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We are involved in our community and involved in many projects, way to many to
mention here so I will just mention a few of our majors projects.
January- We participate in the Holiday wreath program at the Sacramento
Valley National Cemetery. (it is the Veterans Cemetery in Dixon}
They put out Holliday Wreaths on every Grave the Fist of December. There are
approximately 8,000 graves.The second Sat. of February most all of our members go to the Cemetery at 7:00
am in the morning for approximately 2 to 2&1/2 hours to
help remove all the Wreaths. Every thing that happens at the cemetery is done
by volunteers.
Our Rotary District participates in a Dictionary project in Feb. or March. We
purchase and pay for beautiful hard bound Children's Dictionaries to distribute in
West Sac. Schools. The other club in town participates in this program and gives
all the Dictionaries to 3 rd Graders in West Sac. Public schools. So we distribute all
out dictionaries to 3 rd grader at the two catholic schools and the Sikh charter
school here in West Sac.
In the spring we participate in a Progam we call Horsing Around. We partner with
the West Sac. Trail Riders Association of West Sac to put on a Horse program for
2 nd graders in West Sac. Each year we invite 2 to 3 second grade classes to
Participatae. West Sac Trail Riders bring their horses, rides them around so the
kids can watch and they are able to ask many questions about Horses. They also
are able to get up close and pet and talk to the horses. Some of the members of
Trail Riders are also members of our club. Our two clubs purchase books about
horses that are age specific and each child receives a book either before or after
the event to keep.
We have done many different Holliday projects of the years.
This year we partnered with Christian Life who runs the Teen Center, also Raleys
and Broderick's restaurant to put on a major Christmas Dinner and Gift Program.
Or club gave a major donation of Cash to this program, two of us sat on the Board
and 3 of us plus some family member worked the day of the Program There were
many business in town that also contributed to this program. We fed dinner and
bought gifts for the kids, one of our members was Santa, we had face painting,
games. available all day. We had over 200 kids from low income families and
many of their parents for a total of over 300.
We also help also help sponsor a Rotary program for Teens called Interact at River
City High School. They are very active in community service.
This year we are also involved in the International Rotary Youth exchange
program. We are sending an one of our Interact students overseas to Chile to live
and study with a family and we have received an overseas student from Sweden
to come and study and live with some families in our club.