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July 2018
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Anchorage International

Peace Through Service

We meet Fridays at 12:00 PM
Coast International Inn
3450 Aviation Avenue
P.O. Box 100516
Anchorage, AK  99510-0516
United States
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Friends of Nike Site Summit (FONSS) is an Anchorage community organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Nike Site Summit.  We are partnered with the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation (AAHP), a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Alaska's historic and prehistoric resources.  FONSS formed in 2007 to advocate for the preservation of Nike Site Summit as a memorial to the thousands of men and women that served during the Cold War.  We meet monthly on the third Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 pm at Wings of Freedom building located at Merrill Field (Reeve Blvd and Fifth Avenue).  We welcome new members.  Before coming to a meeting, please confirm the meeting day and time, by e-mail  

Bruce E covered For President Ben,

Trivia question  what were some of the places that AIR has had meetings in the Past - club members had lots of correct answers:  Forest Park Country Club.  Northern Lights Inn, Captain Cook, the Gold Rush.  AIR also had it’s first female member the year women were allowed to join Rotary 30 years a go.

Clean up of Wisconsin Blvd begins at 9:00 at Balto Shepla park Saturday

We will vote on the changes to club Bylaws at the June 22 meeting.

June 28 is the changing of the guard at the Gallos upper meeting room.


Happy Bucks

Ric had happy bucks in honor of his Uncle Larry who passed away at 90, at a veteran pilot he had served his country in WWII, he was one of 8 survivors of his flight school class of 120.  He was a patriot and quite the character,.

Boyd is happy to be at Rotary, He has been home taking care of Catherine who had major back surgery - she is getting better.

Leverett is back from Hawaii, was down on the Kenai with the wounded veterans fishing trip - took out 60 vets, they got 10 Kings.  

PDG Bob brought his grandson Dan Sandstorm to the club.  He is the only grandchild to finish college i 4 years the others took 7 - Dan is a newly minted mechanical Engineer

Ted was happy an International project 5 years in the making is on track thanks to Ben and Karl, 4 ladies from Russia will be here for a week of training and hospital visits.  Topic is cancer survivor groups - which are nonexistent in Russia.  One of the ladies is a former YE student, who was in Fairbanks in 1993.

Joe Y had happy bucks to thank Art for taking over the property management of his rentals.

Kevin had happy bucks for his wife’s Karen arrival on the Russian River with the 27’ motor home, the bubble was in the middle - and they are ready to fish.  Also Kevin thanked Chera for helping with the Clare House dinner today.

Nina had happy buck to thank the Wakefield's for the invitation to the Feast for the Beasts at the zoo.  The speaker was great and will try to secure for a club presentation in the future.

Joe Zimmerman had happy bucks to thank Toni and Nina for the proper British Tea on the 9th.

Angie had 40 happy bucks for the flyers for the Alaska Flag Day Celebration on the tables, and her son has his drivers ed training, and celebrating 21 years at work.  Also the wonderful job done by Neil’s company fixing her drive way, and Kevin doing her taxes. Jeanette Wakefield for moving everything, and Tim Ellis for always doing great tee-shirts for their events.  Over all  Lots of happiness from club members.

Jay was happy to be back, visiting with family and outlaws were in Cheyenne.  Also a Trip in May for the oldest graduation from the Air Force Academy who is off to the Intel. Group

Roberts Presentation was great and many asked  about his notes on Goal Setting - here they are.
Many of us struggle with attaining our goals primarily because of how we approach goal setting.  We tend to want to attain something. We hope to have something.  We will do it.   That is the very problem.  They seem out of reach from the start.   Here are a few simple ideas to make your goals reality.
Always write SMART goals:
Those goals should be written “as if” you have already attained them.
Your goal: “I want to be 10 pounds lighter?”
This is a goal that needs lots of work.  It does not answer the questions that you need to know to attain that goal and it is written “out of reach”. 
Be SMART and “As If”
Better example:  It is August 12, 2018, I am maintaining a weight of ___ by eating more vegetables and less carbs and meats and working out in the local gym three  times a week.  I have signed up for my first 5k run for September. 
Now, that’s a goal.
Finally, take 15 minutes and plan your goals five years out.  Envision where you will be and do it “as if”. 
It is June 12, 2023:
“I am living in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house and 3 car garage in ______________ neighborhood and am making extra mortgage payment.  I plan to pay off my house by 2028.”
Then set a one year, six month, one month and one week goal to support this goal.  Update these goals every few months and weeks. 
Example to support your five year goal:
One Year:  June 12, 2019
“I have attained a 90% letter and qualify for “amount of loan” to purchase my 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage house and have attained an agent to find property within my location specifications.” 
Do this all the way to one week. 
“This week, I have begun to look in the “neighborhood I want to live in” and see what is available and the current prices of those houses in the current market.  I opened a separate savings account for 20% down by December 12, 2019.”
By living “as if”, your mind and actions move forward with confidence. Your goals become reality! 
Michelle Tabler
Jul 20, 2018
BBB - Personal Protection
Clint Johnson
Jul 27, 2018
National Transportation Safety Board
Jack Frost
Aug 03, 2018
Media / Advertising
Kelly Larson
Aug 10, 2018
Alaska State Fair
Neal Fried
Aug 17, 2018
State of Alaska - Economist
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