Our club was chartered in 1992 by the Rotary club of Kyambogo and it had about 30 members at its inception.  Of those, only one charter member, Honorary Rotarian Sanjiv Patel remains passively active.

Over the years, the average age of the club increased as fewer members remained active and recruitment was low.  However, in 2010, this trend reversed and we got 15 new Rotarians and thereby lowering the average again once more to approximately 30 years.

The club boasts of members of diverse professions including Lawyers, Bankers, Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, ICT Specialists, and tax collectors among others.  This vast collection of human resources is the strength behind our core function which is to serve and alleviate of the pains and need of those who are less privileged than us.  We borrow from our classifications and use our knowledge to serve the needy communities in which we work.

The club has directorates. The motto of Rotary is “Service above Self”  This is manifested in many ways.  Many of them include, offering our vocational service, e.g. engineering services, tutorial services, medical outreach programs e.t.c.  Every Rotarian is lent a classification at the time of induction into the club, this classification is normally in line with ones business or profession.  For example a lawyer in the club would be is Legal services – corporate, an Architect would be Architectural services. We offer services to Rotary in our respective lines of duty.

The directorates support the main one which is Service Projects.  They are: Finance, Secretariat, Rotary Foundation Treasury, Public relations, Family of Rotary, Club Administration, New Generations and Service Projects.  Every member belongs to a directorate and you would be assigned to offer your assistance in one of them

We take this opportunity to invite you to our club fellowship.  Every Monday 6 – 7 pm at Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda.