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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States of America
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Kate Smith shoulda been there.  As the Club administration took its final bow last Friday evening at Scott's Seafood in Folsom, you could almost hear her singing, "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."  Anyway, here are some pics from the event.
Past President Sean goes over the many accomplishments of his Club this year (no indictments, no convictions...)
Much of the audience is held in thrall...
First Lady Donna, what's-his-name and newest Club member Bridget enjoying the festivities
Hmmm... everyone but the emcee's wife seems impressed...
"Hey, what's that over there?"
"Oh Jeez, what's that over there?"
The Adams, Bob and Doris
The Prez spouts some rhetoric... not everyone is impressed...
"Hi, I'm Jingles the Clown... Wanna see a card trick?"
The Marlows... the nice one... and Bill...
"Izzat still moving?"

Today's meeting spelled the end of an era.  Don't ask me which one... it could be the Bronze Age... maybe.  In any event, the meeting took off a planned 5 minutes late (according to 'Lame Duck Louie', Club President Paul Schubert, who, in a strange twist of fate actually came in and presided over a meeting.)  The Greeter was identified as Treasurer Steve Forseth, primarily because he was the one closest to the doorway.
Our greeter, making a list of who's naughty and nice...
Someone mentioned to the staff photog that witness protection isn't very effective if her face is plastered all over...
  Ross Johnson volunteered to lead the Pledge and then the Prez went hunting for his choirmaster, Gary Spainhower, who was luckily located in the cheap seats.  Both gentlemen upheld the tradition of not fouling up the meeting intro.
Only Gary gets the room hollerin' at the same time and in the same key
The saying of the day was attributed to Don Quixote, but the one I like better was delivered by Don Pastrami, who once reputedly said, "I had to take the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector because the loud beeping was giving me a headache and making me feel sick and dizzy."  Guests, you ask?  We had one!  'Twas none other than the queen of our Demotion event, Janelle Twilla, who accompanied husband Sean to the meeting.  Janelle received a big round of applause for the terrific job she did in coordinating the party where we got to criticize the outgoing administration.  Thank you, Janelle, for everything you did.
Guest Janelle with Ross and whats'-his-name
As one might imagine, we cannot get through a Club meeting without some announcing going on and today was no different.  Here they are:
1. Demotion was last Friday night.  (Duhhh...)
2. We're dark next week and the week after (June 25 and July 2), so our first meeting of the new Rotary Year will not be until July 9.
3. The new District Governor, Ray Ward, is going to making his annual trip to our Club on July 16, so be sure to shower and shave (or whatever sometime prior to his arrival) and don't forget to wear shoes to this important meeting
4. Hometown Hero Grants recently awarded by our own Club Foundation:
Following the above, it was time for the Club officers to vote on next year's Club budget.  After a few additions/corrections, the board, which was represented by a quorum, voted the 2019-2020 budget in.  If you want to see it, go to ClubRunner, where you will see the most current version.
As is our custom, we turned our attention to the weekly drawing and Janelle Twilla did a mighty fine job of selecting cartel member Clarence's ticket from the basket.  Sadly for the cartel, Clarence only managed to yank a lonely white ball from the can, thus forfeiting the $102 payday.  Jeez...
Apparently bemused by his loss, Clarence contemplates how to explain it to the other cartel members
With that fail, it was time for the Sarge (yes, Clarence again) to get up and begin laying waste to the fine-tuned financial plans of his fellow Club members.  Aided by bagman Neil Orchard, the Sarge first went for Lame Duck, charging that the meeting did not start on time.  After the minor altercation, it was on to pins and badges and he managed to nail Bill Marlow on a pin deal.  Your poor reporter was next for some unspecified offense (apparently improving the character of your Rotary Club is now a fineable offense...)  Sean Twilla was next for trying to seize all the credit for our Demotion party (right in front of his wife, right?), so he paid.  Our new President Ray Wyatt chipped into the kitty for apparently having his phone ring during a recent meeting.
With Lame Duck running the projector, Ray 'splains next year's budget
When Ross Johnson asked the Sarge about Happy $, he was met with disdain, since the Sarge had it in mind to conduct a quiz.  He asked a few members who their Club officers were and managed to elicit some bucks from a few of his former friends.  Exceptions included Gary Spainhower, Navin Naik and Ross Johnson, all of whom answered the Sarge's questions correctly.  Well, we finally got to the Happy Bucks and it was Ross Johnson who stood up first and crowed about playing in the Ross Johnson Jazz Band at some event in Golden Gate Park, as well as his son Mark's change of command ceremony back east and we all learned that Mark's new job in the Army is Director of Aviation in Forces Command.  Way to go, Mark
Navin: "This stuff isn't half as good as the food you served at last year's Demotion!"
Bridget: "Hang on... I'm just finishing my taxes"
Chase Armer leaped into the fray and threw down some moolah for his involvement in coaching his son's golf team.  Conrade Mayer was in attendance (not inattentive) and he pulled out a very large and imposing credit card and asked Treasurer Steve to rip some money out of his account to fund his Sustaining Paul Harris Fellowship and some other thing I couldn't catch and then he went on a bloviating spree bragging about the MACH (Mentors At Cordova High)  program.
"Really?  This is it?  Bread and water?"
  Navin had something to say about our matching grant and contributed, and finally Neil Orchard was recognized for his recent Redding trip to celebrate the birthday of his youngest son.  At this point, having picked the room clean, the Sarge, without admitting any missteps of his own, retired to his seat.  Game over.
Guest speaker Lydia Bredin Wonnacott
Lame Duck then arose and invited Ross Johnson to come forward and introduce our guest speaker, Lydia Bredin Wonnacott.  It turns out that Lydia is the head of the River City Concert Band, but today she would be speaking to us about an organization she works for called Asian Resources, Inc, or ARI.  This multi-faceted program provides social resources for new immigrants (not just Asians) ultimately aimed at getting them to self-sufficiency.  From teaching English to providing job readiness workshops and OJT to provide the training to make new immigrants employable , ARI lists an incredibly large list of services provided to new residents of the United States.  She showed a brief video that explained  the differences between refugees and immigrants, the former group being specifically identified and entitled to certain government services during their first 90 days in country.  It was a marvelous presentation and highlighted an area in which many of us do not normally travel.  Well done.
Lydia gracefully accepts the book
With the close of the guest presentation, Lame Duck shot up from his seat and presented the book to Lydia, threw his President's pin at Ray and called the meeting closed faster than that speeding bullet that only Superman was supposedly faster than.  Good meeting...good year.

