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Home Page Stories
Please join our club for this Fridays meeting as we hear from Jeremy Price with the Americans for Prosperity Alaska Chapter.
Jeremy is a third generation Alaskan, raised on a homestead in Salcha. At 14 years of age, he joined the family electrical construction business, though not by choice. At 26, he left the family business to pursue a career in politics.
In 2005, he left AK for Washington, DC as an aid to Congressman Don Young. While there, he specialized in transportation and infrastructure issues, energy, environment, and federal appropriations. After serving as Young’s legislative director, Jeremy moved across the Capitol to handle Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Appropriations Committee portfolio in 2011.
In 2013 Jeremy moved back to the private sector, working on upstream Alaska and energy infrastructure issues for the American Petroleum Institute. In 2014, he returned home to Alaska and opened the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity.
He has a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing from Utah State University, a Master’s in Government from Johns Hopkins University, and currently resides in south Anchorage with his wife and three children.
Thank you to Captain Andrew Merrill of the Alaska State Troopers for a great presentation on the Village Public Safety Officer, or VPSO, program.
The VPSO program was started in 1979. Much change has happened in the program, especially in the last 5 years when the legislature approved arming the Officers.
We learned that the majority of crimes in the villages are not felonies, but assaults. 80 to 90% involve drugs or alcohol. 10 grantees, mostly regional native corporation non-profits, manage the 78 VPSO positions.
One of our newest members, Michael Duxbury, also with the Alaska State Troopers, arranged the program for us.
Who Am I - Al Biss
If you missed last Friday's AIR meeting, then you missed Past President (2008-2009) Al Biss playing the Who Am I game.
We learned that Al was born here in Anchorage and raised in the valley. His mother's family moved to Alaska in the 1930s!
Al graduated from Willamette University in Oregon, where he met his wife Shelley, who he calls the better half (yep), they married in 2000. When he moved back to Anchorage, he took MBA classes at UAA and worked a few jobs before opening an Edward Jones office in 1998 and he has been there ever since.
They have two children, Annika is 9 and Dave is 6. They added Morgan, 15, to their family after a relative died and she needed a home. Al was sponsored in 1999 by Dave Hillmeyer. Thank you Dave, for this fabulous addition to our club.
Thank you Jan Ingram and Celeste Cohen!
In appreciation for all of their hard work for a very successful 2017 Foundation Auction, Jan and Celeste were each awarded 1000 Paul Harris points.
Club Officers for 2017-2018
Officers for Anchorage International Rotary Club officer positions for Rotary year 2017-18 where once again presented to the membership and unanimously approved:
President Elect (President 2018-19) - Debra Mason
Secretary - Angela Rush
Treasurer - Oziel Villasenor
Congratulations and Thank You for stepping up!
Those "Share the Love" baskets that were auctioned off at the AI Rotary Foundation Auction are a huge hit with non-profits around town.
Nicole Decker of the Hope Center (upper left - many members will remember them by their former name - Downtown Soup Kitchen) was thrilled with the "Share the Love" basket of 100 sticks of deodorant. The deodorant will be distributed through their Shower House program. Thanks to Jeanette Wakefield for sponsoring this basket!
Celeste Cohen also delivered a basket of gloves, that was again sponsored by Jeanette Wakefield, to Jessica Symons with Lutheran Social Services (upper right) as she accepts 100 pairs of gloves.
Thank you to Cheryl Bowers for sponsoring another basket of gloves that was delivered to Camille Davis of Covenant House (bottom). The gloves will be shared with homeless teens in Anchorage.
What an event!
Congratulations to Celeste and Jan for a very successful Rotary Foundation Auction! The AI Rotary Club Foundation fundraiser was extremely well attended last Friday. All that hard work by the AI Rotary Foundation co-chairs, Celeste Cohen and Jan Ingram, paid off.
Funds raised at the 2017 AIRC Auction benefitting the Rotary International Foundation stands at $19,865—that’s right-- just short of $20 thousand dollars!!
Thank you to all the volunteers that came Thursday evening to help set up all the auction items, bid sheets and made sure everything looked perfect. The Coast Inn and it's staff outdid themselves with setting up the festive atmosphere.
With 150+ items offered, and 69 luncheon attendees, folks were bidding high and bidding often! Some new features at this year’s auction such as …the wine pull, a Super Silent section, and Share the Love baskets… helped nudge up the numbers too!   
Thank you Angie Rush for helping set up and run the wine pull, a new event this year that was very successful. A great way to try a new surprise wine and contribute to a great cause!
All the beautiful flower centerpieces on the tables were created and donated by Zulie Mason and were also auctioned off and taken home by fortunate bidders. Thank you Trygve Erickson and Rick Goodfellow (Anchorage East Rotary Club) who teamed up as live auctioneers, with Jan Ingram stepping in to show off the live auction items.
What a great outcome to an event celebrating the Foundation’s “100 years of doing good in the world!”  Thanks to everyone for contributing to the energy, generosity, and fun of this year’s Foundation Auction making it such a success!
Thank you Mike Mason of FNBA for a wonderful presentation on ways we can protect ourselves from Cyber Crime.

