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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States
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I've been advised by a number of persnickety members that the directions to the Yacht Club did not come through on their newsletter.  Here they are:
Also, note that we are NOT dark on the 12th, as it is suggested in the bulletin.
Yours in Rotary,
Bill Bagodonutz
Good meeting, but first some important info regarding our Saturday Social at the Yacht Club.  Jennifer sent me some written directions for those who are either electronically challenged or not good map readers:
Now on to the more boring stuff.  Our President of the Month turned out to be none other than young Conrade Mayer (not boring) and he got the meeting off to a rip-roaring start by thanking Navin, who didn't know he was the designated greeter.
Here's what "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" look like when they're off duty 
  Our guest speaker and former member Kevin Spease was called on to lead the Pledge and did a fine job, as did young Jerry Smuts who led us in belting out God Bless America.  Quote for the Day was attributed to Mother Teresa, who I believe once stated, "One more Tandoori Chicken and I'm outa here!"
The room begins to take shape
There were some announcements: here they are...
The drawing for $112 was operated fairly, with Kevin drawing the winning ticket which belonged to young Becky Harvey.  Sadly, Becky's grasp of the finer points of winning the weekly drawing was a little weak this week and she marched off with but a lonely white golf ball. 
The drawing...
... and the result
The Sarge turned out to be the tall guy in the Club and being told only moments before the event, he almost whiffed the whole thing.  But tradition is tradition and it goes without saying that PE Paul Schubert is always good a for a few bucks on the "pins in public" test, and this week he was joined by Ross Johnson and Tracy (!) and Steve Forseth didn't even have his badge on (which explains why no one talked with him, since they couldn't remember his name.)  Kevin Spease naturally muffed the "Best Club in the District" question and chipped in.  President Conrade had led off the Sarge's session by chipping in a Takehara for a number of shortcomings, but the Sarge nevertheless held him up for some additional ridicule for having attended last week's non-existent meeting.  Paul Schubert added to the take by admitting he was proud to be President Elect.  On the subject of recent trips, Ross Johnson admitted to being in Vegas recently, presumably at the Christian Science Reading Room conference.
Now here's a Club that really enjoys their Sarge's session...
   Then Becky dropped a bomb on the proceedings when she told us that Merlin Mauk had recently fallen at home and broken his nose.  Merlin, we hope you have a speedy recovery from the event.  Gary Spainhower admitted to having some connection with the Doobie Brothers and paid (doobies are legal now, Gary.)  Ross Johnson doubled up by paying for being late and then Navin bragged about coordinating several big events recently so they both paid.  Bob Adam admitted to 58 years of wedded bliss and chipped in and got a big round of applause.  Paul and Conrade then donated for the scholarships they had recently presented to Kinney High and to Cordova High graduating seniors.  Well done , lads and kudos to Becky and  Navin, who spent a lot of time coordinating the Kinney scholarships.  And with that, as quickly as the bleeding had started, clotting occurred and the Sarge was done.
Guest speaker Kevin Spease
Well, not 'zackly done, since he remained standing to introduce our guest speaker, Kevin Spease from the Laguna Elk Grove Rotary, who spoke to us about cyber security in these days  where personal information is traded like wampum.  Kevin runs a commercial cyber security firm whose analysts' job is to prevent cyber crime affecting their commercial customers.  See the slide for the tips that Kevin passed on.
Important rules
At the end, Kevin's presentation  was so engaging that he had a raft of questions, and when it was all over, President Conrade gave him the book and the room cleared faster than that bullet that Superman is faster than.  Good meeting.  Don't forget Saturday afternoon at the Yacht Club!  
What, I pray tell, did I hear here first?  Well, it's the news.... the BIG news: due to Memorial Day next Monday, the Club will be dark next Tuesday.  That doesn't mean you can't got have lunch at the Spaghetti Factory, it just means you'll be alone... all alone.  Well, anyway... back to our story.  Today it was President Gary's swan song as Prez of the Month, and I am the first to tell you he's done a terrific job, stepping up to the podium as he has.  Congrats, Gary.  Our next meeting will be on June 5th and it will be Past President Conrade Mayer throwing his weight around for the month.  Today's meeting started off lacking a greeter and since the projector didn't work either, we didn't even get to see who was supposed to fill that role.  Nevertheless, the Prez eyed Bob McBee in the crowd and singled him out to lead the Pledge, which Bob handled without missing a beat.  Departing from tradition, Jerry Smuts was selected to lead the song and although the volume was a trifle underwhelming, the melody was excellent.  The anonymous quote for the day was something about successful men, but I prefer the old adage: "You don't need a parachute to skydive; you only need a parachute to skydive twice."
