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Another successfull Airdrie Day Hockey with the Calgary Hitmen!



The Rotary Club of Airdrie arranged for Airdrie organizations to sell entrance tickets at a discounted price and make a commission for themselves. Rotary also have a puck-raffle-throw during the 2nd break and provide sellers for the 50/50 draw-tickets and share in the proceeds. A big thank you to Perry Logan for the countless hours he spent to put this together and organize it on the day.

For some action see:

Rotarian Perry Logan being interviewed -  https://csec.screenlight.tv/shares/6HDuCwpJTwpEgXQcySII788qv6iNta0E?_=1546467497605

Chuck-a-Puck Winners -  https://csec.screenlight.tv/shares/TRoiDRcj1egIjvipTXmbeBQtibRgz55C?_=1546468565303

Ceremonial Puck-Drop -  https://csec.screenlight.tv/shares/yoYGGTKw8Tm1oMT9tWFm6KKvf3TeuArY?_=1546467426494


Fozia Alvi is a family physician in Airdrie and volunteers with ICNA Relief Canada in refugee camps in Bangladesh for Myanmar’s displaced Rohingya Muslim ethnic minority. Based on what she has learned firsthand, she is of the opinion that the treatment of this nation is a genocidal program. The Rohingya people’s medical need is great, but their plight much bigger. She spoke to the Rotary Club of Airdrie.
Conditions on the ground shook her. Most of the camps’ inhabitants were victims of assault or sexual violence, unsure if they’d been the lucky ones to still be breathing. As a woman, as a doctor and as a mother, she is horrified at the plight of this community of hundreds of thousands of traumatized survivors of murder, rape, torture, sexual slavery, persecution and enslavement, in a makeshift refugee camp, trapped by geography and political deadlock.
Since 1962 the Myanmar government policy was to systematically isolate the Rohingya population, deny them secondary education, deny them their own crops, deny them access to hospitals, deny them the ability to get middle-class jobs, deny them marriage licences, even deny them the ability to turn on lights after sunset, with the intent that the Rohingya would leave of their own accord. When this failed against their resilience, the active violence was started causing desperate survivors to flee.
Canada – with our reputation for generally being on the right side of history – what will we do about it? Dr Alvi called on the members of the Rotary Club of Airdrie to be a voice for these people and speak out against what a UN fact-finding mission recently concluded as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Dr Alvi also started a Foundation to continue work in the camps.
Marlene and Dan Doherty took time out of their busy District Governor schedule to talk to the Rotary Club of Airdrie about a Rotary International program that is very close to their hearts, and that they have been intimately involved with. Rotary committed through the PolioPlus program, in cooperation with global partners, to eradicate the polio virus from humankind through prevention.
They put faces, places, stories, mothers and children, committed health workers and volunteers into their accounts of their personal experience of what this program means to those receiving and giving. Statistically, only one out two hundred that are infected by the virus suffers the disabling defects of the virus, and although the prevalence is dropping it still costs globally almost $5B in medical expenses yearly, over and above the huge impact it has on those families and individuals affected.
PolioPlus is mainly involved with detecting any traces of the polio virus through continuous surveillance and preventing the spread through immunizing children. The following link explains the strategy:  https://endpol.io/2BqPAW1
Over and above PolioPlus, there are individual Rotary clubs that undertake programs to help people suffering from the lifelong consequences of polio, through the creation or funding of facilities, mobility aids and coping programs.
Thank you to all the LIP SYNC BATTLE performers for supporting MENTAL HEALTH in Airdrie!
The evening was filled with one excellent performance after another winner:
The ‘Meatpies’ John & Pam Hodson – Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Cathy Perrotta – Pink’s Let’s get this Party Started
Stacey Lush & Katelyn Bollum – Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots are made for Walking
Justin Soutar – NF’s Mansion
Taryn Szediak – Miranda Lambert’s Little Red Wagon
Sheley Bitz, Christie Doyle, Korin Lemay & Jeanette Eglington – Tina & Ike Turner’s Proud Mary
Zada Sauder & Will Townsend – Electro Velvet’s Still in love with you
Wendy Bates & Mariann Wong – Cardi B’s I Like It
Lenora Collins & Kaidy Morgan – Lady Gaga’s Born this Way
Jared Atkin – Britney Spears’ Oops! I did it again
The ‘French Connection’ Bernard & Dianne Dumont – Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga’s Shallow
Kim Cheel – Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a Hero
Tracey Forbes – Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars’ Up Town Funk
Brittany Harcus, Kerry Bostick, Theresa Shenkaurik & Nayely Sedlacek – Backstreet Boys’ Everybody.
What a superb event to celebrate the wonderful people and organizations in Airdrie. $24,000 to fourteen deserving organizations!
The organizations all made a pitch for funding for their project, and each one of them walked away with a check at the end of the evening.
See here below for the Organizations and their Projects.
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