Mike was introduced by his mom, Debra Mason, who was nominated and voted in as Anchorage International Rotary Clubs President for the 2018-19 term during the meeting. Our new President Elect-Elect. Congratulations Debra, you'll do a great job!

Angie Rush was awarded the coveted "Rotarian of the Month" for February for our club. Thank you Angie for everything you do for our club!
No meeting would be complete without the "back table". Thank you for filling in Nina Mann and Trygve Erickson.

More wine, baskets and special items arrived for the Foundation Auction. We only need 8 more bottles to meet our goal for the event.
Everyone is invited to help setup for the Foundation Auction event on Thursday (2/9/2017) evening starting at 6 pm. Light snacks will be provided.
Thank you to Jay Her, who led us through a very informative and entertaining presentation about hypnosis, both for entertainment and for healing.
Hypnosis and meditation have their roots in ancient India, and help ease you into a state of calm. The hypnotist uses an “induction routine” to prepare their subject into a more relaxed state where the hypothalamus (back of the brain) becomes more active and the rest of the brain more dormant and the subject is able to focusing better on instructions and followings directions better.
Jay led all in attendance through a gentle refocusing exercise that filled us with positive energy, and another fun exercise that showed the power of energy we can envision just between our fingers.
Jay does Stage Hypnosis for entertainment and also works with the FABLE Center in Anchorage with hypnotherapy to help people succeed in overcoming issues in their lives.
We had many questions from the audience, particularly if someone can be forced to do something against their will under hypnosis. Jay reassured us that generally not, unless subconsciously we really did want to do it. Andy Varner wanted to know if hypnosis might work as sleep therapy for toddlers and Jay suggested that maybe yoga might work there.
President Bruce is back from Hawaii
President Bruce is back from Hawaii, running last Friday's meeting sporting a Hawaiian shirt under his jacket. He paid in his happy bucks to thank everyone for covering for him while he soaked up the sun. Aloha President Bruce!
Congratulations to member Zulie Mason, who was awarded her Paul Harris +4 level for her contributions to Rotary Foundation.
AI Rotary Foundation co-chair, Celeste Cohen, presented Zulie with her pin.
WhoAmI Presentation

Leverette (Hoov) Hoover was last Friday’s candidate for the WhoAmI presentation and very enthusiastically shared his lives story with us.



Leverette was born and grew up in Michigan where his dad worked for GM for 20 years and later for a meatpacking company for just as long, and his mom worked for GE for 45 years. His parents just celebrated 65 years together.


He met his wife Jackie just down the street from where he grew up and they have been together for 25 years and have two sons and a daughter.


Leverette attended Western Michigan University and was planning to get a degree in Aviation, but it turned out that he excelled in “beer” and sales thereof. He decided to join the Air Force and after applying to missile defense wound up in Air Traffic Control and Radar Maintenance in Biloxi, Mississippi at Keesler AFB.


While in the Air Force he was awarded a coveted remote assignment to Shemya Air Force base on the Aleutian chain in Alaska. While working there he brought his family to Anchorage and also worked for Reeve Aleutian Airlines.


Leverette is still in the Guard and Reserve, is the honorary commander of the 176th Guard Wing and today is the Alaska general manager for Siemens. Siemens would like him to take on more responsibility and move south, but he has told them that he will not move while his youngest is still in school, so he should be able to continue to attend our meetings for another five years, between business trips that is.

Happy $

Nina Mann showed off a stack of thank you letters from Muldoon Elementary 3rd graders for the dictionaries they received.


Jeff Promish announced that he will be changing companies.


Angie Rush thanked everyone for all the bottles of wine that were brought in for the foundation auction, and put a dollar into the hat for each bottle - $39! The offer stands again for next week, so bring in those bottles!


Bob Huston announced that he will be a grandpa in August and proudly showed of a sonogram that showed all fingers and toes were present.


