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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States
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What an interesting day, just when you thought it was safe to go back into your tax refund...  Well sir, it started off like many before it: President of the Month Brud Dufficy led off by asking young Jerry Smuts to lead the Pledge, a task to which Jerry takes like snot to kleenex.  Following Jerry was none other than perennial favorite songleader Gary Spainhower leading us in God Bless.  The Prez then rattled off a quote by Mark Twain who once told the story about the Mother Superior who gathered all of the  nuns in the convent together and declared, "Sisters, it appears we have a case of gonorrhea in the convent."  To which one of the younger nuns muttered, "Thank God, I was getting sick of that Chardonnay!"
The Powerhitters table...
At this point, President Brud asked if we had any visitors and we had a bunch:  First PDG Clarence introduced Jennifer Chiappone, the new branch manager for Community Bank on south Sunrise and then mentioned former Rancho  Rotarian Bob Mutchler, now from the Folsom Club, who brought her.  Next Merlin Mauk introduced his guest, Becky Harvey, a realtor with Lyon Real Estate, who is a neighbor of Merlin's.  At this point we wasted no time  in sitting down to chew on some tasty victuals.  
Bob Mutchler and a profile of Jennifer Chiappone
Becky Harvey with a lucky Merlin Mauk
All good things come to an end and it was the advent of the weekly announcements that brought all that pleasant conversation screeching to a halt.  Here's a couple, just to whet your appetite:
     1. Crab Feed: this Saturday!  Be sure you have your task in hand so that we have another successful fund raiser.
     2. Next Tuesday, we're dark!
     3. Next Saturday a bunch of us are working the Carmichael Crab Feed; you know who you are.
     4. The Club Speech Contest has been moved up to March 6: we will need judges, calculators, runners, etc to man the event, so be sure to come
     5. Easter Egg Hunt in Hagan Park is the day before Easter; this is a fun thing; you should come out for it
     6. May 5 is the annual Rancho Cordova Golf Classic, run by Julie Belka and we're going to have a booth and we need golfers for the event as well
Spaghetti Factory is now letting us eat up front with the big kids...
There was probably more, but I ran out of ink and interest at about the same time.  Next, of course, was the weekly drawing, this time for the princely sum of $140.  CarolAnn Forseth pulled Merlin's number from the basket and you can see from the picture below just how well Merlin fared going for the orange ball.  Hard cheese, my friend.
Mo is totally impressed with Merlin's white ball...
PP Sean was our Sergeant and he was aided by Neil Orchard as his bagman.  First a few happy fines drifted in, followed by an inquisition as to who had brought and not brought wine for the Crab Feed: the Sarge and Ray Wyatt both got nicked.   Merlin then paid for the fine white golf ball he had extracted from the pot and suddenly the Sarge made a sharp turn into trivia, asking various movie and sports-related questions.  Bob McBee flubbed the movie question and your poor correspondent got the sports question correct.  Steve Forseth missed the Supreme Court question (I thought it was Diana Ross) and Bob Adam blew the Senate question: all paid.
I believe this is referred to as a "tete a tete"  (throw in a coupla umlauts if you like)
Our speaker today was Dr. Chase Armer ("Doctor, it hurts when I deduct this!"  "Well, don't deduct it!")  who gave a very insightful presentation on the new tax law just passed last month.  The upshot seemed to be that if you're in the right spot in terms of how your income is reported, you're in good shape and if not, well, it's been nice knowin' ya.  Chase gave us some tips on how to legally avoid overpaying taxes, including making charitable gifts out of IRA distributions and timing your property taxes so as to maximize their tax offset.  All in all a very interesting presentation, which resulted in quite a few questions at the end, as you might imagine.
Chase rains on everyone's parade...
Once done, Chase got the book and Rotarians scattered as if they'd missed a car payment.  Good meeting.

Two people are hereby published for the purpose of joining our Club:  First, our visitor today, Becky Harvey, from Lyon Real Estate, proposed by Merlin Mauk.  Second, Becky's significant other, Phil Duncan, a mortgage broker with Vitek Mortgage, also sponsored by Merlin.  Members have 10 days to enter an objection with the Club Secretary, or else the invitation to fireside will be made.
Clarence's/Bob Mutchler's guest, Jennifer Chiappone, does not require the 10-day objection period since she is a current member in good standing in the Folsom Rotary, and will simply be transferring her membership to our Club, but she will be getting a mini-fireside later this week and we anticipate that if things go well, we will induct her at the next meeting after the Crab Feed. 
Walt Little
Feb 27, 2018
Update on the Cordova Food Locker
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