Attractive lease spaces may become available in the Kimberley Health Care Centre

Our online Guest Speaker at the January 20th Rotary meeting was Wayne Keiver who manages the Kimberley Health Centre for the Kimberley Health Care Society.

Wayne explained that the Kimberley Health Centre, formerly the Kimberley and District Hospital, is owned by the Kimberley Health Care Society who are responsible for the operation of the facility and all capital improvements and replacements.  Wayne pointed out that the building is sound and has a number of excellent sites that would be ideal for a number of uses.  The Upper Floor of the building is presently totally vacant, also there are available spaces on the bottom floor.  The main floor is presently a busy area with a number of Interior Health facilities and office for our local doctors.  In order to attract businesses to a multitude of lease spaces a number of upgrades are needed to bring the upper floor into compliance with current building codes.  Leasing these spaces will help provide a revenue stream that would ensure the long-term viability of the Centre.  Work needed includes a new HVAC system, a sprinkler system, radon gas mitigation work, elevator repairs and more.  The Health Care Society is presently working with the City and a funding grant the Society has been granted to start the renovations.

The Kimberley Health Care Society is presently looking for a few people who would be interested in joining the Health Care Society Board.  Here is an opportunity to help give back to your community by becoming a member of the "Kimberley Health Care Society".  "One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time".  If interested, contact one of the following Board members:

Barrie Peterson, chairman, at 

Kent Goodwin, director, at

Dr. Ilona Hale at