We had the pleasure of welcoming a number of guests at the meeting on Wednesday.
Rene & Annette Swienink from the Neatherlands.  They will be in town for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully the smoke will lift so they can enjoy the view of the mountains.
Ken and Pat Riggs.  They are quite new in town and we hope to see them at future meetings.  
Martha Dippo.  Martha is becoming a regular.  Thanks Martha for helping out at the Rotary Trailer at the Food Bank Garage Sale on the weekend.
Thanks for the support from our Rotary Partners:  June Owen, Judy Cave, and Margaret Barclay.
Chris gave us an update on policing issues in the City and surrounding area.
Good to hear that Kimberley still has a very low crime rate - at or very near the bottom for cities in BC.
Chris reminded us to be prepared in the event our Evacuation Alert becomes and Evacuation Order:
    - use this time to get prepared.  Have your bags packed and ready to go
    - have any medications and all those important papers ready to take with you.  Passports, ID, etc.
    - if you have an RV or boat this is the time to move it to a safer site
    - have a family plan of what to do if separated (keep your communication channels open)
Once an Evacuation Order is given you can not return to your home so be careful if you are leaving town even for a trip to Cranbrook.
    - consider taking to route north if you have to leave it may be much less crowded and you can cut back at the Wasa junction
Chris also gave us a scolding on our club's use of Social Media:
    - only one member had "liked" the last Rotary Club's Facebook Posting
    - with over 70% of the population using Social Media to communicate we need to do a lot more here
    - LIKE the postings and SHARE them with your friends
The club has a number of plans here so watch for future postings and updated sites.
Reminder from Bev that tickets for "Bones, Beer and Boogie"  can now be purchase on-line.
Posters for this fun evening will be out shortly both in print and on-line.  Check our Facebook site and our Web page.