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After much discussion with the Teacher of the Year committee and the Palm Beach County School Board Chairman Frank Barbieri we have decided to combine the 2020 and 2021 Teacher of the Year Awards Banquet.  The tentative date is April 29, 2021, and the venue is to be determined.  More details follow later, but wanted to make sure everyone puts this on their calendar for next year.  
This coming Friday, May 29th, there will be a food drive for Boca Helping Hands starting at 9:00 AM in the Renaissance Hotel south parking lot.  The list of items needed include:
Let's try to all make a concerted effort to continue to help our neighbors in our community by bring some of the listed food above.  

At our Zoom Club meeting last week we had the great privilege of welcoming Zone 34 Director and Rotary International Treasurer David Stovall. David, who lives in Georgia, has been a Rotarian for 35 years. Professionally he was in banking for 32 years and now he and his wife Kim Waters have a successful real estate business. He and Kim are both multi-engine IFR pilots and often fly to Rotary events and meetings around the United States. 

David began his presentation by pointing out that this is an awesome time to be in Rotary. Instead of visiting two to three clubs a week David now visits two to three clubs a day via Zoom. He indicated that this situation is providing more opportunities for Rotarians to engage with each other.  He told us that when he became a Director he was determined to make some changes. When he spoke to Past Rotary President Barry Rassin about his desire to make change Barry told him that Rotary is a big ship and that moving that ship two degrees will create big changes. David  told us that he sees two changes to Rotary that have been most significant. The first was the admittance of women 35 years ago and the second was the decision to make Rotaract Clubs on an equal footing with Rotary Clubs. Rotaract is a great way to attract and engage young people and get them involved in the Rotary family. He noted that membership in Rotary has remained stagnant at 1.2 million members. We must change this. David offered that this pandemic has altered the face of Rotary. Rotarians using virtual meetings are becoming more engaged.  

What does "success" look like?  How does one measure it? Does one count...
  • ...the value of the school supplies distributed in three hours?  ($23,132.70)
  • ...the number of schools served today?  (Three...Rosenwald, Bell Glades Elementary and Pahokee Elementary)
  • ...the number of kits distributed this morning? (1,050)
  • ...the number and variety of Volunteers? (Jim Moore from our Board of Directors, Joanne Iannozzone from Office Depot, Stacey Oak from the School District, Ami Reece from the CouTOURe Club/Honda Classic, Tamika Jones from PBSO, Bernie Roy from Coca-Cola Florida and Bogdan Paraschiviou from the Sunrise Rotary Club of Boca Raton.) 
...the staff hours that went into this, our fourth distribution of Kits for Kids? (Lloyd, Karyn, Jennifer, Catherine and Teresa...I am in awe of your dedication and commitment.  And Jennifer, whose family spent Mother's Day packing up Kits on their kitchen table...what can I say to that?)
We know that with the recent challenges we have all been facing, that paying your clubs dues may have fallen off our radar.  However, remember that as club members we all have a fiscal responsibility to keep our club operating by staying current with our dues.  To address the missed meetings, please note the following:  
  • The last invoice dated January 1, 2020 and related to the Rotary third quarter (Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2020), was sent out and resent to those with outstanding balances.  It included Rotary International (RI) semi-annual membership dues of $100 and our club quarterly dues of $220.
  • Because we only had one meeting in March 2020, members will receive a credit of the two meetings that were not held (March 19th and 26th)
  • We ask that the members to please pay the third quarter invoice in full and the credit will then be applied to the Invoice that we will generate for the fourth quarter (April 1 - June 30, 2020), which will be finalized once we know if and when our meetings will restart …hopefully soon. yes
BOTTOM LINE - please pay your third quarter invoice ASAP and you will receive the credit for the meetings that were not held on the next invoice (to be sent later).  Thank you for all you do for our club!
NOTE: The club is diligently looking at cost-effective alternatives to allow us to pay for our dues directly online...so stay tuned for more information to follow.  
With support and referrals from 40+ social service agencies, Sweet Dream Makers provides new beds and bedding at no cost to families in need. They first assess each family’s unique factors – the number of family members in need of a bed, the size of their living arrangement, and any unique conditions that may require accommodation – and then find solutions for the best fit. By leveraging relationships with area furniture companies and low-cost suppliers, they are able to provide individual beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, pull-out couch beds, cribs, or a combination of options to ensure that every family can have a good night’s sleep (Source: Sweet Dream Makers Web Site).
Your Sunrise Foundation, as part of a commitment to contribute $12,000 to our community during the COVID-19 health crisis, has contributed $1,000 towards Sweet Dream Makers which covers the costs of four twin beds including mattress, box spring, frame, bedding, pillow, and protectors for mattress, box spring and pillow.  A big thank you to Rose Arevalo for bringing this great cause to our attention.  
Your Rotary Club and Sunrise Foundation are doing its part to help our community during these trying times.  An example is the $10,000 we committed and split between Boca Helping Hands Hot Meals and Homebound Meals and the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County "Kits for Kids" programs.  Below are the nice thank you letters we received from the two organizations:
Way to go Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise - where "Serving Others Starts with Breakfast...or Zoom!" smiley
Peter Kyle is one of our incoming Rotary International (RI) directors and RI Representative to the World Bank.  Phil Lustig mentioned at our Zoom meeting, that his titles and achievements are more than a half a page long.  Peter joined us to speak about his position as Dean of  "The Rotary Representative Network" which was established in 1905. Many Rotarians are not aware of this long-established network and as Peter expressed, “this is one of the best kept secrets!”
Rotary representatives serve as Rotary ambassadors; they educate international communities about Rotary; they organize promotional events; support rotary public relations campaigns and update Rotarians about international activities. They have very strong ties with the United Nations and other international organizations such as UNICEF, The Habitat European Union, and many more. The Rotary Representative Network is very engaged in fostering global harmony.  There are about 30 representatives around the world. The chair of this group is called the Dean. Peter has enjoyed being the Dean and he is now both saddened, yet excited as he will soon be sitting on the BOARD.
In 1905, The focus of the Network was on service and by 1910 the focus became more about peace. The Network lived through various wars and thankfully sustained their place in the world. In 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was in large part because of the Rotary Representative Network.,
By clicking on the following link - Rotary Representative Network - you can find lots of valuable information about the newtwork. 

