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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Rancho Cordova City Hall
2729 Prospect Park Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States
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Staff Photographer: Tracy McLinn
Well, the meeting started off just about like every other meeting: Neil Orchard, recently returned from his investigation into the delights of Amsterdam was our greeter and man, did he have a smile on his face...  When the Prez started things moving, it was Jerry Smuts who admirably stood in for missing Pledge leader Steve Forseth and then PE Brett Schreiner blasted off into God Bless America with an abandon that this reporter hasn't seen since sailors from the 7th Fleet had liberty in Hong Kong.  Nicely done.
With the prelims under our belt, it was time to sit down and nosh on some mighty fine boneless spare ribs (I think) and salad, presented by Chef Dave.  Very tasty.  Nobody likes ruining a perfectly good conversation like our President and he launched into the weekly listing of stuff coming up.  See the pic.
We're gonna need another screen...
 A couple of more or less 'importanter' ones: don't forget to use smile.amazon.com when ordering your crap from Amazon and we can get some money back.  Don't worry, they only send us the money, not the names of the adult books you just ordered.  Tomorrow night the new Clarksburg Rotary opens its doors for the first time, and although we didn't get to it at the bored meeting after lunch, we need to be sure President Sean goes with a C-note on him to donate to said Club.  The other big deal coming up is the donor recognition event at B St Theater on May 20 at 10:00 A.M.  This is where we show our sponsors that we love them for chipping in a grand in support of a school in R.C.  If you can make it, please make the effort.
Annah draws Navin's ticket and...
...Navin flubs the follow-through...
The weekly rape of the Rotary treasury took place with Ray Wyatt in the room and reliable witnesses state that Ray muttered under his breath, "Still not big enough..." and so Navin's ticket was called and naturally Navin got a nice white ball for his effort, missing out on the $70 payout.  Hard cheese, Navin... just remember that ultimately we're all just Ray's pawns...
Well, it was time for Sergeant Snively Whiplash to step up to the podium and he did so smartly.  Aided by baglady Tracy McLinn, he first off asked for pin infractions and managed to snare two culprits: Tom Redmon and PE Brett Schreiner, whose nickname is now officially "Easy Money."  We did get to celebrate Ray Wyatt's birthday and anniversary all at the same time and Ray plunked down a Merlin for the occasion.  Way to go, Ray.  Some positive news: Navin's wife, Pratima, now collects Social Security so Navin pitched in some serious money.
Serious money
 Bob Adam chipped in for his sister-in-law's visit after he failed to note that the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees had set an all-time record for the longest inter-league baseball game over the weekend (18 innings before a decision.)   About this time the Sarge noted the Prez skulking around the back of the room and so naturally took him to task for not repping the Club at last week's District Conference (even though he had a reasonable excuse.)
Sergeant Snively Whiplash
 Finally Chase Armer ponied up some serious dough in celebration of his new car, a 1957 Studebaker he swears he's going to work on when he has time.  That was it; game over.
Next up was PE Brett who introduced our guest speaker Annah Rulon who works with Brett at Republic Services where she is the grand exalted high poobah of recycling.  Annah delivered a very informative and interesting talk on the new law affecting recycling procedures that is hitting California businesses even as we speak.  Grab your socks; it's a new world out there.
Brett confirms that the remedial reading class paid off...
Annah gets her book...
 She presented the material in a very entertaining way and when she concluded, President Sean gave her a book to sign over to the library and then urged everyone to get out.

Recent Event: The Rancho Cordova Golf Tournament last Saturday where the Cordova Rotary had both their A and B teams competing.  See the pics
Cordova Rotary A Team
Team Captain Paul asks, "Where is the nearest chiropractor?"
Big hitter Chase who just knocked the ball past his feet...
Cordova Rotary B Team...
... with their cheerleader, who smiled when Ross asked if he could 'adjust her outfit'...
