Rotarians Enjoy Club Assembly!

President's announcements--The annual District Assembly is this Saturday at Chillicothe High School.   This is always an excellent meeting to attend and anyone can go.  Kevin and Chuck will be leaving between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and there is room in the car!  This year's District Conference will be held at Cherry Valley Lodge, May 16-17. There are several from our club who are attending.
Last Tuesday--Our club's monthly social meeting will be next Tuesday and THERE WILL BE NO MORNING MEETING!  We will be meeting at 5:30 pm at the new Municipal Building, and we will be hosted by City Manager, Randy Finney.  President Chuck reminded members to urge Randy to rejoin Rotary.
Member Lee Bauman spoke to the club about the changes occurring with Common Grounds (facility) and Wing Haven which is a service organization.  Lee summarized the history of his efforts in Vinton with the real estate there.   He is looking to do something different and significant for the area with these buildings.  This is a community resource and has potential as a conference center with a potential of 40 beds.  He has resisted renting them because he sees this space as a benefit for the community.  Thank you, Lee, for the update and we wish you all the best with these plans!
Rotary Scholarships--President Chuck announced the Scholarship Committee has met several times over the past two weeks and have selected four highly qualified candidates.  The official announcement of these recipients will be made shortly.  Letters will be going out this week!  Our Rotary Scholars will be present for a morning meeting on May 6th to the club.  This is an important event for our club and we will want to welcome the scholars and their parents!
Field of Hope Fundraiser--President-Elect Kevin Dennis invited club members and families to attend the first community fundraiser for the Field Of Hope Project, Friday, April 25th at 6 PM at Vinton Baptist Church.  The fundraiser features a baked steak dinner a silent auction, and entertainment by the Soggy Mountain Boys.  Our club received a District Matching Grant this year to help build the FOH Food Pantry so we want to support this important community organization.  Please plan to attend and support the community.
Fellowship--Our club fellowship was led by Gordon Asmbary who was lost for words today!  Gordo shared some cool history facts that Monday was the birthday of Queen Elizabeth and the Nintendo Gameboy.  Today is National Teach Your Children to Save Day.  Charlene Smith bought a happy buck in honor of spending the weekend with a fellow Rotarian Dave Nadler at a track meet.
Split-The-Pot--President Chuck ran our STP today and ticket sales were brisk running up the small pot to $7.00.  Charlene estimates the large pot grown over the past few weeks to a little over $200.00, a respectable amount!. Our lucky winner today was Kevin Dennis who donated his winnings to the club's Foundation Fund.  In the draw for the "Big One' Kevin drew the four of spades missing out on the large pot.  Our winner fined the club members who were wearing shoes.  What a fine!!!
Club Assembly--In the absence of a program today, President Chuck allowed time for fellowship. Chuck asked member, Melissa Kimmel who will be presenting the May 6th program to say a few words about Serenity House, our local women's shelter.  Melissa briefed the club on what has been occurring with Serenity House. Currently the shelter has only 12 beds and desperately needs more space.  They have had to turn women away.  On May 29th  there will be a housing summit in Jackson related to housing issues and poverty in SE Ohio.  Melissa also spoke to the club about domestic violence in our area.  Thank you, Melissa, for the interesting talk.  We look forward to learning more about the housing issues in our region at the meeting on May 6th.
Meeting adjourned.