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Apr 01, 2020
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1st and 3rd Wednesday at 5:00 pm
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Tamara McLean, Girl Guide Leader, helps transfer 120 boxes of Girl Guide Cookies the Kimberley Rotary Club purchased and donated to the Helping Hands Food Bank.
The senior girls (Rangers and Trex units) of our local Girl Guide organization were planning a city-wide Girl Guide Cookie Sale campaign to raise funds for summer programs before the restriction imposed by the COVID-19 virus pandemic stopped them in their tracks.  That has left them with 58 cases (696 boxes) of those delicious Girl Guide cookies that many of us purchase every Spring.  At only $5.00 a box they are a good value and benefit a great organization. 
What can be done to get all those cookies out to those who enjoy them?
On hearing of the Girl Guides dilemma, the Kimberley Rotary Club stepped up.  Rotary purchased 120 boxes of Girl Guide cookies which they have donated to the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank.  Individual members of the Rotary Club also purchased over 60 boxes of cookies to further help the campaign.
Kimberley Rotary is challenging other local groups to look for ways to help.
If your group or organization would like to purchase cookies to donate to the Food Bank please check with Donna Purves at the Food Bank (250-427-7019) to confirm they can use additional donations.  If you have other ideas or plans great!  To arrange payment and pick-up see the following.
How can groups or individual members of the public buy cookies?
Individuals or groups wishing to purchase cookies can do so by contacting Tamara McLean, Guide Leader, at 250-427-1741 or tamara1@telus.net .  The best way to make a purchase and comply with the self-distancing regulations that are in effect is to pre pay your order with Tamara by an e-transfer and arrange for a non- contact drop off or pick up.
Thanks to all of you who can help. 
Stay healthy and follow the rules for self-distancing.
Keep “Kimberley a great place to be”
The Kimberley Rotary Club regrets the postponement of its Annual and very popular LobsterFest charity dinner that was scheduled for June 6th.
Lobsterfest is an event planned to provide a great evening of fun and entertainment with the goal to raise funds to provide programs and projects for our community.  Since Lobsterfest relies on the support of our local and surrounding businesses the club feels it is inappropriate to ask these businesses for donations in a time when they are under the severe negative financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
This is clearly a time for our community to work together to find ways to support our local residents and our local businesses.  Most of our local businesses have closed their doors or severely curtailed customer traffic to ensure social distancing.  These actions are very necessary to prevent the spread of the virus but also very costly.
The sooner we lessen the COVID-19 impacts the sooner we will be able to return to the Kimberley we all love and enjoy. 
Mark your calendar for November 7th.  We are booking that date for a Fall Rotary event.   
Mayor, Don McCormick was our Guest Speaker at the March 4th Meeting of the Kimberley Rotary Club.  Don gave an excellent program with digital images showing the State of the City.  The presentation showed the planning and progress the City has made over the past few years.  It was very encouraging to see how well Kimberley's present status and progress is compared to others Cities in our region.  An active Q & A followed the presentation and as always Don stayed to answer questions well after the meeting ended.  Thanks Don for your presentation.
It is always a special honour to welcome a new member to the Rotary Family.  At our regular meeting on March 4th Membership Chairman, Hans von Boledau conducted a Membership Induction Ceremony for Kenton Lane.  As the Rotary Family increases, so we increase our usefulness and influence as a club, and we are more fully able to serve and to extend the Rotary spirit throughout our community.  Welcome to the Kimberley Rotary Club Kenton.
 Kenton's sponsor Doug Vanhooren pins a Rotary Pin on Kenton.  This pin tells the world that Kenton is a Rotarian and gives him entrance to any of the 35,000+ Rotary Club meetings worldwide. 
Dr Christine Chatten and her daughter Sydney were our guest speakers on Feb. 19th.  Dr. Chatten a local optometrist and her daughter Sydney, a grade 12 student at Selkirk Secondary gave a great talk on their recent volunteer trip to Peru.  They took part in an eye care mission trip where Dr. Chatten and a number of her colleagues (who graduated together 25 years ago)  provided ocular health and vision care services to people who would otherwise be without eye care.  The majority of the locals they tested, treated and provide vision care for had never had previous treatments.  For many it was an amazing experience to be fitted with a pair of glasses and to see clearly for the first time. 
