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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Rancho Cordova City Hall
2729 Prospect Park Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States
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Apologies to you faithful readers who have missed the last few issues of the bulletin.  There is a very good reason: we didn't print one.
The miscreants gather...
 Your intrepid reporter is back at long last from a summer vacation and has only now buckled down to the task of recording the events of our beloved Rotary Club.  Under the leadership of our new President, Brett Schreiner, the meeting got off to a rollicking start with Steve Forseth greeting, Ray Wyatt pledging and Chapman singing (if that's what you call it...)  We settled down to a nice repast of chicken salad with trimmings and were only rudely interrupted when PDG Clarence waltzed to the front of the room in a most cavalier fashion and began embarrassing Chapman with the presentation of his Rotary Foundation Major Donor Award.
This is what you call your big presentation...
 Later, in a pensive moment, the big guy was heard to remark, "Jeez, all you do is throw $85 a month their way and the next thing you know, you're more or less a big shot."  This reporter falls on the 'less' side of the argument.  Anyway, nicely done.
  Next we had some announcements, but needing a new prescription, your reporter didn't catch all of them.  With the conclusion of the announcing, it was time for the weekly Ray Wyatt drawing and this time it was Dr. Bob Adam whose number was drawn and Bob in that patriotic manner he has, left the $65 to grow another week so that Ray can have a fair chance at it.
This is referred to as "Going for it..."
This is referred to as, "Hey, look!  Bob's got a white ball!"...
  Naturally in our traditional meeting format, it was time for the Sarge and this week did not disappoint.  PDG Clarence got up and began the session by asking about pin and badge infractions and it was none other than President Brett who had to cough up a few drachmas for the offense.
The Club's power elite observe from the balcony...
 When Clarence noted that it was Steve Forseth's birthday month, Steve paid extra to avoid the song.  (Way to go Steve; we were not in good tune today)  Next it was Pat Orelli donating to cover his recent Hawaiian vacation, followed by Treasurer Tracy McLinn noting that she was headed to Tennessee (yes, on purpose) for a baseball tournament featuring her daughter and her team.  Good luck, Mom.  
Even Merlin was paying attention...
Hard to imagine that a Sergeant would fine a guy who he had just recognized for donating 10 big ones to the Rotary Foundation, but Clarence never met a wallet he didn't want to see the inside of, so naturally he zoomed in on Chapman for a recent trip out of town where he was busy opening up an orphanage and finding a cure for cancer.  Yeeeesh...  
New President at work under the watchful eye of the 'has been"
Finally, Navin chipped into the pot for missing a recent board meeting (is that 'board' or 'bored'?)  and it turned out that Brett had given him the wrong time or date or place or...  In any event, that was it; game over.
  As the room breathed a collective sigh of relief, the Prez revealed that our guest speaker had not shown up, so he looked in PP Sean's direction and said, "How about it?"  
Sporting his new facial tattoo, the Past Prez delivered a good talk...
Still feeling guilty about the big haul he had received at Demotion, the PP responded in the affirmative and delivered a terrific talk on the state of water in the State of California.  After revealing how he come to the water business, he went on to talk about how the various water districts coordinate water delivery, how the state has mandated water meters for everyone, and even delved into the topic of fluoridation.  It was a very informative talk and no one left early.  Nicely done.  Good meeting. 
It was the best of times, it was the... well, let's just leave it at that.  On Saturday at the home of Clarence Parkins, the Club gathered around the Club President and ate a fine pot luck as the Prez was ridden out of town on the proverbial rail, tar and feathers flying.  
Our gracious host...
The event was highlighted by some fine victuals provided by the attendees.  Neil Orchard had barbecued his excellent chicken piccata and the buffet was overloaded with good-tasting stuff.  Adult beverages were in evidence, primarily because  spouses and significant others were in attendance and that brought the 'adult ratio' into the acceptable range.  Ladies, you may note with some alarm that we're not allowed this sort of beverage when we're on our own on Tuesdays due the history of fights breaking out and furniture being damaged.  The past Prez called the meeting to order and spent a few brief minutes recounting some of the records set by the Club this past year (52 weeks without a meeting starting on time is one that comes too mind...), but then introduced a special song written by Beth Walter for the occasion, which the Prez was required to sing out loud before the meeting could proceed.  
The Club's think tank debates the merits of high vs low heat...
At the conclusion of the singing, the past Prez handed Sean a special gift basket which was also provided by Beth Walter, which had a number of items sure to help the Prez perform his family duties.  At that point, the Past Prez suddenly lapsed into a rare serious moment when he actually complimented President Sean for his courage in undertaking the job and his dedication to making the Club successful.
People enjoying themselves (#1)
Interesting conversations abounded
Scene from the dining room

The head of the buffet
This signaled the beginning of the giveaway phase of the event.  First off, the Past Prez invited President in Waiting Brett Schreiner to the front to accept the Club President's pin.  This was quickly followed by asking President Sean to return to the floor and get his Past President's pin and his plaque.  At this point, our newest has-been invited the various members of his board to come up and take home a nice memento of their service to the Club.  The pictures tell the story better than this poor writer.   
