Congratulations to our 2018 Glacier Valley Rotary Duck Derby winners:
1st           $5000    Delsey Rodriguez-Ayala
2nd  2 Roundtrip Tickets from AK Airlines James Cartmill
3rd          $2000    Steve Strickler
4th          $500      Nhico Moises
5th          $500      John DeBuse
6th          $500      Viki Kibodeaux
7th          $500      Ricky Nelson
8th          $500      Sandy Spickler
9th          $250      Robin Lonas
10th        $250      Erica Simpson
Freda and friends thank you all for helping our club and supporting our activities such as high school scholarhips, Riverside Rotary Park, Pillars of America Speakers Series and much more.   Special thanks to our sponsors who help make this event possible.