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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States
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Dateline: the 13th of March (too close to the Ides to suit me...)  We had us a packed house again, yessir...  even with all that rain falling outside...  Greeting folks at the door was none other...uhhh.... ahem... cough... well, I'm sure someone was near the door. 
Two guys working security at the door as the treasurer collects the moolah...
Prez of the Month (maybe we should have a club within a club - the President of the Month Club - for a one-time payment of only $179.99 you can be president of a Rotary Club for a month.  Just imagine how it will look on your resume'...  Your friends will look up to you. Your parents will be proud...) Sean opened the meeting by enlisting your poor reporter to lead the Pledge in the absence of Navin and then nailed Pat Orelli to replace the missing Gary Spainhower in leading the song.   All well handled.
Either we're about to sing or the food's no good...
Guests, we had a few: former Rotarian Grant Bledsoe was introduced by PDG Clarence and the Prez shone a light on our speakers, Heather Schelske and Jenny Ta, both from the Neil Orchard Senior Activity Center.  At this point,the feeding began and it was deliciously enthusiastic (or enthusiastically delicious.)
Guest Grant Bledsoe sits with the Sarge
Jenny and Heather
Ross Johnson enjoying lunch with all his friends...
You asked for a bright spot?  Well, here ya go...
   Never one to let a little camaraderie get in his way, the Prez commenced announcing stuff in short order, and what followed can only be described as a flurry, nay, a veritable plethora, of announcements, none of which can be repeated here because the Prez talks so fast and the acoustics are so nasty that recording them was futile.  If you want to know about what's coming up, check the paper.
Ray extols the virtues of the Senior Legislature
  Before President Sean could abandon his post, Ray Wyatt strode purposefully to the front of the room and gave us an update on the California Senior Legislature, which he has been involved in for a number of years.  Cut my taxes, Ray.
Several members evidence amazement that Pat can apparently read...
With that, everyone looked around and realized that no one had raffle tickets, so we dispensed with the weekly disappointment.  Sadly, the raffle was replaced by our own inimitable Sergeant Clarence who proceeded to wreak his special brand of havoc on the wallets of his friends in attendance.  Being the stand-up guy that he is, he began by touting his alma mater, the Marshall University basketball team, known as the Chumps, or the Also-rans, or whatever and he chipped in some cash to start the proceeding.  Next he turned his attention to your poor reporter for not having a badge on and so more money flowed into the treasury.
The Sarge at his grisly task...
  About that time, Ross Johnson admitted being pinless in public and paid.  When the subject of the recent Speech Contest came up, the Sarge noted that neither Golden State Water employee showed up as promised and so they both paid for the embarrassment.  Clarence then asked what 'going to the dance' meant and Neil Orchard got it right and won an all-expense paid trip to Galt.  President Sean bragged that one of his daughters took 2nd place in the Orangevale Rotary Club's Speech Contest.  Way to go!  Next Mike Passof was recognized for a recent honor he was awarded that had something to do with complying with a restraining order, if I heard it right.  (The sound at the back of the room was horrible...)  Secretary Sharon then asked the Sarge to 'splain to the newer members where all the fine money went and he replied that didn't do all this fundraising for nothing.  Becky Harvey threw in for her joy at it raining outside and Ray Wyatt confessed to being on time (what is this world coming to?)  Jennifer Chiappone chipped in for her support of Rotary's Polio Plus campaign, and finally President Elect Paul Schubert admitted that he actually went to a meeting wearing his Rotary pin!  Glory be...
Workin' security is a lonely job...
Anyway, that wrapped up the bloodletting and Clarence abruptly and adeptly changed hats, so to speak, and gave us a pitch on our Foundation giving so far this year.  As many as 14 folks have not made a contribution to the Rotary Foundation and he encouraged all of us to do that.  Recounting Rotary's success at eradicating polio (only 7 reported cases in the world so far this year!) he emphasized what our donations have accomplished and what they can do in the future.  If you're not sure where you stand on this issue, contact Clarence and he can bring you up to speed.
Heather brings us up to speed 
As the last, but certainly not least item on the agenda, President Sean introduced the aforementioned Heather Schelske who gave us an update on both the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt in Hagan Park, which our Club supports, but also the activities promoted and overseen by the Senior Center.  In talking about the Egg Hunt, she mentioned that this year, for the first time, sponsors are being solicited.  Highlighting the 60th anniversary of the Cordova Rec and Park District, she talked about their newsletter,which is filled with activities, including their Green Thumb Lunch, where they serve soup and salad, the ingredients of which are plucked directly from the Center's garden... and the cost:  $3.00!  Yikes!  With that, Heather concluded her presentation, answered a  few questions and got the book and the room emptied like an airliner's commode at 40,000 feet.
Heather gets the book as Grizzly Adams manhandles the mike...
  'Nother good meeting.
Wait!  There's more... see below for pics from the Speech Contest.

Wednesday afternoon at Cordova High:
What a third quarter this has been... Following last week's induction of Jennifer Chiappone, Clarence once again amazed his fellow conspirators by inducting Becky Harvey into our Club today, but more on that later.  The meeting started off in the back room at the ol' factory (get the double entendre there?... olfactory... never mind.)  President of the Month Sean Twilla opened the meeting by recognizing the greeter Mike Passof and then the Pledge leader Brud Dufficy and Song leader Gary Spainhower, all of whom performed in exemplary fashion.  Your reporter failed to catch the 'quote of the day', but if he had, it probably would have been best said by Dorothy Parker, who once opined, "Brevity is the soul of lingerie."
The back room?  Again?
Guests?  Yep, we had a few.  Beside our guest speaker and about to be newest member, we were graced with the presence of Paul Schweiger from Central Valley Community Bank (yes, the same bank as Jennifer's... perhaps we're about to be overrun) and Philip Duncan, Becky Harvey's sweetheart, who was in attendance for the induction.
President of the Month Sean with his wrist...
  In any event, the meeting began with some pleasant conversation and was only rudely interrupted when the Prez Pro Tem got up and started spouting announcements at will.  Here's a couple of 'em.
     1.  Most important announcement: the Club Speech Contest is going to be tomorrow afternoon at Cordova High.  Speechifying starts at 3:30, so get there early.  The location is Room D-11 and if you've been chosen to be a judge, a teller, a runner or timer, be sure to be ready to go not later than 3:15 P.M. for instructions
     2. March 31 - Easter Egg Hunt in Hagan Park.  This is fun and all we have to do is throw eggs all over the place.  Put it on your calendar.  We normally start working about 8:30 A.M., but details will be forthcoming.
     3. April 7 - District Leadership Assembly at Inderkum High School in Natomas - this is key for next year's officers and recommended for those who have never gone but want to get engaged in any of Rotary's myriad activities
     4. April 28 - Rotarians at Work Day... this year, as last, we're handing out water on the bike trail for the Parkway Half Marathon.  More details will be forthcoming, likely from Ross Johnson
     5. May 5 - Rancho Cordova Golf Classic at Woodcreek Golf Club.  If you don't/won't/can't golf, consider helping us out at the Rotary Club booth at the event
     6. May 11 - District Conference at the Hyatt North Lake Tahoe.  This is one of the best venues we have for the conference and we should all plan on going.  It's fun, picturesque and the air is thin...
There may have been more, but your poor reporter's ink ran out at about the same time as his enthusiasm.
The big hitters sit at the front table..
The B List celebs sit behind them...
The treasurer sits with the leper colony at the back...
About this time, the Prez called for the weekly drawing and although your reporter did not hear the amount at stake, he estimates it to be a lot, and that's just an estimate.  When the ticket was drawn, it turned out to be Navin who got the nod to stick his hand in the coffee pot.  Sadly for Navin and his family, he scored but a lonely white golf ball for his effort.  We all feel your pain, Navin... well a few of us do... one or two... at most...  Welcome back, my friend.
On the verge of taking up a new sport, Navin thinks, "Now I just need to buy some clubs..."
Suddenly it was time for one of the more painful, awkward moments our Club hands us from time to time: it was Sergeant Clarence Time and he did not disappoint.  Aided by baglady Jennifer Chiappone, the Sarge first attacked former Rancho Cordovan of the Year Ross Johnson for dissing the Sarge (can you believe it?)  Next Mike Passof was targeted for not having a Rotary pin on yesterday in the presence of two other Club members, who remained nameless (I think it's time for the ol' waterboard trick...) and then Ross got hit again for having the wrong badge on...  Lates, you ask?  We had a few: new member Jennifer Chiappone was in good company since Pat Orelli and Ray Wyatt were also tardy.  About this time your poor reporter fessed up to forgetting to pay off a bet to Jerry Smuts after his Indiana Hoosiers beat the Fighting Illini in a basketball game and paid off the $5 bet,with an additional $1 interest, but Jerry magnanimously pitched the entire purse into the basket.  President Sean chipped in at his pride at being Club President for the second time (some pundits wonder if he'll get it right this time...) and in a surprise move, almost-new member Becky Harvey threw in a few drachmas in celebrating her upcoming induction into the Club and then, quick as a wink (or an F-22 going downhill in full afterburner) the hemorrhaging came to an end.
Merlin approves as Clarence inducts Becky
In what seems to becoming a habit, Sergeant Clarence remained on his feet and invited Becky Harvey and Dr. Merlin Mauk and President Sean to the front of the room, where he inducted Becky as our (and the world's) newest member.  Clarence gave a nice resume of Becky's career culminating as a realtor at Lyon Real Estate and neighbor of Merlin's (why does Merlin get to have all the cool neighbors?), and invited her to say a few words, at which point she graciously thanked the Club members for the invitation to join and everyone promptly sat down.  Nicely done.  Welcome, Becky.
No sooner was the induction concluded than Ross Johnson was asked to step up and introduce our guest speaker, Eva Butler, a scientist representing Splash,  a volunteer organization dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of the vernal pools out at Mather Recreation Area, as well as enhancing the educational opportunities for local school kids to come out into nature and observe the wild life and take lessons from the experience.
Guest speaker Eva Butler from Splash
  Alluding to the uphill battles that Splash has been engaged in, it is testimony to the tenacity of the group that they have been making headway to the extent that their field trip schedule is booked up to capacity.  A very interesting presentation on a subject of which I suspect few of us were aware.
Eva on the verge of almost getting the book...
  At the end, after some fumbling, Eva got the book and the room cleared as if the Jolly Green Giant has just showed up and declared that he wasn't a vegetarian anymore.    Good meeting.
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