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"Please join us in congratulating fellow Sunrise Rotarian Jennifer M Jolly in her new role as the General Manager of Boca Grove. Jennifer joined the family in 2018 as the Director of Marketing. Since then, she has worn many hats including Food & Beverage, Membership, Operations and Club Director. However, her most notable role is as a leader to the entire team at Boca Grove. Through the clouds of 2020, she has proven to be a shining star with her positive energy, knowledge and professionalism. Her dedication to the Club is evident in the successful development of programs that nurture camaraderie and friendships. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and look forward to the future of Boca Grove." - Boca Grove Golf and Tennis Club
Another great turnout for our weekly Zoom meeting back on July 2nd.  Guests included our speaker Jeff Tockman, new District Governor Els van Engelenburg and visiting Rotarians Rodrigo Siqueira and Erik Covitz.  Announcements included:
Danny Spandau and Diane Vasic have agreed to serve on the Social and Fellowship Committee  
Charlie Shalmi and Aaron Bookbinder will serve on the Service Committee - we will start with the Back Pack Project with Education Foundation (CEO and Sunrise Rotarian James Gravilos) in August...stay tuned.  
Leslie Carmen and Dr. Martha Castilleja will be assisting Tim Sharp with the Club newsletter. Martha will be preparing a Member Spotlight beginning with our newest members. 
Our speaker on July 2nd was Jeff Tockman, the Referral Navigator, who provides assessments, business development planning, tools to track activity and results, training and train-the-trainer programs strategy and systems for business growth.  He presented an eight part program that he uses with his clients, including, identifying strengths, goals, mistakes, commitment to an action plan, help with introductions, invitations, ideas, and emotions, telling a referral story of success, and asking for referrals.  From action plans to effective resource application, Jeff enhances his clients’ results and further orientation.  For more information click on the link above or e-mail Jeff at thereferralnavigator@gmail.com
Yesterday we heard the congratulatory remarks of President Stan towards our out going officers and board of directors, as well as some special thanks and awards. 
Top row: President Stan Civin, President Elect Norman Matus, Secretary Erin Garcia, Co-Treasurers Jay Jackler and Victor Shames, Directors Brennen Rimer and Immediate Past President Tim Sharp.  Bottom row: Directors Diane Vasic, Rod Mabe, Sergeant at Arms Charlie Shalmi, Directors Steve Alman, Michael Kridel, Chris Maners and Mark GoldStein.  
We were also honored to have District Governor Elect Els van Elgelenburg conduct the induction of the new 2020-2021 officers and board of directors. 
Top row: President Norman Matus, President Elect Erin Garcia, Secretary Gail Ambrose, Treasurer Victor Shames, Directors Brennen Rimer and Immediate Past President Stan Civin, and Director Michael Kridel.  Bottom row: Directors PDG Phil Lustig, Sandy Sexton, Sergeant at Arms Charlie Shalmi, Directors Steve Alman, Chris Maners and Mark GoldStein.  
Looking forward to another terrific year lead by our new president Norman and his dedicated team of officers and board of directors.  To learn more about the meeting, you can either click on the following LINK which will take you to the meeting presentation or the following which will take to the recording of the Zoom meeting itself.    
On Thursday, June 18th our club met again on Zoom and President Stan provided us a summary of all the wonderful community service and international projects, fellowships, youth programs, speakers, scholarships, etc. we conducted throughout the year.  Following President Stan, Past President Tim Sharp and Sunrise Foundation Chairman provided a summary of the foundation's activities throughout year.  Click on the LINK to see the presentation made during the meeting which will provide you more details on what was presented.  

At our club meeting last week we were pleased to welcome Dr. Tara Sabo-Attwood, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Global and Environmental Health and a member of the Center for Environmental and Human Toxicology and Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida. Tara gave us an overview of the work of her department and pointed out that the missions of her department and Rotary overlap, particularly in global areas.  Research, education and service to the community are hallmarks of her department. On her staff are world experts in environmental health. Understanding how the environment impacts humans and ecosystems is at the center of what she and her staff do including following frameworks in the crop industry here in the United States and addressing issues of health in the global community in Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, South America  Haiti and other places in the Caribbean.