As meetings go, it wasn't a bad one... In fact, it was pretty interesting, with a special presentation and an interesting speaker on an interesting topic.  Patience, dear reader, we'll get to all that.  As is our tradition, we had a first team greeter today: none other than Past President Jerry Smuts, who apparently got everyone's badge correct.
Finally.... a professional greeter...
 When President Sean started the meeting, it was Past President Steve Forseth who led us in a fine recital of the Pledge, and he was followed closely by "Songleader for Life" President Elect Brett Schreiner, who may have botched his lifetime appointment with today's rendition.
Would you buy a used car from this man?
That was it for the prelims, except for the weekly quote which had something to do with either full frontal nudity or trying harder... I don't remember which.  
The brain trust gathers
Lunch was a delicious pasta dish with chicken in a tasty sauce, with salad and dessert and fluids and Rotarians were observed consuming mass quantities.  Good grub.  Then there were.... wait for it... announcements.  
If you can read 'em, you can have 'em...
  They are posted on the accompanying pic, and when the discussion of demotion came up, PP Chapman told everyone that it was going to be a potluck, with the Club providing the barbecued tri-tip and chicken and members each bringing in either a vegetable, salad or dessert dish for the affair.  A signup will be circulated, but do note that it is a family affair at Clarence's and will run from about 1:00 P.M. to about 5:00 P.M. on June 24 .
Hometown Hero Grant goes to Ken Willes of the Live Steamers
 Once the Prez had run through the usual announcements, it fell to Past President Brud Dufficy to introduce the winners of the Club Foundation's Hometown Hero Challenge, which is a competitive grant sponsored by our foundation to a worthy local cause and this inaugural year, it was the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers who garnered top honors and the $2500 check that came with it.  Brud presented the check to WW II Air Corps veteran Ken Willes, who has been a mainstay in the Live Steamers.  Ken was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service and we were honored to have him among us for the day.  
Pat's disappointment is... palpable...
Next came the weekly scam... I mean drawing... and our guest for the day, Ken Willes, drew Brett's ticket number from the pot, but Brett failed to pull the orange ball and so let the $84 slip through his fingers.  At Ray Wyatt's table, several members overheard Ray mumbling, "Still not big enough..."
With that, it was time for the world's tallest Sergeant at Arms of a Rotary Club in the Sacramento area, east of the capitol and adjacent to Highway 50.   Chapman got up and, aided by bagman Brett Schreiner,  right off the bat nailed Past President Pat Orelli for a pin infraction (easy money.)  Next Brud admitted to spending some time in Vegas attending a convention at the new Christian Science Reading Room there.  I didn't catch the back story, but Navin paid for his grandson getting lucky, but before we could embarrass him further, Steve Forseth crowed bout his daughter completing her Master's Degree in Mathematics!  Way to go.  The Sarge then unmercifully turned his attention to Past President Dr Merlin Mauk, who was almost on time for the meeting.  When questioned, Jerry Smuts admitted that his grandson is graduating from school down in..... in... California, yeah that's the ticket.  The Sarge himself chipped in a Jackson for a very minor faux pas, allowing his phone to ring and then conversing with this wife during the meeting.  There being no further volunteers, the Sarge then moved on to a quiz about the Titanic.  Luckily, Steve Forseth knew the exact date that she sunk and it must have been a miracle that Past President Gary Spainhower knew how many people died in the tragedy.  Sadly for Mike Passof, he was unable to list the names of the lost, so he got to contribute.
"Does this make my hips look too big?"
 Finally, Past President Neil Orchard was quizzed on the definition of 'sologamy', and when Neil had no clue, Gary revealed that sologamy is when a woman marries herself, a concept which may catch on, although a few minor issues may crop up.  Finally, President Sean paid for missing the new Clarksburg Rotary Charter Night last week, sending his personal assistant, Brett, in his place.  That was it.  Game over.
It was time for our guest speaker and it was Rotarian Chris Donhost from Vacaville who got up and presented a very engaging talk on the Live Steamers at Hagan Park.  
Chris gets the book and the boot...
