Dr Christine Chatten and her daughter Sydney were our guest speakers on Feb. 19th.  Dr. Chatten a local optometrist and her daughter Sydney, a grade 12 student at Selkirk Secondary gave a great talk on their recent volunteer trip to Peru.  They took part in an eye care mission trip where Dr. Chatten and a number of her colleagues (who graduated together 25 years ago)  provided ocular health and vision care services to people who would otherwise be without eye care.  The majority of the locals they tested, treated and provide vision care for had never had previous treatments.  For many it was an amazing experience to be fitted with a pair of glasses and to see clearly for the first time. 
Christine and Sydney also shared some of their photos of various sights in Peru.  If you have old glasses that no longer meet your needs drop them off at Kimberley Vision Care and they may find their way to providing sight for someone in a far away country.