Posted by Pieter Taljaard


Every year, the Rotary Club of Airdrie supports the breakfast program at the Muriel Clayton Middle School finacially with donations. In appreciation of this ongoing support, a Rotary sign is being put up in the breakfast serving area.

The Breakfast Program is an in-school program five days a week that ensure that children start their day with a healthy breakfast in a conducive environment.

Doors open for the students at 8:30 am every day of the week, Monday to Friday. The students go straight to the kitchen to get a simple but nutritional breakfast. They stay there until 8:45am when they go to homerooms. Students that take the bus and do not arrive at school timely and needs something to eat, will be able to get some food from the breakfast kiosk and eat in class. Every few weeks a hot breakfast is provided.

In the Photo, fltr: Milt, Kerry, Len, Jeff (Muriel Clayton Middle School Principal), Bev, Nikki (Rocky View Schools Representative), Sue (Muriel Clayton School Breakfast Coordinator).