Brett gets pinned
Sean gets pinned
What a swell plaque
Board member Attaboy #1
#4 and the passing of the torch
We gathered, as we are wont to do, at venerable City Hall for victuals and fellowship and, surprise of surprises, our guest speaker was a very knowledgeable lady who talked about the NFL!  More on that later.  
"So there I was at 30,000 feet with a knife to my throat..."
The prelims:  Greeter was scheduled to be Chapman and he was actually observed handing out a badge or two to a few members for a while.  Ross MacCarty was scheduled to lead the Pledge, but Brett Schreiner got to do it because Ross wasn't here.  God Bless America was supposed to go to Bob McBee, but Bob, also a no-show, must have delegated the task to Conrade Mayer who did a pretty good job at it.
Who isn't totally delighted when Pat Murphy comes to a meeting?
 We had one technical guest, Pat Murphy, who had invited prospective member, Marvelene Weier to the meeting and Marvelene arrived after the meeting had begun.
"We don't talk anymore..."
Grub was some delicious roast beef and several folks were observed making sandwiches out of it.  Yum.  
Food always tastes better if you think it's not coming...
Then as we have gotten into the habit, we got to enjoy some announcements, but here are the important ones:  1. Demotion is on the 24th at 1:00 P.M. at Clarence Parkins' place in Gold River.  A signup went around but some folks haven't responded to the RSVP yet, and since it's going to be a potluck, we'd ask attendees to bring a dish.  Contact Chapman if you need guidance.  2. August 26 marks the date of our next Texas Hold 'Em tournament, called 'Cards for a Cause' and we are partnering with Community Council on this.  Don't miss it!  If you're not going to play, how about volunteering to come and work the event.
Since the announcing began to fade shortly due to the short tenure of the current administration, we turned to the weekly Ray Wyatt Memorial Ball Drawing and Disappointment Sweepstakes.  Even though Ray was in the crowd, it was Conrade Mayer who finally looked at his ticket and claimed the right to embarrass himself by pulling one of those dratted white balls from the can, a task at which Conrade excelled today, to the consternation of everyone except Ray.  I'm sure the $98 will multiply for next weeks event.
"You know where I think you should stick this ball?"
Wrapping up the foreplay, it was time for Sergeant Ross Johnson to come up and extract some hard-earned moolah from the throng.  The technique he used is one of the oldest in the books: he asked questions about WWII, a topic that probably held dear memories for some of our senior members.  (I wasn't talking about you, Merlin...)  The following folks failed to answer even one question about the conflict: Brud Dufficy, Chapman, Gary Spainhower, Paul Schubert, Tom Redmon, Bob Adam (or were you a WWI guy, Bob?), Chase Armer Conrade Mayer, and finally Sean Twilla who didn't know that WWII smelled like vomit.  Then some members remarked on their pride: Tracy McLinn for her eldest son graduating from Sac State; Sergeant Ross was proud to remind us that his son, Mark, is about to take command of the Army's 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade; Ray Wyatt paid for his wife, Kelly (Let me be clear: I don't think Ray actually paid for Kelly in that sense... I believe she did something memorable, which your reporter will not speculate on in this venue...); Sean admitted to being pinless the day prior, but not being ratted out by Paul and finally our friend and former member, Pat Murphy just threw in some happy $.  Good show.
In the dictionary, under 'confab', there's this picture... (Editor's note: pay no attention to the lady in red; she's 'embarrassment free' for the day)
Next and last on the agenda was our guest speaker and the weekly flailing at the audiovisual system.  She was a delightful lady, Dr. Kristine Setting Clark, whose background in athletics and her connection to NoCal professional athletics made her a unique observer of the state of sports in the 'old days' and today.  She has written several books on such diverse topics as the U.S.F. 1951 football team and the adversity they had to overcome in becoming probably the
Dr. Kristine Setting Clark
best, yet unheard of, college football team in the country.  As a result of an encounter with an ex-member of the Oakland Raiders, she has written a book entitled 'Cheating is Encouraged: the Story of the Oakland Raiders'.
While President Sean took remedial A/V classes during her talk, she regaled the crowd with anecdotes about the 'take any advantage' mentality of the pro game back in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  It was very informative if you follow football and at the end, she and her husband Mark brought a few books for sale.  Good talk, good meeting. the Prez handed her a book for the library and the room then cleared as if Arianna Grande was on her way in.
Good grub, good speaker
As of November 17, here are our members who are already Sustaining Paul Harris Fellows for the year:
Dr. Bob Adam
Sam Anderson
Pat Braziel
John Chapman
Melody Granger-Mayer
Ross Johnson
Dr.Merlin Mauk
​Conrade Mayer
Pat Murphy
Neil Orchard
Clarence Parkins
Tom Redmon​
Paul Schubert
Jerry Smuts
Gary Spainhower
Sean Twilla
Beth Walter
Ray Wyatt
(We're 18 out of 31 members so far... let's keep it up)
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