing and business. Before she got her  present daytime job - Marketing Manager for Northern Highland Travel in E-Maitland – she worked for Maitland Council where she met Peter Clough.   But that is not all…. She also plays soccer and touch football and is a judge for the annual  Hunter Hospitality Award.  And if that is not enough she does some “hands on” hospitality  in Maitland in a local bar.Jade will make an excellent candidate for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program and we look forward to meeting her again when she visits us for her presentation after the event in Tocal.
This year RYLA celebrates its 50th anniversary. In 1959, the state government of Queensland, Australia, invited local Rotarians to help plan a festival celebrating Queensland's upcoming centennial.  This was approved by the DG and RYLA was born. After the centennial celebrations districts 258 and 260 established a committee together that developed the official framework of RYLA:  a program to train youth ages 14-30 in character, leadership, personal development, and good citizenship. In 1962 the first RYLA was organised in Newcastle and since then it went world wide.
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