Celeste Cohen showed off the “pay it forward basket” for the foundation auction that includes all kinds of goodies, including 102 pairs of socks. Make sure to get your paperwork for your donation in to her.


Andy Varner is back from trip to California; apparently traveling with four kids is exhausting.


Past President Greg O’Keefe announced that both he and his wife will be retiring in September and will move down to Oregon to their beach house. We will definitely miss him!


Thank you to Chidi Igbokwe for bringing us our outstanding speaker last Friday: Damian Bilbao, VP of Commercial Ventures for BP.
The topic was Alaska LNG, which Damian did an excellent job summarizing in the 25 minutes allotted.
He explained that an LNG project needs to have a strong foundation in the Alaska oil business, so he first talked about the 40th anniversary this year for TAP (Trans Alaska Pipeline) and Prudhoe Bay. He explained why BP supports the State lead on this project, but when questioned, noted that TRUST is one of the biggest roadblocks to getting this project going.
With Asia being the biggest market for LNG, did you know that Alaska has one of the few LNG export licenses thanks to our awesome Congressional delegation?!
Bill Pearson back to the podium

President Bruce was MIA for yet another meeting, hope he isn't getting sunburned in Hawaii while we trek long distances through deep snow to make it to our meeting.



Thank you to Past President Bill Pearson for filling in just like old times. Turns out that Nelson Defendorf joined Rotary 38 years ago, the same year Bill was born!


Happy Bucks $


AI Rotary club is a very happy club and we never have a shortage of happy bucks.



John Spalding announced the "anniversary" of his heart attack 37 years ago.


Mike Stinebaugh had brag bucks for his lovely bride, Charlotte Fox, who is receiving two recognitions: Meritorious Service Award from UAA and Lifetime Achievement Award from Governor Walker.


Frequent visitor from Hillside Rotary, Jules Tileston, announced the Moose Madness fundraiser.


"Party Bob" Huston turns 65 on the weekend and had a whole table of guests, including friends from Amsterdam, in town to celebrate. Happy Birthday Bob (so glad we didn't have to sing)!


Ellen Wallace is a Freshman at Chugiak Senior High School.  She loves to run, ski, do Irish dancing, and she plays percussion in the Chugiak Band.  Ellen is representing Anchorage International as our ambassador to Belgium!  And she is SO excited!  Ellen and her mother Christa will be joining us for our March 10th meeting to say hello, then she’ll be back over the summer as she gets ready for her journey. 
Pictures from last weekends Youth Exchange Winter Orientation, clockwise from upper left: Ellen and Chera; Ellen with her host country flag of Belgium. Ellen and Tom with their rubber chickens, they were selected by the Rebounds as the outstanding Inbound and Outbound students for the weekend. And guess what? Tom is from Belgium! He had great advice and information for Ellen. Ellen and Cassidy as Queens of Hokia in the cultural exchange game, they are demonstrating customs of the country of Hokia for the people of Helotia.  Anchorage and Eagle River Inbounds, Outbounds, and YEO's.
Thank you Paula Bradison and Glen Klinkhart for sharing with us about Victims For Justice (VFJ).
Thanks to the work of VFJ, Alaska was the first state in the union to modify our state constitution to allow victims rights in the 1980s. Other states have since followed.  Founded by two sisters whose parents were murdered in Anchorage, VFJ is a second responder and does not reach out to victims directly, but is free and is there to anyone that needs help negotiating the system once affected by violent crime.
VFJ also maintains the Homicide Victims Memorial, part of Hostetler Park at 3rd and L Street across from the Captain Cook statue. The park and the memorial are in need of revitalization and this is one of their current focuses, beyond helping victims directly. VFJ also partners with the Eva Program which helps victims of violent crimes and survivors of abuse regain their self-confidence and independence.
President Elect Ben Schulman leads his first meeting
While President Bruce was in Hawaii soaking up the sun last week, we enjoyed a great meeting lead by President Elect Ben Schulman. Great job Ben!
Visitors from Bismarck, North Dakota
Really, in January in Alaska? The Butchers both spoke about their clubs. They belong to different clubs in Bismarck, North Dakota. It was warmer here than there, so they were thrilled to be visiting their daughter and grandchildren here. We were thrilled to have them visit us and exchange flags.

We are back in! Thanks to Chera Boom stepping up as our Youth Exchange officer, AIR is sponsoring Ellen Wallace from Eagle River as our 2017-2018 Outbound Exchange student!