He gave some of their background and spoke of their events and the restoration they undertook in bringing back an old dilapidated railroad car.  It was very interesting and a number of Club members stayed afterward to chat with Chris and Ken about the organization, in spite of the Prez's warning that there was either a tornado or a woman of ill repute headed our way.  Good meeting.
Hi, Kids...  This will, of necessity, be brief, since your reporter left his notes at the office.  On the positive side, it will be chock full of brevity...  Greeter was supposed to be someone, but in their absence, it was Brud Dufficy who stepped up and  greeted a Rotarian or two at the door.
Setup volunteer...  Kudos, Navin
 The Pledge was supposed to be led by Jerry Smuts, but in his absence, Chase Armer did a fine job by leading off with, "I pledge..."  Brett Schreiner was scheduled to be the song leader and he actually showed up (!) and led a fine rendition of Proud Mary or somesuch.  Nice work.
Management inaction ( I meant 'in action')
No guests or visiting Rotarians, so were left with a quote for the week by the famous philosopher, Yoda, who once opined, "There is no 'try', there is only 'do or do not."  Words to take home, my friends.
Who doesn't like fajitas?  Maybe some commie...
Lunch was  delicious chicken fajitas with salad and trimmings.  Marvelous.
"I can't read that...  Hey, Mabel, can you read that?"
The usual announcements broke into the pleasant conversations that had developed and your reporter didn't hear much new, even though there was a lot of talking.  One important one concerned the meeting next Thursday, May 11, in the afternoon at Kinney High.  If you can go, go.  We will be interviewing candidates for the two Club Foundation scholarships and you can be a part.
The brain trust coalesces...
Right after that, we swung into action for the weekly debacle usually featuring Ray Wyatt pillaging the Club coffers, but in the absence of Ray today it was Ross Johnson who got to draw the white ball, preserving the $58 jackpot until Ray is able to come to a meeting and collect.
"Honest, when I was younger, I'm pretty sure it was this big..."
A big disappointment to all was next when PP Chapman got up to wreak his unique, yet kind, brand of havoc upon the congregation.  He started off with mentioning that the Prez had pretty much fouled up the meeting and was badgeless and pinless, as was PE Brett and even Gary Spainhower got noticed for being late to the badge box...  The big guy then shifted to  birthdays, which included Ross MacCarty and.... and.... And then it was on to anniversaries which featured several Rotarians, including Pat Orelli, Gary Spainhower and ... and... And then it was on to Brett Schreiner who almost paid for having Republic Services ad material at the meeting (it turned out to be a jar gripper.... go figure)  As he occasionally does, the Sarge then asked all Rotarians to stand up and those who hadn't recently used their old Army Colonel eagles to pin on his son were allowed to sit down, which left Ross Johnson standing alone.  Congratulations to Mark, Ross, I know you must be very proud of him.
Southern branding lady
That wrapped up the Sarge's session, which was mercifully brief, due to the low meeting turnout (12 Rotarians) and so we moved on to the program which consisted of a Rotary video which I believe our Prez scored in some back alley.  It was a decent presentation by a Rotary woman from somewhere south who spoke on branding.  I'm sure if you'd like to review it, the Prez would loan it out to you.  At that the meeting closed like a snapping turtle grabbing a minnow.

Here are some scenes from the Saturday marathon at South Sunrise Park at the river.
Pretty spot
Rotary volunteers and family
Gettin' organized
Wait for it
Clarence and Sharon man the beer table...
We had our own band...
Runners galore
As of November 17, here are our members who are already Sustaining Paul Harris Fellows for the year:
Dr. Bob Adam
Sam Anderson
Pat Braziel
John Chapman
Melody Granger-Mayer
Ross Johnson
Dr.Merlin Mauk
​Conrade Mayer
Pat Murphy
Neil Orchard
Clarence Parkins
Tom Redmon​
Paul Schubert
Jerry Smuts
Gary Spainhower
Sean Twilla
Beth Walter
Ray Wyatt
(We're 18 out of 31 members so far... let's keep it up)
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