Posted by Pieter Taljaard
LIP SYNC BATTLE! Here’s the thing….
You don’t really have to sing
You don’t really have to dance
You just have to be energetic and have the desire to have fun supporting Mental Wellness in Airdrie!
The number of acts is limited, so register early! Groups of all sizes are welcome - performers must be age 18 or older.
 Rotary-Thumbs up Lip-sync Battle – What’s up?
1. Registration is open to the first 20 teams that register by email to cc: or call 403-945-8686 for questions
2. Entry is $25 per contestant payable prior to Nov 15th.
3. Teams can register online at no later than Nov 15th, at noon. You will need to provide your music to us by Nov 20th and we want to avoid duplications of songs, so register early.
4. Paper forms can be picked up and turned in at the Bank of Montreal of Main Street. Completed forms along with a flash drive or electronic copy of your music are to be submitted by Nov 20th at 4:30pm
5. Individual, duet or groups can range in size from 1 up. Anyone is eligible to enter above the age of 18. Include all team member names on the registration email subject to change until you register your song on Nov 15th.  .
7. Teams are encouraged to use props but needs prior ‘scrutiny’ by the Rotary Lip-Sync Committee by Nov 20th , otherwise you won’t be able to use it in the performance. 2 x Mock microphones will be provided.
8. Music is to be provided with registration form by the latest Nov 20 noon to be accepted by the Rotary Lip-sync Committee and the program will be made available to you for the order of performances by Nov 29th
9. The first 20 acts to send in their contest registration email will be allowed to participate; all others will be alternate teams in order of registration.
10. The maximum time limit is five minutes per performance. After five minutes, the music will fade out. Props must be able to be put on stage and removed in a total of 1 minute.
11. All contestants must be ready on time, or for the sake of good organization will forfeit their performance otherwise.
12. There will be a 7 minutes stage limit for each performance. 5 min song plus 2 min prop prep and removal
13. Each category will be worth 25 points each. In case of a tie, the act with the highest lip sync score will win. The judges’ decisions are final. Cash Prizes will be awarded.
14. Performances will be judged on the following categories:
  • Originality & Creativity 25 points
  • Appearance (costume, props, stage presence) 25 points
  • Best Use of Theme 25 points
  • Lip Sync Ability 25 points
TOTAL POINTS 100 points
Audience participation will also be factored into the final decisions in case of a tie.
All decisions by the judges will be final.
Rules are subject to change at the discretion of Rotary Lip sync committee
15. The Rotary Lip-sync Committee reserves the right to cancel registration if the committee feels the act is inappropriate or offensive to others
16. Fundraising proceeds will go to the benefit of local Mental Wellness Groups and incentives in Airdrie.
Helpful Hints
• Perform a song that is fun, crowd appealing and no more than 4 minutes long.
• Some of the best songs for lip syncing are upbeat tunes that allow for plenty of facial expressions and exaggerated movements. Generally speaking, lip synced songs should be happy with fast beats, although some slow songs also lend themselves well to being acted out.
• Costumes and props are strongly encouraged.
• Be creative with your props, costumes and choreography, etc. Remember that you are being scored on creativity and appearances, as well as your ability to lip sync
• Before beginning rehearsals we suggest you send in your song with the Lip Sync Battle committee as no duplications can be allowed. Register early to get your song in.
• Bring your cheering section of family and friends and have fun!!
That Evening
  • Each group will assign a designated contact person with whom all communication will take place.
  • Check in between 5:45 and 6:15 on the night of the show.
  • The show begins at 7:00 and is expected to last 2 hours. A dance will follow.
  • Maximum time limit for your performance in 4 minutes.
  • A curtained area will be provided for changing and preparation directly prior to your performance ( we suggest you just come in your performance gear)
  • Seating will be provided as part of your participation ticket.
  • Light food, pizza or flatbread will be provided after the show as part of your ticket.