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1st and 3rd Wednesday at 5:00 pm
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Excellent meeting with guest speaker Andrew Baird from ISL Engineering.
Andrew presented an update on the progress being made on the Feasibility Study for a possible rebuild/upgrade of the Rotary Walkway to Marysville Falls.
The study is being completed in 3 phases and will soon provide enough detail for the Kimberley Rotary Club to be able to make a decision on if they will take on this major project.
The photo is typical of similar walkways but it is expected the one to Marysville Falls will still include a major wooden walkway with the addition of packed gravel sections at slopes that would allow accessibility for those with mobility issues.  
Rotarians, your donation at will be credited to your Rotary Foundation account. 
Our Guest Speaker at the October 7th Rotary Meeting was Daryl Richardson.
Daryl a Cranbrook Sunrise Rotarian is the owner of ENERCALL
Daryl gave a great program on RADON.  He explained what Radon is, how to detect it and how the deal with it if dangerous levels of radon are detected.
"Radon is a tasteless, odourless, colourless and lethal gas.  It occurs in the environment from the radioactive decay of uranium found in rocks and soil. 
As Radon decays it emits alpha particles that can damage lung tissue and lead to cancer.  On average 16% of lung cancer deaths are due to radon exposure."
Unfortunately, Radon is common in our part of BC.
Radon levels can be detected by using a number of small measuring devices.
To find out if your home or business has Radon issues the above devices (and others) will detect it and when sent to a testing lab will give you a measure of the radon levels.
A radon level of 150Bq/m3 which is above the WHO guideline and just below Health Canada's radon guideline is equivalent to having 200 chest x-rays per year or smoking 8 cigarettes per day. 
To find out more or to purchase a Radon detector contact:
Al with a new sign at the bridge to the Marysville Falls Walkway.
Thanks to Rotarians Al, Doug and Pat, grants were applied for and donations made by Columbia Basin Trust, Teck Metals, and the Rotary Foundation with matching funds from the Kimberley Rotary Club.   These generous donation have provided funds to pay for a Feasibility Assessment to determine whether the 37 year old Marysville Falls Walkway can be rebuilt to a standard that will provide safe access to everyone including those in wheelchairs.  The cost for this project will be in the six figure range.  Kimberley Rotary is considering taking this project on and if they do, fundraising will be a major next step.     
The Kimberley Rotary Club has contracted a feasibility study of rebuilding the Marysville Falls Walkway
to make it safer and more accessible to everyone
Since the Sullivan Mine closed in 2001, Kimberley has leaned on our amazing recreation amenities and pure mountain air to attract visitors.  These resources are the mainstay of the local economy and well supported by Kimberley’s largest employer, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) and by many local organizations.  The downtown Platzl with its boutique style stores and shops also draws visitors from a wide area.  In fact, the 20-minute proximity to Cranbrook has created a “super-community’ that shares recreation, shopping and jobs.
One of Kimberley’s significant attractions is Marysville Falls, a 10 metre (30 foot) waterfall. Access to the falls is by a 300 metre (1000 foot) walkway.   The original walkway was a Kimberley Rotary Club project completed about 37 years ago and was dedicated to honour the first Rotary District 5080 Governor (1964-65) from Kimberley, Al Fabro.  The walkway starts where highway 95A crosses Mark Creek and is easily recognized by the large Rotary Sign at the Trail Head and also by Rotary signage at the observation point above the Falls.
Over the years, the Kimberley Rotary Club has undertaken spring clean-up along the walkway and the City of Kimberley has undertaken repairs and maintenance as needed. However, it is now nearing the end of its useful lifespan and is not accessible for those with limited mobility.
This summer, the Kimberley Rotary Club contracted with ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. to help determine the feasibility of rebuilding the Marysville Falls Walkway to make it safer and accessible to everyone.  The first phase, a topographic survey and assembly of existing information has been completed.  The second phase, developing a preliminary structural design is underway.  The third and final phase, the detailed design and feasibility report is expected to be completed in October 2020.
October 30th saw the District Governor for our Rotary District 5080 on-line for a virtual meeting with the members of the Kimberley Rotary Club.
Club members shared their reasons for joining Rotary and why they are still members.  A Power Point display was then provided to show some of Kimberley Rotary's past projects, how our fundraisers have been effected by the corona virus pandemic, what new programs Kimberley Rotary implemented during these early stages of the pandemic and Kimberley Rotary's plans that are underway with a feasibility study to access the possibility of upgrading the 37 year old Marysville Falls Walkway and make it accessible to all.  More information on this project will be shared shortly.
Rotary 5080, District Governor TIM FREDRICKSON 

Rotary District 5080 is an international Rotary district with clubs in North Eastern Washington state, Northern Idaho and South Eastern British Columbia.  Tim and wife Cindy live on a golf course in Washington state. They met in Rotary and were married in 2014. Tim has lived almost all of his life in Washington State. He grew up in Moses Lake and went to high school there.  Tim graduated with a major in Government and a minor in Economics from Eastern Washington University and later earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration.  In 1981, Tim started his career with Spokane Transit, becoming General Manager of Clallam Transit in 1983 and then General Manager of Ben Franklin Transit in 1995, retiring in 2013. While there he has served on numerous professional, community, and civic organizations.