With the publication of this bulletin, the reign of the RC Rotary publishing syndicate comes to an end.  For those of you that read the (more or less) weekly epistle, I hope you found it  engaging.   
I don't know about the night, but it was hot as all get out today, the daytime temps topping 100o!  Nevertheless, redoubtable Rotarians from dang near every walk of life showed up for their weekly comestible fest and a nice meal it was.  For the third time in as many meetings, we had an Artificial President Of the Day (APOD), and it turned out to be former great, Sean Twilla leading the effort.
The good news is we still have a Club Treasurer...
  Young Brud Dufficy was listed as the greeter on the slide, and to his credit, I believe he said 'Hi!' to me on at least one occasion during the event.  As APOD got the meeting started, he selected Merlin Mauk to lead the Pledge, a job Merlin takes to like Italians to linguini.  SFL Gary Spainhower did his usual superb job of squeezing God Bless America out of the crowd and that was it: we were underway.  Seeing no guests/visitors, APOD threw up... a slide with the saying of the day, having something to do with the hours in the day, but my favorite one comes from the IRS, whose motto is, "We're not happy until you're not happy."
"Can I have a sip of your iced tea?"
"No!  Drink your own!"
We leapt right into announcing, as we always do.  Here they are: read 'em and weep
There was some consternation as to what day we're dark following Demotion this Friday.  The crowd convinced APOD  that we must be dark next Tuesday, the 18th.  Stay tuned for the latest version.  (See below)
Merlin pulls the lucky number
The drawing was next and it was Club Physician Merlin Mauk who snatched Neil Orchard's number from the basket.  Neil then proceeded in only 3 or 4 tries to get the orange ball.  The referee called, "Foul!" and Neil was forced to relinquish his winnings which were estimated to be in excess of a lot of money.  Sorry, pal.  Better luck next week.
Neil reaches in...
...and appears perplexed...
Following the drawing debacle, it was time for the Sarge and there is none better than Sergeant and former Governor Clarence to wield the sword of vengeance in making people pay for the privilege of attending one of his fining sessions.  First off, aided by baglady Becky Harvey, the Sarge went for pin infractions, and on general principle, Actual President Of the Year (APOY) Paul Schubert threw in some money.
Would you buy a used car from this man?
Baglady Becky gets Pat to smile while giving away his cash...
   Following that opening salvo, the Sarge nicked Pat Orelli for having his wedding anniversary this month and so Pat got to pay.  As for anniversaries, not to be outdone Gary Spainhower was recognized for his Rotary anniversary.  Congrats, Gary.  APOD was next in the Sarge's unerring sights for having admitted that APOY had driven the agenda for our upcoming Demotion event at Scott's Seafood  in Folsom, which begins, as we all know at about 5:30 P.M. this Friday.  At this point, the room was thrown into no small amount of confusion when it was revealed that we are meeting next Tuesday as usual, even though we have Demotion this Friday.  So the slide above is correct: we will be dark on the 25th and July 2 following that.  You heard it explained clearly here first...   Next Tuesday will be our last regular meeting of the 2018 - 2019 Rotary Year.
The brain trust gathers at the front table...
Neil Orchard was next for returning from his trip to Iceland and Norway on that fine ship that lost its engine a short while ago.  We had some lates, but Bridget Anderson escaped the Sarge's wrath by calling ahead and 'splaining.  Longtime member and former Club President Conrade Mayer was in attendance and he chipped in for some pin infraction.  Good to have you back, my friend.  Gary Spainhower threw down some happy $, and then Navin Naik just happened to mention that he had made up at the Rotary Club of Kathmandu in Nepal during his recent trip.  I really gotta hear about it.  In any event, that wrapped up the Sargerly festivities and we all started masticating. 
Well, sir, with the dying of the eating lamp, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our guest speaker, who turned out to be the same person as our Sarge.  PDG Clarence got up and enthralled the crowd with a recasting of the beginnings of the Rotary Foundation and then went into the mechanics of how we get matching money from the Foundation as we pursue our projects, both local and international from year to year.  In the arena of District grants, we request matching money for not only Club community service projects, but also scholarships, typically for graduating high school seniors who are going on to college.  It was an interesting history lesson and brought us up to day on how we get and use grant money in carrying out our mission.  Well done.  With that, APOD offered Clarence a book to put his mark in and he called the meeting closed faster than an F-16 in full afterburner going downhill. 

Following the Club meeting there was a meeting of the Club Foundation board of directors across the hall at the brewery, where the members discussed and voted on the 10 submitted Hometown Hero Grant applications that the Foundation had received.  We'll have more on that when the selectees are announced.  
"What?  My judgement's not impaired!  Another IPA, please!"
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