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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova

Service Above Self- Rotarians In Action

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Old Spaghetti Factory
12401 Folsom Blvd
Rancho Cordova, CA  95670
United States of America
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We had a lot going on this past week, so there's a bunch of pics and not a lot to read (it's getting late...)  First off, Rotarians at Work Day last Friday over at Mather Lake Rotary Park.  Volunteers did a bang-up job of fixin', cleanin', bitchin' and the like.  Kudos to the Club members who showed up and helped out.  As a West Virginian once said, "There's a special place in heaven for you folks..."
Senior leadership sets the stage...
It looks better already, right?
Rotarians at Work.... right...
Uh oh, an actual Rotarian up on a ladder... working...
The crew... probably photographed by senior leadership...

Saturday morning: B Street Theater for the awards portion of the Fantasy Festival program.  Special thanks to the ladies who arranged the reception and particularly to new Club member Bridget who catered the post-performance reception.  Delicious!
First, the presentation of the plays...
The finale...
Handing out the awards to the winning playwrights...
Rotarians and friends gather to...
...partake of the sumptuous vittles... 
Pat Murphy clearly delighted to hand out sponsor's recognition to Mayor Budge...
...and to President Schubert...
...and Jennifer Chiappone
Fantasy Festival big shot and B Street actor Greg Alexander addresses the crowd
The Fantasy Festival players attended too
The whole lineup

Now for today's meeting:  Neil Orchard greeted from his front row seat; Pat Orelli led the Pledge; Ross Johnson led the song (and did a remarkable job if it.)  Saying for the day was by Thomas Edison who once said something about not giving up, although I prefer the one by Alice Roosevelt Longworth, who once said, "If you can't say anything good about someone, sit right here by me."
"I'm in charge... please pay attention to me..."
There were announcements, but the Prez is on the road to Canada or the Arctic Circle or somesuch and so we've got bupkus.  A few things to remember however: this Friday is the District food packing project in Citrus Heights.  Check with Clarence for details.  Saturday is the annual District Conference,held in the Citrus Heights Community Center.  It is one day long!  Go to the District website: rotary5180.org and sign up and go.  It's good for your soul.  
"Hang on a second... I've just about finished my taxes..."
Following announcements, President Paul announced that we've awarded five $500 scholarships to Cordova High seniors, three $500 scholarships to Kenney High seniors and one $1000 scholarship (the Messner Scholarship) to a Kenney High senior.  The Kenney scholarships are to be presented shortly.
Next, PDG Clarence was invited to pull a number from the can, and in his haste, he accidentally pulled Chase Armer's number.  Chase then beat all the odds, and for the $170 payoff, he yanked the orange sphere from the coffee pot!  Way to go, Chase!
"What's this thing doing in my hand?"
Next up was the Sarge, Chase Armer?!?!?, and aided by henchman Brud Dufficy, he managed to get some bucks from dang near everyone in the room but Mo.  Happy bucks flowed from President Paul, who is apparently celebrating his mother's move.  Steve Forseth paid to signal his admiration for the workers at Friday's Rotarians at Work project (see above).  Jennifer Chiappone and Becky Harvey both chipped in for a terrific B Street reception.  Ross Johnson added to the taking by adding an Attaboy for some recent and upcoming band performances.  Ray Wyatt paid for being late, and at this point the room became eerily quiet, so Chase went to his fallback: the Rotary Mother's Day Quiz.  Merlin Mauk, your poor reporter, Neil Orchard and Pat Orelli all got clipped, while Clarence skated by apparently knowing all of the answers.  I'm pretty sure he colluded with the quiz makers and I call for an investigation.  N.B. Chase then threw in his drawing winnings at the Club Foundation.  Chase, as a friend of mine from West Virginia once opined, ... well you get the idea.  Well done, my friend.
"They call me.... Sergeant Armer..."
Anyway, that was about it, so we turned our attention to our speaker, Mike Passof, who gave a report on the Mather Lake Park project last Friday,where we engaged with the folks from Splash in renewing the signage around the wetlands.  Good report and when it was over, Mike got the obligatory book and the Prez called a halt to the proceedings.
Mike regales the crowd with stories of blood, sweat and tears...
  As is our custom, the room cleared so fast that the casual observer might have thought the Hindenburg had fallen on the restaurant.  Good meeting. 
Hush, children... this will be short because your poor editor's back hurts and he's going to rest.  Well, what a surprise... the chairs were more or less full today, and it was for a good reason: as soon as I learn it, I promise to pass it on.
The hot spot on Tuesday's at noon (no... not the Escape Room!)
Early arrivals get to harass the Treasurer and bet on the Kentucky Derby
  The phantom greeter was in attendance again today, but to his credit, President Paul started the festivities off at precisely 1215 hrs, as noted by Ross Johnson's accurate wrist watch (yes, friends, Ross has a wrist watch... where has he been?)  It fell to young Bill Marlow to lead the Pledge and when Bill charged forward with a hearty "I...", it turned into a cakewalk.
"Hello, sir.  I don't believe we've met..."
  Songleader for Life Gary Spainhower did a creditable job leading the chorus as usual and since there were no guests or visitors, we went directly to the slide where we get to contemplate self-improvement.  Today's special had something to do with eating something, and propriety does not allow your editorial staff to recount it here.  Good start.
As is our practice of late, we jumped right into announcements and here they are:
A note of explanation/exhortation requested by Club Leadership regarding Rotarians at Work Day this Friday: (Let's try to help out Mike and the Club by going out and helping to maintain and safeguard our Mather wetlands.)