Christine and Sydney also shared some of their photos of various sights in Peru.  If you have old glasses that no longer meet your needs drop them off at Kimberley Vision Care and they may find their way to providing sight for someone in a far away country.  
Rotary was founded on February 23rd, 115 years ago.   Happy Birthday Rotary.
Rotary clubs can now be found in over 200 countries in the world. 
There are over 32,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2 million Rotary Members world wide (give or take a few).
In spite of the fantastic work Rotary does, many people do not know what Rotary is, what Rotary's ideals are, what Rotary has contributed locally, district wide and world wide.
It is time we started sharing what what Rotary is, what Rotary and Rotary members have provided for Kimberley and what Rotary International has and continues to do worldwide.
Let's make sharing this information a goal for the year ahead.
The focus of our February 5th meeting was to review 4 areas of our Strategic Plan.  Some great ideas were raised by the members and the Board will review these and add a number of them to our Strategic Plan.  The key areas included: Club Attributes, Membership, Community Projects and Services, and Public Image.
It was also announced that plans are underway to hold our 11th Annual LobsterFest.  Make sure to mark you calendar for June 6th for this event.  
Nomination Papers were also handed out for the upcoming Community Paul Harris event to be held in Cranbrook on April 2nd and jointly hosted by the Kimberley Rotary Club and the two Cranbrook Rotary Clubs.
Our Guest Speaker on Jan. 15th, 2020 was Dr. Tom Ristimaki.  Tom shared his history with Rotary from the time he was in Selkirk and heard of the opportunity to be an exchange student for a year.  He applied, was chosen and spent a year in Japan returning to Kimberley for his grade 12 year.  Tom's involvement with Rotary was later enhanced when he was chosen for RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program.  In the years following Tom helped at the summer RYLA camps as a leader.  After graduating from University Tom applied for and was successful in obtaining a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship which helped fund his Doctorate in Linguistics  Tom's involvement with Rotary continued when he became one of the Key Note speakers at the Rotary District 5080 Conference in Kimberley in 2006 and the following year, a Key Note Speaker at the Rotary International Conference in Salt Lake City.  As we often joke, Tom knows more about Rotary than most of our Rotary members.
On this visit to our club, Tom explained his present involvement with Purcell International Education company.  As he shared with us this company is planning a multi-million dollar investment in Kimberley.  The plans call for a Boarding School for Canadian and International Students on and beside the Kimberley Golf Course in Marysville.  The exciting plans for this school are amazing and we are sure to have Tom back for additional updates as construction starts and the students start arriving.  
The Kimberley Rotary Club presented Gail McColl with a Community Paul Harris Award on Dec. 10th as the highlight of the "Seniors Helping Seniors" Christmas luncheon.  Mike Cave explained many of the organizations Gail has volunteered with over the past 25+ years.  A complete list of these would have taken more time than provided (or space we have here) but even Mike's shortened list was amazing.  An truly deserving lady for this prestigious Rotary honour - a true "Service Above Self" volunteer.  
Thanks for being part of our community Gail.
Our guest speaker on November 20th was John Hamilton.  John is the recently hired Executive Director of Tourism Kimberley.  John has a long history in the tourism industry with over 25 years of experience.  John explained that he is working on a new Vision and Strategic Plan to promote the marketing and development of tourism products in Kimberley.  He was very open to hearing what locals think is needed and any issues they have.  Tourism is a major economic driver for Kimberley so providing unique all-season experiences to strengtheni the tourism economy is important.  John shared information on where our visitors come from and what is needed to attract visitors from different countries.  
Interesting facts on where our visitors are presently coming from.
Acting president Hans von Bloedau chaired the meeting in President Jaret's absence. 
Guest Speaker Jim Webster was our guest speaker. 