Chera and Ellen will attend the YE Winter Orientation this weekend at the Lakefront Hotel, and that's when Ellen will learn where she is going! Stay tuned for more details!


We are looking for potential host families! Please contact Chera if you are interested or have a recommendation. The commitment is 3-4 months during the 2017-2018 school year.


Help make that small change in the world by hosting a student from another country!


Penny May sounded the opening bell for our meeting, her last with us until she returns from Arizona in the spring.
Thank you Julius Brecht, for a very in-depth presentation on “Space, Gravity and General Relativity” in half an hour. 
Julius covered everything from pre-Newton physics, gravity from Aristotle and Galileo’s perspective; Newton’s theory of gravitation quantified in mathematics to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity and the connection to space and gravity waves and how they have actually been able to measure them at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) between Hanford, WA and Livingston, LA (3000 km apart in the US).
All this gives us evidence of light bending and the slowing of time by gravity. Many of the visual evidence is made possible by the Hubble space telescope.
Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, after 102 years continues to describe the quirky influence of gravity on the wonders of the Universe.
Rotarian of the month for January: Bob Huston with so many contributions to our club, they are difficult to list without missing some. Bob received the customary rotary coin with the 4-way test, the rotary cooler bag and several other goodies including a Kaladies coffee card.
This weeks "WhoAmI"/classification talk by Heather Tarrant, who grew up in Michigan and after high school spend a year and a half studying abroad in Germany. Heather returned to the US to attend college and meet her husband Jonathan. She earned degrees in K-12 education and German and was offered a job at Rilke German immersion school here in Anchorage.
Rilke Schule is one of only a dozen German immersion schools across the US. Heather has been teaching at Rilke Schule for the past 7 years, everything from 1st to 7th grade and is currently teaching second graders. Her daughter Emma was also in attendance at the meeting to cheer her on.
Art Clark was the happy winner of Football Mania and proudly showed off his $400 check!
Here are some of your fellow Rotarians as they were celebrating ushering in the New Year at the Captain Cook Hotel ballroom.
Our hosts PP Jan Ingram and Rick Goodfellow, Chidi Igbokwe and friend, Dodie Pruessner and husband Robin, and PP Kevin Fimon and wife Karen.
Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to see how many in Anchorage like to get out and dance!
From the Anchorage International Rotary Club!
Hope to see everyone for our first meeting of 2017 on January 6th.
We celebrated the holiday season in style, with much cheer all around!
Chera Boom and the Impromptu Quartet sang wonderful carols for us and led us through several Christmas classic sing-alongs. The kids in the room loved it and really got into it.
Santa came to visit us and had presents for all the little tot’s in attendance. Thank you Santa ‘Bob Huston’, for once again winning over the little tikes, some of whom did not quite know what to make of the man in red with the big white beard.
President Bruce was sporting a fabulous holiday bow tie for the occasion.
Check out this hardy group of AI Rotarians braving the cold at the Jingle Bell Run last Saturday!
The Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run is a fun way to get out, get moving and raise funds and awareness to cure arthritis. Thanks to Bob Huston and Stellar Designs, our Rotary group is wearing their holiday-themed shirts. Can't tell if they tied jingle bells to their shoelaces, but we can be sure they were spreading smiles, good cheer and holiday spirit. Anchorage International Rotary definitely has spirit!
Thank you Charles Wohlforth for presenting your latest book, Beyond Earth, co-authored with Amanda Hendrix, PhD. to us last Friday.
The idea of colonizing other planets is not new, but Charles and Amanda took a practical look at it.  You certainly would not move to another planet if all aspects were worse than living on earth. 
Radiation is a big challenge for moving to other planets.  Charles talked about Saturn’s moon, Titan.  You will have to read the book – the number one nonfiction science pick on Amazon for November – to get the rest of the story!
Welcome new AIR member Michael Duxbury
Michael Duxbury transferred from the Ketchikan First City Rotary Club and we are thrilled to have him.  His vocation is law enforcement.  Please welcome him to the club – fist pump being the preferred method of greeting now!
Not only was Michael Duxbury inducted into our Club last Friday, he also gave a combination classification talk and Who Am I speech. We learned that Michael transferred to Anchorage from Ketchikan to head up the Drug Enforcement Unit for the Alaska State Troopers. He has been in Alaska 28 years in public service.
December AIR Rotarian of the Month
President Bruce recognized Penny May as December Rotarian of the Month. His committee of one presented the usual (unusual?) prizes such as an insulated Rotary tote bag, a 4-way coin, a Barnes & Noble gift card, and specifically for Penny - a holiday headband.
Thank you Penny for all you do for Rotary and for our Club!
Happy Bucks and other happenings
Greg and Jeanette Wakefield announced that they are ringing in the New Year at their home and you are invited to join them.  The more the merrier, except "pyrotech" Bob will be missing. 
Jan Ingram put in $20 of bragging bucks to let us know that she was Charles Wohlforth's second grade teacher.
Angie Rush gave a shout out to Tim Ellis and Stellar Design for donating t-shirts to make pillows for the Kids at Alaska Child and Family.
Tis the season for bell ringing and in honor of the late Jerry Budd, the AI Rotary Club was out in full force to ring the bells last Saturday. Thank you to AI member Toni Holmes for organizing this amazing group of service-above-self-Rotarians and their families.
The AI Rotary club staffed 5 doors across three grocery stores, braving the cold for the annual ringing of the bell for Salvation Army. Thank you to all the wonderful members who participated.
Families turned out together - such as father and son, Ray and Tim Ellis, president elect Ben Schulman and his wife and kids, Past Prez Kevin Fimon and his wife Karen McCreary dressed for the occasion. The Tarant family made sure their daughter Emma enjoyed her first Bell ringing. Can you find Greg Wakefield in these photos? All for a great cause and a tribute to Jerry Budd, who organized this event for many years.
Everyone was dressed for the spirit of the season with Santa hats, robes, even wigs. Member extraordinaire Nina Mann raced between the stores delivering coffee to help keep everyone warm. 
Thank you Dr. Chad Bouchard on a very informative presentation on The Aging Eye and Vision as a health priority!
Dr. Bouchard shared with us the progression of age related vision problems and how we can protect our vision as we grow older. He also included a good list of questions that we should ask our Ophthalmologist during our next checkup. Dr. Bouchard's wife and young daughter and his mom and sister-in-law also joined our meeting to hear him speak. 
Grand Meeting!
The start of last Fridays meeting was lively, we overcame computer issues, stopped time by dropping the wall clock and then inducted a new member into our club, Jack Hartmann. President Bruce insisted that every member at the meeting come up and fist-bump Jack to welcome him into the club, and we did so in an amazing 48 seconds.
Many Happy Dollars and announcement's
Bob Huston has been traveling again and brought back a great elf costume for Toni Holmes in honor of bell ringing on Saturday. Bob also did not want us to forget about the 5K Jingle run and the great T-shirts his team will be wearing.

