The Mission Begins

In the early spring of 1947 Lester E. Bond, William H. Scroggs and Alpheus J. Gillette convinced the San Diego Rotary Club that it would be advantageous to have regional clubs within the city.  On March 18, 1947, Chairman Pro-Tem, Lester Bond, presided over a provisional meeting for the organization of a Rotary Club in northeast San Diego.  The members chose "Old Mission" over a regional designation for the name of the club.  The first officers were:  Lester E. Bond, President; William A. Scroggs, Vice President, Paul E. Hammond, Secretary; and Alden W. Johnson, Treasurer.  Directors were Alpheus J. Gillette and Stillman D. Rose.  The remaining charter members were Thomas H. Baumann, winfred B. Bishop, Jr., Fiske L. Brooks, Edwin B. Hamre, John S. Holderer, William H. Jones, Dougles McElfresh, Lloyd Myers, Saunders schneider, and William R. Shutes.