Tim has been a Rotarian since 1984, first in Rotary Nor’Wester Club in Port Angeles and then in 1995 transferring to Columbia Center in the Tri-Cities, serving on the Board and as President in 2012-2013. He has served District 5080 as Annual Fund Chair and he is a Rotary Leadership Institute graduate.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of two Paul Harris medals.  One to Helga Logan (PH+1) and one to Jaret Thompson (PH+5).  These medals signify the generous donations made by these members to the Rotary Foundation.  The mission of the Rotary Foundation is to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through improvements in health, support of education and alleviation of poverty.  

With September's chairperson Hans at the podium we finally stumped the members with a question on the "Can you name the City, Town or Village with the following clue?  LOCK TYPE  ____?_____ .
The Rotary Theme for September is "Basic Education & Literacy" month.  One way Kimberley Rotary focuses on this is through its commitment to the Tegucigalpa Market Children Program in Honduras.  The club donates $700.00 annually to this program plus three members and two others sponsor individual students.  Children in Honduras receive free education, including university, but they can't attend unless they have a uniform, shoes, books and school supplies.  Power Point slides where shown of 5 students who are being sponsored (example below).
Past President Jaret, program speaker, gave a detailed update on Archer's plans for the Central and Watkins lots downtown Kimberley.
We can expect to see action in the Spring and the construction of the first buildings will likely get underway next Summer.
Lots of questions and discussion and a great opportunity to be some of the first to know what will be happening.
This meeting was run as an in-person and on-line combination event.
Al Hunter reported that with grants from Columbia Basin Trust, the Rotary Foundation, Teck and a donation from the Kimberley Rotary Club sufficient funding is in place for a major engineering study of the feasibility of upgrading the aging Marysville Walkway and making it more accessible to those with physical challenges. 
Kimberley Rotary Club President Patrick Barclay presents Scott Owen with a Paul Harris plus 4 pin.
The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs.  A world of peace and goodwill comes closer to reality as Scott Owen becomes a Paul Harris Fellow PLUS 4 Sapphires.   This means that during Scott’s years in Rotary, over $5,000.00 has been donated to the Rotary Foundation in Scott's name.  The Rotary Foundation’s educational and humanitarian programs are a commitment to peace and to a better life for people who SCOTT and the membership of the Kimberley Rotary Club will never meet. It is because of gifts such as Scott’s that the Rotary Foundation can carry out an array of programs that achieve beneficial changes in our world: improved living conditions, increased food production, better education, wider availability of treatment and rehabilitation for the sick and disabled, new channels for the flow of international understanding, and brighter hopes for peace.
Our Guest Speaker Duncan MacLeod gave a great update on the Purcell International Education plans.  A video of the architectural plans for the school with a virtual walk through was most impressive.
Our guest speaker for the July 15th Meeting was Rotarian David Morley from the Cranbrook Noon Rotary Club. 
David brought us up-to-date on District 5080 Rotary projects in Honduras.  He spoke about his recent visit in Tegucigalpa and Santa Barbara Honduras.  They Kimberley Rotary Club annually provides $700.00 to sponsor children to attend school in Tegucigalpa and a number of club members also sponsor individual students.  As David explained these projects are an amazing benefit for a number of young people.  David also talked about School and Hospital Projects the Cranbrook Rotary Clubs are sponsoring and explained there are many other needs and possible projects to sponsor.
THE ROTAY FACT FOR THE DAY.  "What is the Purpose of Rotary?"
Rotary's main purpose is to serve the community and those in need throughout the world.  With “Service above Self” as its aim, club members offer their time and talents in the local community and support PolioPlus, ShelterBox and other worldwide projects.
Membership recruitment is always a feature of Rotary and members are encouraged to invite friends and colleagues to meetings and activities.  GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR ROTARY MEETINGS.  If you would like to find out more about Rotary please join us on a first or third Wednesday at 5:00 pm at the ELKS Club on Howard Street (the room straight ahead of the front door to the Elks).
Duncan will give an update on the Purcell International Education plans for Kimberley.  This amazing project will change the face of Kimberley.  5:30 pm at the ELKS on Howard street.  Reminder:  GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.  We are a small club so self distancing is easy to arrange (wearing a mask is encouraged).



