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Rotary’s Alberta-South’s District Governor Dan Doherty visited the Rotary Club of Airdrie, and was welcomed by President Dale Rathgeber. Dan led the meeting through some of the club’s current projects and reminded all that Rotary is part of what established Airdrie's community spirit, and that this club have touched thousands of lives positively over the past 35 year of the club's existence. He addressed the sustainability of Rotary as a force in the community. Dan also inducted Dr Emmanuel Gye as a new club member and challenged the club to help Emma fulfill his community service aspirations.
Photo: Dale Rathgeber (L) and Dan Doherty (R)
No-one deserves to be without a nutritious hot meal every day. This was the message from Lois Jones from Meals-on-Wheels who spoke to the Rotary Club of Airdrie today during their regular lunch-time meeting.
Meals-on-Wheels delivers up to 700 subsidized meals in Airdrie each month. They have a moving window of about 50 clients at anytime. They have about 40 volunteers to prepare and deliver the meals. It is a service for people who are physically not able to prepare and cook a meal due to temporary or conditions or passing circumstances.
The organization has a yearly operating budget of about $60K , which is mainly for the purchase of food items. This year (2018) the organization had to use some of their buffer funds to supplement their cash-flow and they predict a similar situation for 2019 and would appreciate any financial assistance to remain sustainable. Meals-on-Wheels is running a raffle currently with sponsored cash-prizes and the details are on their web page:
Congratulations to Milt, Don, Rick and Dale on their 2nd place win at the Challenger Park Golf Tournament! These gentleman showed their class, and true Rotarian spirit, donating their significant winnings back to the charity recipient for the tournament, Renfrew Educational Services. Their leadership prompted the 1st and 3rd place winning teams to do the same.. well done!
And congratulations to Rick, Dale and Milt who were 3 out of just 8 golfers to qualify for the Hole in One Shootout. Great showing from the Airdrie teams!
The Rotary Club of Airdrie accepted RAP as a project today. The Restorative Action Program (RAP) is a holistic service for the youth, and is brought to them in the save environment of schools. Rotary will partner and actively collaborate with Airdrie organizations and business, authorities connected to Airdrie schools and participating schools to initiate and sustain the program for the youth in the Airdrie community. The program consists of the following aspects:
Basic conflict management training provides students with skills to manage conflict and deal with bullying in school, at home, or in the community. it gives students practical skills to resolve conflict peacefully on their own. It teaches students how to communicate clearly and effectively; prevent and de-escalate bullying and conflict; develop better listening skills, and apply conflict management strategies in school, at home, and in the community.
The development of leadership in youth is a core component of RAP. RAP workers organize Leadership opportunities throughout the year to support a solid link between RAP’s core values and the community’s culture. A variety of activities focusing on teamwork and personal growth are conducted. The opportunities include offsite camps, presentations, and training to develop leadership and citizenship. The leadership opportunities range from those provided to a select number of youth to those provided to an entire grade. All leadership opportunities focus on promoting empathy, respect for self and the community, and fostering healthy relationships. Leadership opportunities have the additional benefit of championing a culture of non-violence, unity, and charitable service in the school and community.
Mediation services help students resolve conflict related to bullying, discrimination, harassment, relationship breakdown, and misunderstandings. Through mediation students can safely explore issues of conflict through guided communication and develop resolutions to repair harm.
Our RAP Facilitators engage in presentations to promote the program and offer training on managing youth conflict to school staff (Administrators, Teachers, Educational Assistants, and other Support Staff). On request, RAP Facilitators engage in presentations or training programs for parents on parenting and effective communication with their teen. These presentations are very well received by parents who identify the benefit of having a common set of skills for themselves and their teen to practice and integrate into their household.
Gerry Darichuk brought an army of friends of Jamaica to present the 2nd phase of a five phase project to us as an Airdrie prospect. This second part is to improve first response, child and maternity medical services to the town of Negril on the most western point of the island. 
The proposal is to make a donation of $250 000 for equipment, facilities and training. Starting with an initial seed fund from the Rotary Club of Airdrie, which will be matched by Jamaican Society in Canada, adding all the multipliers from the Canadian Government foreign programs, District and The Rotary Foundation, the full amount for the donation could be made available in June 2019. 
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