Greg Wakefield mentioned the Holiday Giving drive that his company is helping out with, Ted Trueblood announced that bids are finally going out to improve the Stuckagainheights road from Tudor. Jonathan Tarant brought back and auctioned of a gift basket that included many items that contained vodka in some form from his recent trip.

Toni Holmes put on her new elf costume and finalized the list for bell ringing on Saturday and also brought Santa hats for everyone. She also mentioned North Star Schools need for clothing.

Boyd Morgenthaler thanked everyone who participated and or donated to the Pie Auction and helped make it a new record year.

Trygve Erickson is back from his travels with his wife, former club President Kim, and will continue to celebrate entering his seventh decade with his entire family on another trip over the Christmas Holidays.

Don't forget the Clare House Christmas dinner on December 16th.

Thank You to the King Career Center for treating AI Rotary to an amazing luncheon on the Friday before Thanksgiving. We met at KCC for our regular meeting for our annual pie auction to support the AIRC Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Great turnout, bidding, fundraising, and just plain fun! KCC students were involved in every aspect, from preparing and serving the meal, creating and donating auction items, helping carry auction items, making flower arrangements to sell, and being an amazing host to an amazing annual event.

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked hard to make the annual pie auction a meaningful fundraiser for KCC students. Boyd Morgenthaler led the charge before handing it off to auctioneers Leverette Hoover and Jay Tung. They certainly have a knack for getting the highest bids. Leverette was so hot we had to have KCC student fire fighters on hand just in case.    


