The Kimberley Rotary Club has been granted the IFSR Youth Service Award as a result of an article published in the  March 30, 2020, Kimberley Bulletin
The IFSR, International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians, is a Rotary Fellowship promoting service to Youth through Scouting and Guiding. Your publicizing your club’s relationship with Scouting has served as an example for other Rotary clubs looking for ways to promote the Scouting movement.
IFSR is composed of over a thousand Rotarians in 45 countries that work to promote Scouting and Guiding through their membership in Rotary.  See  
Something to think about:  IFSR has certificates the Rotary Clubs can award Scouts and Guides and an award that Rotary Clubs can award a Scout or Guide unit that has performed community service.  The IFSR Community Service Award may be awarded by any Rotary Club to a Scout or Guide unit of their choice they wish to recognize for performing community service. The award may be given annually to any Scout or Guide unit by any Rotary Club.  Recipients are selected by the Rotary Club. 
This is not a Scouting award nor a Rotary award, but an IFSR award and is intended to permit Rotary Clubs to recognize Community Service performed by local Scout and/or Guide units.