President Gary: "You write me a song about a swan and I'll sing it."
In any event, the meeting got off to a more or less rousing start at that point as we all started consuming mass quantities.  Since the projector was not in working order, the announcements were handed our verbally (sigh) and here's a few:
1. The gospel according to Brud states that we had a great time at the B Street Theater reception last Saturday and he was right.  The performances were epic and the reception was as good and tasty as your poor reporter has seen in a long time.  Kudos to Becky Harvey and Jennifer Chiappone for a terrific job setting up the victuals and adult beverages and to past member Pat Murphy who did a very nice job of presenting the plaque to our one attending sponsor, Mayor Linda  Budge.  Well done, all of you.  (See photos below) 
2. If you want to pour wine at the State Fair, contact Ross Johnson.  This is a fun event every year, and those who participate always sign up again.
3. We're dark next week, due to Memorial Day on Monday (re-read the headline)
4. The End of Year Social (the EYS for the literati) is on Saturday, June 9 at the Sacramento Yacht Club.  It's a barbecue starting at 2:00 P.M. and running until... uhhh.. well... much later.  Your chairman for the event will be emailing out maps prior to the event so no one gets lost.
A roomful of Rotarians eagerly awaiting their Sarge
And that was about it for announcing, so we went to the raffle and today it was for $144.  Surprise of surprises, the big guy's number was called and he reached in and snatched the orange ball for a huge payday.
With that, the selfsame big guy got up, asked Jennifer for her kind assistance and  ran riot over his friends in the room (and probably a few enemies too).  First off was President Gary Spainhower for overlooking his pin at the B Street reception on Saturday.  Next, the Sarge asked Steve Forseth about his recent travels and he not only fessed up to going to the Grand Old Opry, but also garnering a brand new great grandson (what's with the sudden flurry of great grandparents recently?)   Congrats, Steve.  Because neither Paul Schubert nor his henchman, Sean Twilla, was present, the Sarge was forced to skip over his two most potentially lucrative targets, so he turned to Mike Passof, who had stolen our caterer for the EYS.  When the Sarge asked if anyone thought we might be dark next week, young Doc Dufficy's son Brud appeared unaware, so he paid.  Secretary Sharon Ewing admitted to moving to Lincoln next week, now that the house has closed and so she paid.  Becky Harvey got so excited about Merlin's tale of terrific times with Youth Exchange students over the years, that she is volunteering to take in a student next year.  Way to go, Becky!  Finally, President Gary chipped in for having almost completed his last meeting as President.  Nice job, Gary.
Rotarian and realtor, Becky Harvey discusses the intricacies of real estate
With that, we moved to our guest speaker, and she wasn't even technically a guest, as Becky Harvey was introduced by President Gary for a classification talk on her real estate practice.  Becky gave us a brief personal history and then talked about her practice, which is now with NEXT Real Estate.  She discussed the ins and outs of real estate, figuring out how to price it, get it appraised and the myriad other activities that surround the home buying and selling process.  They say that lawyers shouldn't represent themselves in court and that mantra holds true for home buyers and sellers.  It is a complex system of transactions and processes and Becky made it clear that you need a pro to help you through it.  An excellent, informative talk and at the end Gary, in his last official act, stiffed her on the book and the room cleared faster than the bench at a hockey fight.
Wait!  There's more!  See below for the B Street reception pics (if you didn't/couldn't go, you missed something special.)

The B Street players performed...
... and got a huge round of applause
Wine? Hors d'oeuvres?  C'mon, have a cookie...
Our hostesses not only served, but set the whole thing up... Nice job, ladies...
Pat Murphy delivered the plaque(s) and a very nice talk about cooperation...
... to the B Streeters who supported our effort
When the talking was over, this very nice lady took us on a backstage tour... how fun!
Conrade Mayer
Jun 26, 2018
Jul 03, 2018
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Jul 10, 2018
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