5th Grade Student Natalya "Natasha" Zhadmirova
proudly displays her award from Centennial Rotary for Student of the month. 
She is pictured with her teacher Robin Bell, her Principal Michael Woodstock along with RCHS principal Stan Mojsich and Current Centennial President Dave Guis.

Natasha is a model student, as she is extremely responsible and treats all with respect. She is a soft spoken student, but a student I can rely on to always do the right thing in and out of class. A substitute teacher also mentioned to me that her maturity level is beyond that of a typical 5th grader! She speaks Russian at home with her family, but her English skills are so advanced that she is considered at the same level as her English-only peers. She even blew me away when at her parent-teacher conference, because she brought her older sister to help translate the conference to her mom. Her translator was unnecessary, however, as Natasha gave the entire conference in fluent Russian! Especially since Natasha is quiet, I want her to be recognized for the hard work she puts in for her academics, but how also how she treats others, which makes our classroom a better place in which to learn.