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Airdrie’s Team Leader, Waste & Recycling Services, Susan Grimm spoke to the Rotary Club of Airdrie today about the City’s program and successes in reducing waste and increasing recycling. July is Rotary’s sustainable month internationally, and Airdrie can be proud of our contribution: We have achieved a 45% reduction of waste to landfill over the past 5 years.
As of today, 41% of all material collected at the curbside is landfilled, 34% is re-processed as organics and the remaining 25% is recycled. The aim is to reduce the landfill material in 2023 to only 20% of all collected.
Future opportunities are:
  • Continue to identify new opportunities that may exist for diverting additional material from landfill
  • Consider opportunities to expand the use of the current depot facility to the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors
  • Explore opportunities to combine Recycling Depot and Transfer Site operations on one site within Airdrie City limits and establish the land as an Eco Park for future waste diversion opportunities
  • Partner with a third party organics processor for a facility to be sited at the Eco Park
  • Consider landfill alternatives – explore technology that takes waste and converts it into alternative sources (fuel, energy) with a possibility to site such a facility at the Eco Park
The Rotary Club of Airdrie was honored today with Sean Royer speaking to us about sustainability of the Alberta Agricultural Industry. Sean is currently the Executive Director of the Environmental Stewardship Branch in the Ministry of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. His responsibilities in this role include leading the development and implementation of the social license strategy for the Ministry, environmental agriculture policy development and analysis and applied research, extension, and programming to encourage the use best practices to improve stewardship on the farm.
Agriculture no longer enjoys the confidence of consumers that it once did. Since 1968, increasing expectations related to social license issues such as environmental sustainability, responsible resource use, food safety, animal welfare, and farm safety is changing how food is produced.  He discussed the drivers behind social license, how food companies, producer organizations, and government is responding and what it will meant for the future of the food industry and lessons for the forestry sector.
The Rotary Club of Airdrie celebrated a successful year under the leadership of 2017/2018 President Cory Tretiak last night at the Woodside Club. 2018/2019 President Dale Rathgeber took over the reign for this Rotary year. Thank you Cory for your service! Looking forward to an enjoyable year Dale!

The speakers at today's Rotary Club of Airdrie's Tuesday lunchtime meeting were Don Schapira and Winston Blake from an organization, Peer Mediation & Skills Training (PMAST). They work with youth to develop and practice conflict management, relationship management, and leadership skills using an approach that focuses on prevention, intervention and re-connection. PMAST is responsible for the 'Restorative Action Program' in W.H. Croxford High school in Airdrie, and Don is working at the school.

PMAST is a registered charity which operates community-based initiatives that are hosted in high schools and is sustained through shared responsibility of community partners and by other supportive organizations and citizens.

It is a much needed service, with proven results and a program with independently verified statistics by the University of Saskatchewan. It is PREVENTION training programs and awareness events to help youth develop communication and conflict management skills, as well as to develop awareness of the negative impacts of hate, violence and discrimination. Through INTERVENTION, victims of bullying take an active role in the process, while offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions. Intervention focuses on a dialogue between victims & offenders. This method has proven highly effective in developing knowledge and accountability of all those involved. Trained mediators supports youth in RECONNECTING  with their school, family and peers, assisting schools and advocating for youth.

The Rotary Club of Airdrie was honored today by the 14 year veteran Rocky View County Reeve, Greg Boehlke (right), speaking at the  regular Tuesday lunchtime meeting about the County and where its future will take it. Grant Kaiser (left), manager of the County’s Communication Services, accompanied Greg.

The Rocky View County consists of about 1 million acres, and includes the area from Bragg Creek in the West to Beseker in the East, Madden in the North to Dalemead in the South. It includes 1,270 country farms, accommodates 40,000 residents with a median household income 62% higher than in Calgary and 217% higher than the Canadian average. Rocky View is a net contributor of jobs in the greater Calgary region. Taxes are 0,25% for residential properties and 0,74% for non-residential properties of their assessed value.

Rural municipality management is challenging and over-and-above the normal municipal services that are operated and maintained, Rocky View’s portfolio includes ‘Agriculture’ for support services and weed & pest control. 92% of the county is agricultural land and legislated taxes are $450/acre, with resulting county income to keep the county operating for just two days of a year. Residents pay at least twice the amount of education taxes per capita than other municipalities in the region.

The County has just taken occupation of a new County Hall. They are busy developing a new Strategic Plan, as well as a new Economic Development Plan, and have embraced the Calgary Metropolitan Regional Board project. There is a current initiative to streamline planning and building permitting.

Although the growth in the region is currently less than historically, Greg remains cautiously optimistic in the prospects of growth, especially in the area of Transportation and Warehousing.
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