My name is Rachid Karroo and I am the President of the Rotary E-Club District 9220 living on the tropical island of Mauritius, somewhere lost in the Indian Ocean seas.

We are the first French speaking Rotary E-Club for Africa and the second French worldwide. In fact we are bilingual in this country from our past history from British and French colonial rules. Our country is now an independent Republic.

We have received our Charter back in July this year and we are operational. Our Rotary E-Club serves 7 countries (islands) within the Indian Ocean basin namely Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius/Rodrigues, Mayotte, Comoros, Djibouti and Seychelles. Yes absolutely we are tropical !!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your members to visit our "Virtual 24x7" Rotary E-Club. Our HQ is opened to both the public and visiting Rotarians. You just have to register as a user. Your access will then be activated within the next few hours. We have included a Google Translator on the website.

We meet every week on Wednesdays as from 17h GMT via GoToMeeting (1:00 p.m Atlantic Time). if you wish to participate, just let me know and I will forward you the meeting ID. Unfortunately, next Wednesday we are having a joint meeting up with a physical Rotary Club locally. That's where the virtual meet the physical, they say.. a sort of chemistry I would think LOL.

So much said, kindly pass our Rotary greetings to all the members of your Rotary E-Club. The members and myself look forward in seeing you or your members amongst us in the very near future so to enhance the Rotary Fellowship which is so dear to each Rotarian either Virtual or Physical or both.

Yours in Rotary Service

Rachid Karroo

Pdt 2012-2013

Rotary E-Club District 9220

skype: rachid.karroo

Story:  PDG Diana and Provisional President Kitty attended the online meeting of the Rotary E-club of District 9220 on Wednesday, December 5, 2012  We have exchanged virtual banners.