Jim explained that the Kimberley Pipe Band will be travelling to the Netherlands from April 23 to May 7, 2020, in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation.  Jim explained that the Kimberley Pipe Band will be there to honour this anniversary as part of an 80 member Pipe Band, being coordinated by the Kelowna Pipe Band. The band will be performing at ceremonies throughout the Netherlands as well as at Vimy Ridge in France.

“In the final months of World War II, Canadian Armed Forces led the fight to liberate the Netherlands from Nazi occupation,” explained Webster. “The first Canadian Army fought to open the port on Antwerp and to clear northern and western Netherlands of occupying forces. On May 5th, 1945, Canadian General Charles Foulkes, commander of the 1st Canadian Corp, accepted the German surrender.”

He adds that a group of local volunteers have come together to assist the Pipe Band’s fundraising efforts which includes a Ceilidh at the Kimberley Conference Centre. The Ceilidh will take place on November 9, 2019.  Jim also explained that the Band is looking for donations to help with their fundraising.

Mac Campbell thanks Jim and presents him with the coveted Rotary Water Bottle
Mike and Brenda Balahura were the guest speakers at the Oct. 2nd Rotary meeting.  They gave an excellent update on the programs in Honduras.  Opportunities to donate and sponsor a child will be coming next month.

On Sept. 26th in the McKim theatre, the Kimberley Rotary Club and the Kimberley Chamber of Commerce jointly hosted an "All Candidates Forum" for the upcoming (Oct. 21st) Federal Election. Check www.elections.ca for all voting details.

Thanks Doug for organizing this and chairing the event

Set-up crew at the ShelterBox display at the Fall Fair.  Thanks, Jaret, Brett, Mike, Cameron, Judy and Pat.
The event went very well.  The Shelterbox story was shared with a large number of visitors to the Fair.  There was also interest in Rotary shown by a number of the visitors to our Booth.  Hopefully, some of them will visit one of our meetings to find out more about our club.
Thanks to Mike, Pat, Sandra, Gerda, Mac, and visiting Rotarian Ray Miller for helping to welcome visitors to the display and explain what Shelterbox is all about.  Special thanks to Mike, Mac, Ray and Pat for dismantling the display and getting it back into the Green Boxes.
Donations were great and with the recent donations in memory of Graham a large contribution will soon be on its way to Shelterbox Canada.  
Al and Doug mixing up a brew for the Fondo Riders.  Nearly 500 riders passed through the Platzl as a part of this year's Kootenay Gran Fondo.
A great day, not too hot and all went well.
 Taylor Lauritsen our Guest Speaker on Sept. 4th.
Taylor reported on her RYLA experiences during the first week of July.  She explained that it was a very intense week and she got a lot out of it. 
Topics at RYLA include:
  1.  Awareness of self/others
  2.  Group Dynamics
  3.  Dealing with Conflict/Change
  4.  Goal Setting
  5.  Styles of Leadership
  6.  Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  7.  Effective Communications
  8.  Group Dynamics
  9.  Critical Thinking
  10. Ethical Frameworks
  11. Personal Mission Statement
  12. Networking
  13. Rotary’s Purpose and Community Involvement.
Taylor being 25 was one of the older participants at the camp of nearly 50.  Most of the attendees were just out of High School but a good mix of males and females.  She said it took a couple of days for her to really get into the program.  She explained it was a very intense week (the days ran from 7am to 10pm).   Great inspiring speakers.  So much positive focus.  It really changed your fame of mind. 
She explained that the program showed how important it was to communicate and adapt.
A great experience for developing Leadership skills.
"Definitely an incredible event"
Taylor said she would be willing to help promote the program to both applicants and employers of prospective candidates next year.
In summary a great program by Taylor and be all reports a program worth sponsoring again next year.
Our August 21st (3rd Wednesday) Rotary Meeting featured guest speaker Colton Vanhooren.
Colton presented an excellent program on his role with the Livestock Program at Fort Steele.
Sad news was shared at the meeting.  Our long time member Graham Mann passed away on Monday.  The service for Graham is planned for September 7th at 3:00 pm at the United Church in Kimberley.  Graham's contributions to Rotary,  ShelterBox and our Community have been amazing.  He will rest in peace knowing he made the world around him, both locally and internationally a better place for many others.  
Fire the photographer!  His photo missed two members and a couple more were left in the dark.  
The May 26th Pancake Breakfast at the Kimberley Golf Course's "Local's Appreciation Day" went well with lots of help.  Thanks All.
President Jaret (standing left beside Club Pro Simon) lead the crew of Mac, Al, Hans, Helga, Doug, Sandra and Heather while Pat headed to the putting green to run "Putt to Win a Lobsterfest Ticket".
The weather held and the crew said they could have served many more.
Please forward any good photos to pbarclay@telus.net for our archives.
Thanks to all who helped and supporter this event.
Our guest speaker at the May 8th meeting was Fire Chief Rick Prasad.
Rick reminded us of the fire dangers we had last year and how the Evacuation Alert was handled.  He also cautioned us that present dry conditions could lead to another dangerous fire season in the Kootenays.  In fact,  he advised that the surrounding forests are drier than ever already this year and we should all be doing a rain dance to encourage a couple of weeks of solid rain.  Rick handed out copies of the FireSmart Homeowner's Manual.  As he explained homeowners can do a number of things to reduce wildfire hazards.  The booklet describes these in detail.  One of the major concerns is the red hot fire embers blowing into our yards and houses - these can travel from as far as 40 km from a wildfire.  The booklet is a great reminder of what you can do to protect your home.  Rick also advised that you can have someone from the Fire Department visit your home and do an assessment of potential dangerous conditions.  BE PREPARED. 
One of our newer members Hans von Bloedau gave his  Fellowship 5 highlighting his career in the Hotel Industry.  More moves than an RCMP officer by far.  Great to have Hans in the club his skills and background are a great addition to Kimberley Rotary.  
Excellent meeting on April 10th.  
Nice to have Rene back from the Netherlands and his adventure cruising around South America.
Great to welcome a new member to the club.
Past District Governor Sandra Roberts conducted the Induction ceremony for Doug Vanhooren.  
Doug having already been a Rotarian in a couple of clubs brings valuable experience to our club
Sandra and Jaret presenting Doug with his club badge and induction package.
President Jaret gave an update on his screening and testing as a candidate for the  position of ShelterBox Response Team Member.  
ShelterBox Response Teams provide the link between the people who donate to ShelterBox and those that receive ShelterBox support. They work tirelessly - climbing mountains, crossing rivers and navigating their way through customs procedures - to reach families who have lost their homes.  Nearly 300 candidates applied.  These were screened to the final 60 who were then put into 4 groups of 15 to undergo a series of rugged physical and mental tests to select the top 10.  The final decisions will be made later this month.
The remainder of the meeting was devoted to planning for Lobsterfest 10.  It is time to solicit donations for the Silent and Live Auction and to sell tickets to fill the seats at the Conference Centre.  
Our second guest speaker on the 24th was Kandice Mueller who informed us about the Healthy Kimberley’s Food Recovery Depot.  This program has managed to re-direct thousands of pounds of food since their soft launch in mid-November. Nearly all  of the recovered food is from Save-On-Foods in Kimberley.  Some items are nearing their best before date and others have a much longer live.  The program continues to expand and now offers drop-in participants the ability to purchase food by donation.   
Gemma, along with her son and daughter where our first guest speakers on the 24th.  They live in Calgary and were in town visiting Gemma's Mother, Gretchen Zinkan who attended with them (to find out what Rotary in Kimberley is about). 
The stories Gemma told would best be described as a pep talk on the effects of Rotary on her and her family's life.
She was both a Rotary Exchange Student and a RYLA participant.  She told us how the values learned in these programs changed her life and that of her family.  
Her program was a tribute to Rotary and its programs.  Sorry if you missed this very inspirational presentation.   
Home Page News