What:  Rehabilitate the signage kiosks at the Mather Regional Park and Vernal Pool Area (Painting, raking, and general clean up)
Who:  Any available Rotarians, their families, and/or coworkers
When:   Fri May 10,    9am to 1pm
Where:  4051 Zinfandel Dr, Rancho Cordova  --  Mather Regional Park    
Other:  No need to bring any tools or supplies as the County will provide all that is necessary
Also maybe enthusiastically encourage others as there looks to be only 4 or 5 able to attend right now.
Thanks Paul.  Let me know if I missed any details you think may be necessary.

This last announcement was bought and paid for by Ross Johnson at his own expense
Once the announcing was complete, we finally  got to dive into a delicious meal: the chateaubriand we had in the back row was exquisite.  The front row appeared to like their spaghetti as well.
The chorus warms up as Ray plays air guitar in the back
Next up was Sarge at Arms Chase Armer, capably assisted by bagboy Mike Passof and they managed to raise some serious coin; Takehara's were flying all over the room.  Leading off was the standard pins and badges test, which was failed by none other than Pat Orelli and President Paul (are you as shocked as me?)  The Sarge his very own self then chipped in some drachmas for missing a buttload of meetings and then the happy dollars began to flow. 
How many 60 year old Rotary's still have a charter member?  Exactly my point.
Your poor reporter paid for a recent trip to Kansas City and the recent relocation of his office; Ross Johnson paid for his sojourn in Hawaii (making up at the Lahaina Sunrise Club, which serves mai-tai's for breakfast, I hear).   It turns out that Steve Forseth's grandson is part of the best youth jazz band in the nation and was recognized for their music, and of course Steve was recognized for bringing his wallet to the meeting.   Brud Dufficy had apparently gotten a CD of Steve's grandson's music and lost it, so he paid.  Ray then admitted that he had been married for 26 or 27 years and Kelly is celebrating their second honeymoon in Mexico as Ray strives, I guess, to pay for it.  Good fences make good neighbors.
"My grandson plays the flugelhorn in the country's best jazz band!"
  Gary Spainhower's fourth daughter getting engaged to be married caused Gary to inadvertently pull his wallet out.  Congrats, Gary.  Perhaps one of the bigger surprises of the day came when Clarence announced that he is about to become a great grandfather for the first time.  Since Clarence is only 46, it suggests that the Parkins are fast movers.  Well, he said he was 46...  The few remaining folk in the crowd who had not self-confessed were treated to a traditional Cinco de Mayo quiz.  As you will recall, Cinco de Mayo is the huge holiday that celebrates the invention of Miracle Whip, or somesuch.  Quiet returned to the room and the Sarge then retired to his seat.  Good job.
"Dammit!  This vichyssoise tastes like cold potato soup!"
The usual suspects
Our guest speaker was our very own Ross Johnson, who noted that this month is Youth Services Month, and his talk was devoted to talking about the variety of things we do in support of community youth.  Here's the list: 1. 4th of July Parade gives Rotarians a chance to eat stale straw and wave the flag; 2. the annual Dictionary Project hands out over 500 dictionaries every year to R.C. 3rd graders;
The Grey Hair Club for Men witnesses the traditional signing
3. B Street Theater Fantasy Festival teaches 4th graders how to structure and write plays; 4. we support the District Human Trafficking project; 5. the Food Locker; 6. the Speech Contest; 7. Kids' Day in the Park (our Rotary Community Corps effort); 8. Scholarships; 9. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA); 10. Easter Egg Hunt at Hagan Park.  It was a good review and someone in the audience noted that we're doing more today with fewer members than 20 years ago and still carrying out effective youth programs.  Nicely done, Ross.
With that, the Prez forced Ross to sign a book and as the bell rang out, the room cleared faster than Big Daddy Don Garlits at the NHRA Winternationals.  Google it. 
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