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This past week we heard from our own Erik Covitz who discussed the Rotary Wheelchair project that he's involved with. Its an excellent cause and brings joy to many. Erik is planning to travel in mid 2018 to Jamaica with a cargo container filled with 200 wheel chairs that will be distributed free to those in need.  Feel free to reach out to him if you would like to get involved with the Jamaica trip and click on the link below for more information.
Wheelchair Foundation 
The Sunrise Club's membership heard an interesting presentation by Amy Cooper Hakim on the psychology of the workplace and relationship etiquette between co-workers.  Amy is a consultant and she showed her expertise on the topic.
"There is a difference between 'Friends' and being 'Friendly'," Amy said.  "Everyone can be friendly but it is different to be a friend.  You should try to be friendly in the workplace to everyone.  But that does not mean you have to friends with everyone.  A friend is someone you would spend your time with outside of the workplace."
Missi Hatfield, a personal coach, opened her presentation with a salute to the members of the Rotary Sunrise Club for the work it does, and to the energy in our room at such an early hour!  "You can tell when you walk into a room and it feels like this," she said.  "Keep up the great work."
From there, Missi went on to talk about her career in the military and how it eventually led her into personal coaching.  "It's grown into a passion for me," she said.  "I focus on helping companies to improve their bottom line."
We heard a presentation from Jeff Tochman, on networking and how to grow an organization.  "Begin with the end in mind," Jeff said.  "First, find out who they know, then find out what they like about Rotary, and then ask for referrals."  In step 1, Jeff said, "Ask open-ended questions to get information.  Be sure to write it down but ask for permission."  Jeff went on to list effective questions...  "Give me an example of good referral sources for you?  Who would be an ideal client for you?"   
Our Rotary Club gathered more than 30 volunteers to package over 10,000 meals on Saturday morning. Great feeling for everyone who participated knowing that we have helped our fellow human beings around the world to have a brighter day. http://www.riseagainsthunger.org/

Past RI Director Robert Hall visited and offered some of his observations about his Rotary experience.  Robert has been a member of clubs in Georgia, Louisiana, and Wisconsin.  "In Rotary," he said, "I found mentors, I found clients, and I found friends.  Rotary is about different things for each person."  Robert emphasized that clubs need to prove value as they strive to increase membership.  "The value proposition has to be fair.  Attendance requirements have been modified.  So we need to let people know that Rotary is flexible.  Clubs should reflect this."  Robert reminded us to support the RI Foundation.  "I'm the guy who said we will hit a $50 million goal for polio plus donations,"  Robert said.  "Please help."  It was great to hear from Robert.  

We heard from District Governor Dave Fruedenberg.  "We just experienced a wave of natural disasters," Dave said.  "The three hurricanes in a row have created a humanitarian crisis in Houston, the Keys, and Puerto Rico."
We were fortunate to have a New Member Induction as Mark Goldstein joined our club.  Mark is an attorney and was sponsored for membership by Norman Matus.  He was inducted by DG Dave Freudenberg.   "I am an attorney who focuses on transactions," Mark said after getting pinned by Norman.  "I've been in Boca Raton for 20 years and I am pleased to be a member.  I am honored to join Rotary."  Welcome to our club, Mark!
Our guest speaker was our own Rotaractor, Julia Gordon.  She spoke about her battle with Tourette Syndrome.  
"You may have noticed things I do that are a result of Tourette Syndrome," she said.  "The signs for me are a tic. Trying to prevent is very difficult and uncomfortable.  I've had motor tics for my whole life, going back to 6th grade.  I couldn't prevent them and I felt badly to be a distraction to other kids.  But I could not do anything about it."  Julia described the ways that Tourette shows up.  Either with motor tics or simple verbal tics.  "That's when some repeats the same common phrase over and over."
Julia has been active to help promote understanding for those with Tourette.  "I went to Washington, D.C. to lobby congress and raise awareness," she said.  "And I make presentations to help young kids learn about it.  Understanding it important since evidence of Tourette shows up in kids between ages 5-7.  Males are 3 times more likely than women to develop Tourette...  So I am a rarity."  At the same time, Julia said, "It is embarrassing, uncomfortable, and it interferes with everyday life," Julia said.  "To dispel a rumor, cursing episodes occur in less than 10% of Tourette cases."
As part of our breakfast meeting, we presented certificates and Office Depot Gift Cards to four of the six students in which we awarded one year college scholarships to FAU from our Rotary Boca Raton Sunrise Foundation.  Below are the six students selected for scholarships and the four that attended the presentation.  Congratulations to all the collegiant scholarship recipients - well deserved.
Above Immediate Past President Doyle Dally with our four scholarship recipients - Maha Mubarak, Krystal Garcia, Sara Echeverri, and Kayan Nacimento.
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