On a clear and cold January morning at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, the sun was rising over the Sierra Nevada's and starting to shine on the fading Christmas wreaths  awaiting pick up by the volunteers such as those from the Rotary Club of West Sacramento Centennial.  Wondering how so few of us there were to pick up so many wreaths we were quickly joined by friends and families of many of those who lay in Peaceful Rest there.  The pickup was done sooner than we realized as this group of six pickup close to 1000.  The cold bite of the air was soon replaced with the warmth and love of those who came to pick up the wreaths from hollow place where their family and friends now permanently reside. 
Thank you, to all who participated and help set this event up as it was both,  a moving as well as a rewarding gathering of Rotary Fellowship.
Rotary Club members Don Shatzel, Berverly "Babs" Sandeen, Scott Matter, Tom Engle and Walt James standing and kneeling Buzz Jones current President gathered with some of the 1000 wreaths they helped pick up at the Cemetary