A month or so ago, it was announced that the Kimberley Rotary Club’s application to participate in the above Pilot Program was approved by Rotary International. We are one of only 200 Rotary Clubs world-wide whose plan received approval, 1,300 applied.


This pilot is primarily about membership. Trying new things to make our club more attractive to prospective members and at the same time keep current members engaged. Our prime objective for initiating this Pilot Program is to attract and retain members.


On July 18, 2011 your Board approved two major changes for Kimberley Rotary that will provide members increased flexibility for experiencing fellowship at our meetings.





Rotary District 5080 Group Study Exchange Sub-Committee seeks Team Leader for the Group Study Exchange Team to D4510 Brazil

The District Group Study Exchange Sub-Committee is now accepting applications for Team Leader for the exchange to D4510 (Brazil) that is scheduled for April 20 – May 20, 2013. D4510, described as an ecological paradise, is located in the mid-western region of Sao Paulo State. Metal industries, textile manufacturing and agriculture including coffee, sugar cane and oranges make this state the economic and industrial powerhouse of the Brazilian economy. 



On behalf of the Rotary District 5080 Rotaplast Committee, I am writing to let your club in on the fact that we are working to support another Rotaplast mission in the coming months. In fact, last week District 5080’s grant committee awarded this project funds through a District Simplified Grant; in addition some club support has been received in the form of pledges. As such, we would like to get Kimberley involved this year. Attached are details about the mission to share with your members. This mission is coming up quickly.

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