There are three areas of research and training the department focuses on: Toxicology (chemical pollutants in air and water), Infectious Disease (viruses and bacteria) and Global Health (human behavior, community health, health disparities, and social justice).

Tara shared with us her work in Haiti investigating water systems and surveillance. She told us that in analyzing one liter of water she could determine what chemicals are present and monitor for pathogens that cause cholera.  Her group of researchers conduct needs assessment by doing community surveys to assess water insecurity. Tara  pointed out that after doing the research they try to apply mitigation strategies to address the health issues in these communities. There is a pediatrician on their staff who developed a mobile app that allows mothers to do a self diagnosis to determine how much fluid children need when infected with cholera.

Last week Phil Lustig introduced Past District Governor Jim Sisserson not only as a very good and long time friend, but also as a brilliant man.  Jim started our Zoom meeting with the questions: “Why are we Rotarians” and “Who is a Rotarian?”  For most of us it is it the opportunity to help people and change lives. Such as build toilets we will never use, provide food for children we will never know, and to provide medical equipment for hospitals we will never visit.  A Rotarian is someone who knows real happiness which can only be found by helping others.
One of the most profound ways we as Rotarian must be helping others is through the Rotary Foundation. This foundation gives muscle to clubs so they can perform services to their community and around the world. Jim congratulates our club for doing a very good job in supporting our community with various grants.  
It is important to Jim to explain how the Rotary Foundation adapts and how well they went into action when COVID-19 became a reality. They very quickly changed policies which usually does not happen!  The Board of Trustees went right into action and made some very significant changes. First, they allowed districts who received money for district grants to take money that was not going to be used by clubs and offer COVID-19 grants. In this district we where able to take $6,000 and give it to twelve clubs as $500 grants; our Sunrise Club being one of them to immediately address COVID needs.  It also allowed to repurpose the funds to COVID-19 projects. Every single one of these projects was reviewed by the Rotary Foundation and the foundation even repurposed another $8,600. All these decisions where reviewed in a period of eight weeks. In this District alone, we were able to apply $14,800 towards COVID projects.  Also, the Foundation withdrew money from the World Fund and put it in the Disaster World Fund which gave districts the opportunity to apply for grants.  Ten clubs submitted $2,500 projects and a $25,000 grant was received from this disaster relief fund. So in a short period of eight weeks our District applied $40K directly towards COVID issues, which is very impressive. If one takes that and multiplied it by the five hundred districts in the world, over five million dollars in COVID disaster grants were provided.
Congratulations go out to fellow Sunrise Rotarian Michael Kridel who was awarded his Paul Harris Fellow (PHF)+4.  This means that he has contributed $5,000 over the years to the Rotary Foundation and we want to thank him for his generous contributions. 
As pointed out by our past presidents Kris Sudan, Andy Petry and most recently Past District Governor Jim Sisserson, the Rotary Foundation should be our number one charity. Options to contribute the Rotary Foundation include the following - all which are eligible for PHF recognition. 
And if you consider the Annual Fund, 25% of what you and the rest of the club contributes comes directly back to us three years later as District Grants available for our own local projects. 
If you haven't already, won't you consider starting your online reoccuring online contributions to the Rotary Foundation this month?  If you need help, reach out to our current Foundation Chairman Kris Sudan
We're excited to announce that the election results are in and, after a very close race, Danny Spandau has been elected as a director of the Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise Foundation for another three years.  Congratulations Danny and a big shout out to Leslie Carmen and Hendrik DeMello for stepping up to run for this important position for our club.  We know you want to get more involved and President Elect Norman will undoubtedly get you engaged right of way starting our new Rotary year in July.  
We had a gratifying response from our members last Friday which enabled us to donate over 1000 lbs of food to Boca Helping Hands.  A big shout out and thank you to John Makris, Phil Lustig, Charlie Shalmi, Barry Mordis, Sandy Burkhart, Michael Kridel, Diane Vasic, Rose Arevelo, Danny Spandau, Denise Alman, Mary Celestino, Norman Matus, Stan Civin, Ed Rowan, Cheryl Fells, and Craig McDonald - I apologize if I missed anyone.
It was so good to spend some time with friends in the parking lot and to catch up with all the news. We will always continue with Service to our Community but we are all looking forward to getting back to Rotary Fellowship in the flesh!
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