Cathie Straub, Jan Ingram, and 2015 scholarship recipient Kylie Glidden were auctioneer helpers. Kylie is majoring in welding technology at UAA and we were proud to receive her support for our program and KCC. And best of all, were the AIR members and guests who bid often and bid high! This year’s auction set a new all time record, bringing in over $17,000! Thank you!
Some members took their "Pie Giving" to the next level!
During the Annual Pie Auction for the AIRC Memorial Scholarship Fund, Bob Huston purchased two fabulous pies.  Bob's generous purchases didn't end there as he donated the delicacies to AK Child & Family!
The young ladies of AK Child & Family had planned a special weekend activity and the delicious deserts were absolutely enjoyed by all and such a wonderful surprise. Thank you Bob!
Thank you to Dale Westerlin for his informative update not only on Tote but also the Saltchuk family of companies which includes Tote.
Tote started in 1975 and runs twice weekly to Anchorage from the Port of Tacoma. Tote delivers 30% of all cargo destined for the Alaska rail belt. The Orca vessels used for shipping are not container vessels, but designed in 2003 specifically with dedicated vehicle holds and as the environmental friendliest ships in the water.
When asked what goods are shipped south back to Tacoma, he said household goods, fish, military goods, and hazardous waste.
Who Am I - Chidi Igbokwe
Thank you to Chidi Igbokwe for his "Who Am I" presentation. We have Keith Bell and Art Clark to thank for introducing Chidi to Rotary. Chidi has been with BP Alaska for 10 years now, after graduating from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Born in Nigeria, Chidi left at the age of 12 to attend boarding school. He was looking for a specific college program with specific criteria and found it at UAF. Lucky for us as we are thrilled to have Chidi as part of our family.
Every Friday meeting of the AI Rotary Club is filled with happy news and bucks. Bob Huston ran his first 4K and almost beat Bill Pearson (until Bill handed off the baby stroller he was pushing!). Bob challenged anyone who can beat him at the Jingle Bell Run will get $100 to their Paul Harris Foundation account.
Cathie Straub reminded us that not only is November Rotary Foundation Month but this is also the Centennial for the Rotary Foundation. The Russian Jack Rotary Club sent over a team to sell raffle tickets for their club scholarship fundraiser. All in the name of good Rotary service above self.
Jeremy Price
Feb 24, 2017
Americans for Prosperity - Spending Cap
Anna Bondarenko
Mar 03, 2017
North Star Elementary Choir
Bryant Skinner
Mar 10, 2017
Alaska C.A.R.E.S.
Paul Bowers
Mar 17, 2017
Merrill Field Airport
Sue Stone
Mar 24, 2017
'' Working to eliminate Extreme Poverty and Preventable Disease, worldwide
Carol Gore
Mar 31, 2017
Cook Inlet Housing Authority
Steve Johnson
Apr 21, 2017
UAA Debate Team
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Member spotlight: The power of the press
When Teguest Yilma helped found the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa Entoto in 2002, she thought polio had already been eradicated from most of the world. But while Ethiopia had been free of the disease, Yilma was shocked to learn that new cases had started cropping up in surrounding countries such as Somalia. “I was thinking, it’s not possible, we can’t be free if the countries around us are not free,” she says. Yilma, the managing editor of Capital, Ethiopia’s largest English weekly newspaper, has brought a journalist’s skills to the fight against polio. She became vice chair of the Ethiopia...
Member interview: Writer sheds light on FDR’s right-hand woman
Battling breast cancer in 2000, Kathryn Smith found comfort pursuing her lifelong interest in Franklin D. Roosevelt. The more she read, the more intrigued she became with the 32nd U.S. president’s private secretary, Marguerite Alice “Missy” LeHand. “I thought, what a fascinating life she had because she was by his side through the polio crisis, establishing the polio rehabilitation center in Warm Springs and then after his return to politics,” she says. Smith, a past president of the Rotary Club of Greater Anderson, S.C., and a longtime newspaper journalist, turned that curiosity into a book...
The Rotarian Conversation with Ban Ki-moon
One of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s earliest memories is of fleeing with his family into the mountains during the Korean War, his village burning behind him. His father and grandfather had to forage for food in the woods; his mother gave birth to his siblings away from anything remotely resembling a health facility. “I have known hunger,” he says. “I have known war, and I have known what it means to be forced to flee conflict.” The soldiers who came to their rescue were flying the blue flag of the United Nations. The UN provided them with food and their schools with books....
Culture: Life in the bike lane
Like a lot of us, I spent much of my childhood riding bikes, but fell out of the habit for a while. Forty years. Then my wife and I moved to New York, where cyclists risk their necks in a daily Thunderdome of cabs, police cars, firetrucks, double-decker buses, messengers on motorbikes, and delivery trucks backing around corners at 20 miles an hour. Not for me! At least not until my 50th birthday, when my metabolic furnace flamed out. Calories started going directly from beer bottle to beer belly. It was time to start exercising. Either that or give up Samuel Adams, and I couldn’t do that to...