At last week's club meeting we were treated to a presentation from Christine Boganowicz-Bindert, a Rotarian from the Quimper Odet Club in Brittany, France.  Christine has partnered with our club in 2018-2019 on a small project in Nepal. The project focused on building a wall around a small healthcare center and providing schools with water filters. On her 4th trip to Nepal she personally installed water filters in several schools. Replacement filters were also provided so that the project could be sustainable.

Currently Christine is working on a global grant to provide durable and sustainable medical equipment including electrocardiogram and ultrasound machines to six hospitals. The local rotary club in Nepal will be in charge of overseeing the project and maintaining the equipment. The total cost of this project is US$48,000.  Christine is seeking clubs to partner with her's and the Nepal clubs and already has some commitments including the Boca Raton Sunset Club. She is asking us to consider joining her in contributing to this global grant and President Stan said we would consider this.

Christine ended her presentation by inviting us to join her in her next trip to Nepal in October. She also mentioned that on these trips she also does a ten hour day trek but goes no higher than 20,000 feet...LOL. We will see if any of our members want to join her!

Our second speaker last week was our own club member Jim Gavrilos, Director of the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County.  A Rotarian for 14 years and a Paul Harris Fellow, Jim shared his background as a former Greek Orthodox priest and his eight years as the director of Boca Helping Hands. Jim has four children, loves opera, golf and especially Arsenal soccer.

Jim gave us an overview of the Education Foundation’s work. First, the Red Apple program provides teachers in the neediest 53 schools with supplies. Office Depot partners with the Foundation so teachers can come and shop for what they need and not have to spend their own money. In these difficult times the Foundation has also distributed some 2,000 "Kits for Kids" so they have things they need as they work in virtual settings.  Our club's Foundation just recently contributed $5,000 towards the "Kits for Kids" program.

The second major part of the Foundation’s work is grant making. The Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF) Matching Grant Program has provided $700,000 in grants this year.  For example, in Pahokee the grant was used to create a robotics program and NASA has even gotten involved beginning dialog with the children about their work. In that community Jim shared that children only see football as a way out or cutting sugar cane. It is hoped that this program will help reduce dropouts and encourage the participants to see college or a career beyond football in their future.

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