Posted by Pieter Taljaard
The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC), accredited through the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, has been a champion for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife since 1993. They welcome injured, orphaned, and affected wildlife, small and large.
The Rotary Club of Airdrie visited the facility and had a tour of the clinic, once a church in Didsbury. The Rotarians went for a tour through the surgical suite, laboratory, x-ray room, and various care units, as well as outdoor enclosures and flight-conditioning spaces for raptors, songbird enclosures, pasture and corral for young deer and moose, a waterfowl pen, shorebird enclosure, and mammal enclosures.
The Rotary Club of Airdrie sponsored the building of one of the new aerial insectivore enclosures, which will be used for swallows and bats. The group in the photo was hosted by AIWC’s Holly Duval (second from the right).
The AIWC team of wildlife biologists and technicians receive critical assistance from one staff and other volunteer veterinarians. More than 130 highly trained volunteers provide rehabilitative animal care and support the release of wildlife back into the wild.
The AIWC believe in cultivating a strong co-existence between humans and wildlife animals, through developing awareness by education, instilling a love for nature in children, and encouraging environmental stewardship.