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Jul 17, 2019
Sutter Buttes Brewing
Jul 24, 2019
Jul 31, 2019
Joint Club at Fairgrounds Friday
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Upcoming Events
Joint Club Meeting- Fairgrounds
Y-S Fairgrounds Beer Garden
Aug 02, 2019
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Senior BBQ
YUba City Senior Center
Aug 09, 2019
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Shady Creek Work Party
Shady Creek
Aug 17, 2019 8:00 AM –
Aug 18, 2019 5:00 PM
Sod Busters Fund Raiser
Sep 12, 2019 – Sep 15, 2019
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 Date: July 22, 2019 Ed 80
President's Message
Sean Andersen
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Greetings Rotarians,
 Sean  Andersen, President
 Rotary Club of Yuba City
Voted "Best Service Club" in Yuba-Sutter area 8 years running!



What's coming up as far as programs, what happened last week and near future programs and events . . . . a brief overview!
Editor, Rich Dettmer, Webguy
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Announcements and Information:
EREY, a primer: So maybe you are new to our club or maybe you have just forgotten, yes? Well, EREY stands for Every Rotarian Every Year. It really is not and RI program per say, just an idea. What it means for those clubs that embrace it, is that every club member donates $100 a year towards their sustaining Paul Harris Foundation membership and when $1,000 have been accrued they become Paul Harris Fellows (PHF). Their annual donation continues though earning additional PHF recognition up to PH8+1 or a total of $9,000. Decorative pins are awarded as one ascends in the total giving. At $10,000 RI classifies you as a Major Giver.
How does this work for our club? You are billed on a pro rata basis quarterly for dues, fines, meals and $25 for EREY . . . thus at the end of the year you will have given the $100 for ELREY. A report is generated by our Treasurer on August 31st with all the reported giving by each member and the total for the club. A report is then generated listing that giving and sent to Rotary International for their recording of your gifts and the club's total giving for the club (The total runs about $8k for the club each year so you can see it is no small amount). 
Can you donate more if you wish? Absolutely! One can either donate through our club or directly to Rotary International. Either way our club gets the recognition in addition to you.
So, what is our foundation all about? CLICK HERE to see how it helps people world-wide!
Take a look at July's BD's and Anniversaries listed below and give them a happy thought.
Jamie Keith Reminder:
Sign on to the Appeal Democrat and vote for the Best of Yuba-Sutter. In particular choose the Yuba City Rotary Club and the Yuba City Rotary Crab Feed. Do notice the number of Rotarians listed by their professions and choose all or among them as well as your other favorites.
How does the Appeal Democrats get the names of businesses to publish? There is a nominating period beforehand and one must be nominated.
Member Anniversaries:
Member Birthday
Name, Date

Silveira, Jayne, Jul 04
Keith, Jamie, Jul 11
Kalayta, Ronald, Jul 15
Mathews, Jeff, Jul 15
Del Pero, Lisa, Jul 20
Lamon, Colleen, Jul 22
Presswood, Kathy, Jul 23
Spouse Birthdays
Name, Spouse Of, Date

Buckland, Tricia, Buckland, John, Jul 08
Andersen, Diana, Andersen, Sean, Jul 14
McIntire, Brad, Hyatt-McIntire, Paulla, Jul 17
Lamon, Colleen, Lamon, Steve, Jul 22
Keith, Brandon, Keith, Jamie, Jul 26
Name, Spouse Name, Date, Years

Cassidy, Kristine, Cassidy, John, Jul 16 1983, 36
Date Joined Rotary,
Name, Years, Date

Del Pero, Lisa, 28 years, Jul 01 1991
Gonzales, Dave, 28 years, Jul 01 1991
Johl, Judy, 17 years, Jul 01 2002
Lamon, Colleen, 12 years, Jul 01 2007
Lamon, Steve, 2 year, Jul 01 2017
Shaw, Dave, 4 years, Jul 01 2015
Tabler, Karen, 17 years, Jul 01 2002
Martin, Crystal, 12 years 12, Jul 06 2006
Kuhnen, David, 5 years, Jul 09 2014
Tumber, Sunil, 5 years, Jul 09 2014
Gabel, Mary,17 years, Jul 17 2002
Kroeger, Steve, 17 years Jul 17, 2002
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Rich Dettmer, Webguy
Bell Ringers 2019/20
RI Foundation and Donation Corner
FY 2019-20
A Yuba City Rotary Bell Ringer is a Rotarian who has contributed $100 or more towards the RI Foundation, Yuba City Rotary's Education Foundation, other YC Rotary sponsored worthy cause or has just paid his annual fine or more early.
Those who have stepped forward are to be commended for their altruistic gift and deserve to be recognized openly as true Rotarians dedicated to the purposes of our fine international organization. The following  members have so honored us Fiscal Year 2019-2020. Last update, July 1st.
Rich Dettmer (RI x10)Dale Eyeler     (RI)      
Your Name here