How to have a radical shift!
Jason Gardner is the founder of Radical Shift Coaching. He is a respected coach with capabilities for unlocking human potential. With a long history in magic, escapology, and performing, he helps people free themselves of the invisible constraints they create for themselves and reach their full personal potential and the freedom they crave.
Jason has spoken and performed in over 100 cities and over a dozen countries to more than 1,000,000 people as an escape artist, magician, drummer, and life coach. Jason has a mesmerizing ability to immediately connect with anyone and has a natural ability to create transformation in the lives of anyone he meets.
Jason will share his super-secrets about how he is able to consistently create "magic" in his own life and the lives of others. These strategies, tips, hacks, and systems have been curated and developed by Jason over his lifetime and now he wants to share them with you. Get ready to ESCAPE WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK!