Posted by Pieter Taljaard
Moved by the conditions they discovered during a family visit to the homeland after 16 years away, and motivated by the poverty conditions under which his wife grew up in the care of her grandmother, together Leonor and Wilner Pagaling started ‘Bread Beyond Borders’ to end hunger amongst children in the Philippines.

Wilner presented to the Rotary Club of Airdrie the work that the Bread Beyond Borders does under the Lighthouse Missions Society, a registered non-profit charitable organization. They have a children feeding program, clothes donation, school supplies distribution, seed distribution, items for personal hygiene and help people with recognizing and cultivating personal values. He appealed to the club for donations for this cause so close to the hearts of many other donors.
They have their own fundraising efforts in the form of FaceBook promotions, bottle drives, cash register boxes for 'Change for Change’ and a Dessert Night event. They partner in the Philippines with educational institutions, local government, churches, communities, organizations and individuals.