RI President Holger Knaack is the Rotary International President for the Rotary Year, 2020-21. 

Holger's theme for 2020-21, "Rotary Opens Opportunities" 

Holger asks Rotarians to create opportunities that strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action, and improve the lives of those in need.

The Kimberley Rotary Club continues to support the local community in spite of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent services and projects:  Free delivery of groceries from Save-On Foods and the Helping Hands Food Bank to those isolating due the pandemic.  Donation of $1,800.00 to the Helping Hands Food Bank.  Support of our local Girl Guides by purchasing 120 boxes of Girl Guide Cookies and donating these to the Food Bank.  Donation of a digital printer to Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery.  Making and donation of 110 non-medical masks to Valley View and Mountain View Lodges.  A $1,500.00 scholarship to a Selkirk Secondary School graduate.  Purchase of the concrete for the new walkway from the Arena parking lot to the Rotary Splash Park and washrooms to provide access to those with mobility issues.  Soon to be completed, an Engineering study of the feasibility of rebuilding and upgrading the aging Marysville Walkway.  This local/tourist gem has been a key local attraction for well over 30 years.

Fundraising issues:  Due to the pandemic our local Rotary club has not been able to hold its regular summer fundraisers.  No LobsterFest, No JulyFest fundraiser, No Pancake Breakfasts, No Gran Fondo, and No Fall Fair.  The lost of these events has not stopped our local club.  Thanks to the hard work of members three grants have been secured for a total of over $19,000.00 which will pay for the Engineering studies for the Marysville Falls Walkway.  Great thanks here to Rotary International, the Columbia Basin Trust and Teck.  Securing grants is much more successful with larger clubs and organizations so the Kimberley Rotary Club is always looking for new members. 

August is Rotary Membership Month:  This is a great opportunity to join a world renowned service club.  Watch for invitations to find out if Rotary is for you.  If you have the heart of a Rotarian, a willingness to put "service above self", you will find Rotary is the club for you.     

