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Megwarra  Water System Global Grant






Clean Water - Rotary can Provide it


Update from Karl S.

I estimate that we need an additional $8,500 Rotary contribution to make this project solvent. This Global Grant Rotary Project will provide potable water for 800 Maasai in an off-the-grid Kenya Maasai Community. Total Budget $52,000.


Karl is working on a global grant,  The BOD has committed $1000. to get the process started.  The Main objective is to provide potable water to an impoverished area of Kenya. The beneficiaries are: Megwarra is a small town in Narok County Kenya. The Siana Boarding Primary School, with an enrollment of 1300 students and 35 faculty, the Seventh Day Adventist Girls’ Rescue Center with approximately 100 girls in residence, the Siana Girls’ High School, with 36 students and 5 faculty, the surrounding Maasai community within a three-kilometer radius has 178 households with a population of 740 people, and the Megwarra Dispensary, a level one government clinic for the community, located on the grounds of the Siana Primary School.  More information will follow.