Posted by Angela Kobusinge on Jul 08, 2020
The District Governor Rosseti Nabuumba Nayenga, Past District Governor Ken Mugisha, Assistant Governor Jimmy Serugo, Country Chair Phyllis, District and Country officials, Fellow Opportunity Presidents, Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and guests; greetings and welcome.                                                                             
I thank you all for taking the time to be here with us.
I thank you all for making the time to be here with us.
It gives me great joy and it is a privilege to stand here as the newly installed 29th President of the Rotary Club of Kampala South. I thank God for his infinite mercies and for enabling us to all be here today. I thank my family for the sacrifices they make at home and at work to enable me share my time and resources with Rotary. I thank the club members for entrusting us, the team of 2020/21 with the leadership of the club. I thank President Peter and his team for all the great work they have done this past year to get us to this point and we pledge to build upon these achievements.
The incoming board has set annual goals in line with the Rotary International strategic priorities and the District goals. Achieving these goals will entail the participation and engagement of all the club members.
Our main focus this rotary year will be to
1) Continue in service to our communities as we continue to identify needs in our neighbourhoods where we can offer meaningful interventions with sustainable projects. To continue to cultivate strategic partnerships with our existing and new corporate partners as we fundraise for these projects.
2) To improve our giving to The Rotary Foundation by making the club an all giving club. Every member this year is encouraged to make a contribution to TRF, the pool of resources from which we get grants to run our projects.
3) To engage and encourage our members to enjoy the benefits of Rotary. The networking with fellow professional and business leaders while utilizing all the available opportunities for personal and business growth and making connections and new friends with like minded people.
The rotary Club of Kampala South is a large, diverse and talented group of individuals. The team with whom we shall serve this Rotary Year will comprise:
Vice President – Paul Muhame, President Elect – Charles Odaga, Club Trainer – IPP Peter Mukuru, Secretary – Albert Rubombora, Treasurer – Joel Kiwanuka
The Directors under the Avenues of Service are:
Club Administration director- Karo Tushemereirwe with her subcommittee of Officers:- PR – Yvette Muyingo, Bulletin – Angela Kobusinge, Website  – Mathais Kamugasho, Attendance- Carolina Lubikire, SAA – Rogers Karebi  and the Fitness & Nutrition Campaign officer– Frank Nyakahuma
The Community Service director is Dr. Dan Bogere with his subcommittee of officers:  Mission Green – Emma Njuki and Fundraising – Faridah Mpulumba
The International Service director is Dr. Emmy Semakula with his subcommittee of officers: Onto Munyonyo/Taipei – Juliette Nassolo, Rotary Peace Fellowships – Pauline Mwiza, Global Grants Chair– Rita Tinka, PolioPlus officer – Bridget Nabagereka, TRF giving – Diana Tegule, Global Networking champion – Dr. Richard Kalungi
The Vocational Service director is Wendy Kasujja with Rotary Business Champion Daphine Nahwera
Youth Service director - Pamela Nakityo
Membership director - Miriam Wegoye with Family of Rotary- Ceaserine Dukuze
Monitoring & Evaluation Chair - PP Richard Mayebo
Strategy Chair - PP Jackie Nansubuga
Procurement Chair - PP Esther Mwambu
The theme of the year is: Rotary Opens OpportunitiesAs the Opportunity team we shall seek to identify, utilize and share all the opportunities that Rotary avails. We are committed to serve with diligence in achieving the plans and goals we have set and delivering an even stronger club this time next year.
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committee led by Past President Jackie Nansubuga for organizing this Installation ceremony and once again thank you all for being here this afternoon.
Thank you and God bless you.