Hope you had a good one and next year we will be able to have a special Rotary Canada Day Celebration.
With technology the world quickly comes together.  The above photo was sent from our part time Kimberley Rotarian René showing his home on July 1st in The Netherlands. Stay safe René and Annette and hope to see you back in Kimberley this winter.
Our online Guest Speaker on June 17th was Ulli Murtagh.  Ulli, International Student Program Coordinator, with the Rocky Mountain International Student Program gave a great update on the program.  As Ulli explained the program offers students from around the world education programs in the schools in Kimberley, Invermere, Golden, Revelstoke, Cranbrook and Fernie.  Most of the students are registered in Grades 8 to 12.  With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic travel arrangements were made most of the students to return home. 70% of them returned to their home countries in March and April.  One student from Brazil is still hoping to make flight connections to return home this week. 
The program provides is a great opportunity to for these international students to learn about Canada and a great opportunity for local students to meet and make friends with students from around the globe.  This program also provides financial and educational benefits to the schools where they are enrolled and also to the communities they are staying in.   
Plans for September are still evolving and being adjusted as needed to meet the Public Health Guidelines that are in place for BC.  The program staff is still expecting 100 students to return in September and likely they will have to isolate for 14 days on arrival. 
One area of annual need is Home Stay Parents (host Parents).  If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a student check out the Rocky Mountain International School's website or contact  or call 250-427-2245 and talk to Ulli or Randy McLeod.
The profits from the sale of these lanterns goes to ShelterBox Canada an international disaster relief charity that hand-delivers emergency shelter and the tools families need to self-recover after natural disasters and conflict around the world.  You may have seen these lanterns on display at the annual Kimberley Rotary Club ShelterBox Tent Display at the Community Fall Fair in Marysville.  ShelterBox is a project partner of Rotary International.
The Regular Solar lantern (left above) can be purchased for $50.00 and you will receive a $20.00 CRA tax receipt from ShelterBox Canada.
The Solar lantern with phone charger can be purchased for $70.00 and you will receive a $20.00 CRA tax receipt from ShelterBox Canada.
If interested in purchasing a lantern, please contact:
Patrick Barclay
ShelterBox Ambassador
Kimberley Rotary Club
The Rotary Program Speaker on June 3rd was Rotary Past District Governor (District 5110) John Bushnell.  In this "New Normal" meeting, we showed a video that was the key note presentation at the virtual District 5080 Spring Assembly.  John's topic "Living Rotary's Core Values" was a good refresher for long term members and a good program for those wishing to learn about what Rotary's values are.  For anyone wishing to hear this presentation the following link is provided:   
Have a look at the video and see how Service, Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity and Diversity are what Rotary is all about. 
In spite of not being able to meeting in person, the Kimberley Rotary Club continues to conduct business at these virtual meetings and continues to provide many services in town.  
Funding for the Engineering Study for a possible Marysville Falls Upgrade continues to be pursued and is looking promising.  The wheelchair friendly concrete pathway to the Splash Park and Washrooms at Rotary park should be underway soon.  Grocery delivery from both the Food Bank and from Save-On Foods is still being provided by Rotary volunteers.  The club supported the Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery program by providing them with a Digital Printer to allow them to label their weekly soup serving containers.  Member Helga has continued to sew non-medical masks and has nearly completed 110 of these which are being donated to the Lions Valley View and Mountain View lodge residents.  In addition she has provided mask for sale with the proceeds going to the Food Bank - over $500.00 raised so far.  Helga even made 4 Rotary Branded Masks (see image in an earlier posting).  These masks were auctioned at the meeting to those in attendance, raising an additional $100.00.  
The sad news of David Mayes' passing was shared at our Rotary online meeting on Wednesday.
As members of a Service Club, Rotarians are always very aware of those who go out of their way to serve our community.  David, an active and long term member of the Lions Club, was an exemplary example of one of those volunteers who continually provided “Service Above Self”.  Kimberley and the Surrounding Area will remember David for the many things he did in our community.and our condolences go out to Dr. Mayes and the rest of David's family.
Helga continues to practice "Service Above Self".  In additional to sewing and donating over 100 non-medical masks (many to the Lions Valley View and Mountain View Lodges) she has also been providing masks for sale at My Friends Closet.  A recent email from Helga indicated that $230.00 has already been raised and more expected to come.  In fact, another order for 20 which could raise another $200.  All these funds are being donated to the Helping Hands Food Bank in town. 
To challenge her fellow Rotarians, Helga has made 3 Special Rotary Branded Masks.  These will be auctioned off on Wednesday June 3rd.  If you would like to submit a blind bid send your maximum bid amount with your name and contact information to P. Barclay   If your maximum bid is above the top bid at the Rotary meeting on Wednesday June 3rd it will be exercised at $1.00 above the last bid.  
Stay Safe
Sandra Roberts our Guest Speaker shared information about the Rotary Passport Club she has joined.  They meet every two weeks.  They are limited in fundraising so their key focus is on Volunteerism.  Her passport club is presently focusing on Peace Building a concept Sandra says “is built for us as a passport club”.
Sandra’s passion for the Peace Building project was shared with the club at our “GoToMeeting”  Sandra stated that: “Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in communities and in ourselves”.  “Peace happens one conversation at a time”.  “Care is the foundation of Peace”.  One of the 5 avenues of Rotary service is "International Service" which exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding.
To find out more about Peace Building log into  This site provides a learning center approach to this topic.  No fee to join and learn.
Sandra made reference to the 8 Pillars of Positive Peace. These pillars are present when a country can demonstrate a:
  • Well-functioning Government
  • Acceptance of the Rights of Others
  • Equitable Distribution of Resources
  • Free Flow of Information
  • Good Relations with Neighbours
  • High Levels of Human Capitals
  • Sound Business Environment
  • Low Levels of Corruption
As Sandra explained if Pakistan and Afghanistan where not engaged in conflicts and wars Rotary would likely have already eradicated Polio world wide.
Our Guest Speaker at the Kimberley Rotary May 6th virtual "GoTo Meeting" was Dr. Jordan Enns.  Jordan was introduced by Rotary member Al Hunter.
Dr Enns grew up in Carrot River, SK.  He studied dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan graduating with a DMD in 2017.  In 2018 Jordan and his wife Courtney moved to Kimberley as they loved skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and everything the mountains have to offer.  Dr. Enns is presently one of the members of the recently opened Kimberley Family Dental business where he enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest in oral surgery.
Jordan explained that in Feb. 2017, during his final year in university, he took advantage of an opportunity to travel with a group of volunteers to Nicaragua with “Change for Children”.  This organization supports projects in developing countries that provide “Human Dignity, Healthy Communities, and Global Justice".  One of its core values is to “Educate Canadians” about issues in the developing world and Dr, Enns’ presentation did exactly that.
Jordan explained that most of the volunteers on The Team to Nicaragua returned the following year to Guatemala in 2018, then to Costa Rica in 2019 and again to India in Feb. this year.
The Team in recent years included a group of Dentists and Dental Assistants the “Dental Volunteer Brigade” and also a small Optometry team – plus a number of other volunteers.  In addition to providing dental care, fillings and extractions, to many needy families and vision care the “Change for Children” team is often involved with projects for the specific community such as digging a well, building a school or providing agricultural aid.
Jordan showed some great photo images of the conditions under which The Dental Brigade worked - often in a school or church building with very limited resources.  The adjustable dental chair we are familiar with was often replaced by a standard table with a plastic table cloth – these in some occasions holding two patients facing opposite directions with two members of The Team working on them.  Jordan explained that bending over these working areas resulted in very stiff backs by the end of the day.
Thank you Jordan for a very informative presentation and thanks Courtney for your photos. 
Sorry to anyone who missed this presentation – a great example of “Service Above Self”.
Thanks to Hans von Bloedau and one of our newest members, Ryan McGibbon, we enjoyed a fantastic Virtual Wine Tasting event on May 1st.  18 members, partners and guests were on line, "gotomeeting", on Friday evening an enjoyed learning more about wines and enjoying tasting two excellent wines.  If you are a wine drinker and another opportunity like this comes up don't miss it.  Thanks Ryan for sharing your knowledge and letting us discover an excellent white and red wine.  
In 1978 the Kimberley Rotary Club undertook the planning, design and construction of a  bridge across Mark Creek just below the highway bridge across Mark Creek in Marysville and a trail to a viewpoint at the Marysville Falls. The project took four years of fundraising, planning and construction. This was a major fundraising event and a hands-on project with the club doing most of the labour with the assistance of a dedicated group of young people. The federal government had established a program called Katimavik, for young people aged 17 to 21 years to help on various civic projects. In our case, these young workers placed many of the boardwalk planks and the guardrail. On November 11, 1982 the new bridge, pathway and viewing areas were officially opened. The walkway was dedicated to Al Fabro, the first of three Rotary District 5080 District Governors from Kimberley.  Since the walkway was completed the Kimberley Rotary Club has done many Spring clean ups on the trail/walkway and the City of Kimberley has maintained the boardwalk and replaced  the original bridge with the log one that is in place today.
Kate Bidder photo overcoming her fear of snake in Africa  - online Rotary "GoToMeeting" April 15th.
COVID-19 can't stop Kimberley Rotarians.  Our April 15th meeting was held online and included an excellent program by Kate Bidder.  Kate was Rotary Exchange student in 1987-88 where she spent most of a year on Exchange to Mexico.  The travel bug obviously bit her as she and her Husband Kerry have spent most of their married live travelling the world raising their family and teaching.  Kate was our Guest Speaker on the 15th and shared amazing photos of many of her adventures including photos of time in Cape Dorset, Africa, Russia and lately in China.  Kate and family where in China where Kate was teaching in an elite International School out of Beijing and they were able to leave on one of the last planes out of the country when the COVID-19 virus was spreading through China. Kate continues to teach here students online during the present virus lock down.  Great Program!  Thanks Kate 
Home Page News

A month or so ago, it was announced that the Kimberley Rotary Club’s application to participate in the above Pilot Program was approved by Rotary International. We are one of only 200 Rotary Clubs world-wide whose plan received approval, 1,300 applied.


This pilot is primarily about membership. Trying new things to make our club more attractive to prospective members and at the same time keep current members engaged. Our prime objective for initiating this Pilot Program is to attract and retain members.


On July 18, 2011 your Board approved two major changes for Kimberley Rotary that will provide members increased flexibility for experiencing fellowship at our meetings.





Rotary District 5080 Group Study Exchange Sub-Committee seeks Team Leader for the Group Study Exchange Team to D4510 Brazil

The District Group Study Exchange Sub-Committee is now accepting applications for Team Leader for the exchange to D4510 (Brazil) that is scheduled for April 20 – May 20, 2013. D4510, described as an ecological paradise, is located in the mid-western region of Sao Paulo State. Metal industries, textile manufacturing and agriculture including coffee, sugar cane and oranges make this state the economic and industrial powerhouse of the Brazilian economy. 



On behalf of the Rotary District 5080 Rotaplast Committee, I am writing to let your club in on the fact that we are working to support another Rotaplast mission in the coming months. In fact, last week District 5080’s grant committee awarded this project funds through a District Simplified Grant; in addition some club support has been received in the form of pledges. As such, we would like to get Kimberley involved this year. Attached are details about the mission to share with your members. This mission is coming up quickly.

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