February 2021
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At this year's Australia Day Festival there is live music, market stalls, community exhibits, a food court, and this year all Kids Corner entertainment is free of charge, so join us for a fun day at the Broadford Australia Day Festival on Tuesday 26 January.
Centred on the Island Reserve in Broadford, this is a COVIDSafe event, with QR code scanning or manual registration at all access points, hand sanitiser freely available throughout the area and chairs and circles marked for social distancing.
Stall holders and kids’ entertainers will provide appropriate guidance, so you can relax and enjoy the day knowing all of that is taken care of.
Rotarians are 'Colouring their World' to encourage bee and insect pollinators in urban environments and gardens. Enhancing pollinator resources to support a diverse range of beneficial insects is important for flourishing gardens, sustainable backyard, healthy green spaces, and thriving ecosystems.
The Great Spud challenge is easy to enter and get involved.  Prizes will be awarded for:
  • Largest and smallest spuds
  • Biggest harvest
  • Spud that looks like a Rotarian
  • Ugliest Spud - must be different to the above!
image  image
Good Luck!
The Ideal Rotarian:
“Will laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people
And the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics
And endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, Whether by a healthy child,
A garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
To know even ONE life has breathed easier
Because you lived.
This is to have succeeded”
This is a true Rotarian.
Ralph Waldo Emerson-Cooke
Anyone wanting A4 image of this, please email steve@mindesign.com.au

Youth Report 

This weeks Youth Report is a little quieter, however there is much happening and we are looking forward to leading RCSM in inspiring our Youth and helping them grow learn change and empower them to be more. 
The Board have agreed to help fund a few current projects in our area, as well as support the schools with fundraising. We will meet to discuss and take action as soon as possible. 
We have received 2 applications thus far for RYPEN, and we are following up with the schools, and other invitees over the coming two weeks,
with much hope to fill at least another 2 places. Applications need to be in by this Friday at the latest. 
We have several other programs to be considered, including the Fit to Drive Foundation Program, and have been invited to either sponsor, help with fundraising or fund other school programs. This is exciting for building relationships within our Youth community, and will need to be carefully considered and strategically planned with current Rotary Programs being offered, and ideas for fundraising to be thought out. 
We unfortunately didn't find a candidate to send to Canberra for our RAIC program, if you or someone you know might be a candidate for the Year 2020, please don't hesitate to contact me on the below email. 
We are also looking for a candidate to send to RYLA again this year, so please keep your eyes and ears open. 
Have a Fabulous Week.
Melissa x 
Tonight I had the great pleasure of being invited as a speaker at a local health network event. And what was I asked to speak about?
Motivation and Goal setting!
You see I believe Motivation is a bit like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, Never there when you really need them! So how was I going to explain this?? 
So  I researched the Psychology of Motivation. And here is what I found: 
There are 3 key components to Motivation: Activation, Persistence and Intensity. 
1. Activation involves making the decision to initiate a behaviour. ie taking that first step to committing to a program, a goal, a uni course, Rotary ;) 
2. Persistence which is the continued effort toward a goal, despite obstacles that get in the way.  For example; the persistence to follow through despite the effort, time, money and resources it requires.
3. Intensity: the concentration and strength that goes into pursuing a dream or goal. For example: One student may coast by without much effort, while another student will study regularly, participate and take advantage of additional acedemic opportunities available. The first student lacks intensity, whilst the second student pursues his/her educational goals with greater intensity. 
My facilitation of this event delved in deep about what each of these components meant to the participants and how they could apply it to their own goals and lifestyle. What we came up was quite extraordinary and I'm proud to say they left with great energy, and dare I say it the feeling of Motivation! 

Youth Report 

I thought it fitting to do a Youth Report because there is so much happening and we are looking forward to leading RCSM in inspiring our Youth and helping them grow learn change and empower them to be more. 
So far I have made contact with the 4 Secondary Schools within our area. Ian Dempsey and I have had a meeting with Principal Michael and PA Lauren and it went extremely well. We are building a deeper relationship and we are keen to help each other in Rotary Projects as well as a project that Wallan are currently fundraising for. We will ensure to report further at our next meeting. 
I have received 2 applications thus far for RYPEN, and we are following up with the schools over the coming two weeks,
with much hope to fill at least another 2 places.
We have several other programs to be considered, including the Fit to Drive Foundation Program, that are happening in the region, and have been invited to either sponsor, help with fundraising or fund in our schools. This is exciting for building relationships within our Youth community, and will need to be carefully considered and strategically planned with current Rotary Programs being offered, and ideas for fundraising to be thought out. 
We are especially looking for a candidate to send to Canberra for our RAIC program, if you or someone you know might be a candidate, please don't hesitate to contact me on the below email. 
Have a Fabulous Week.
Melissa x 


Are you in Year 11 or its equivalent?

Can you resist seeing new places and meeting new friends?

What about getting into places not normally open to the public?

And how about learning things that are going to be important to you when you become a full Australian citizen in just one or two years?

Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC) gives you all these things, and more. Have a look at the box for information on the program.  Rotary Brochure.pdf

RAIC is so much more than a school trip to Canberra. For the week of RAIC, you become almost an insider to what's happening in your national capital.

Things you see and do are related to what is timely and topical. See some of the things delegates typically do at RAIC.  RAIC typical program outline

For more information go to http://www.raic.org.au/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=774

Fill out your application form Here: 


Save  application form and  photo and video permission form to your computer.

Please complete both forms following the instructions and email them to melissa.endurehealth@gmail.com

Each question needs to be completed. Areas of the form which need to be completed are shaded. You can type as much as you wish in the shaded fields.

Use the 'Tab' key to switch between fields. 'Return' or 'Enter' will produce a new line.


On Saturday morning the 3rd of November 2018, approximately 18 individuals converged on a property 6km outside of Kilmore. The individuals included members from the local Rotary E-Club and the Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell. They were in possession of a variety of farming implements including shovels, mattocks, a crowbar and hand tools. The individuals were observed digging holes, planting trees, clearing land, building fences and at one point, were even seen having lunch together.

Authorities are keen to speak with either a blue tongue lizard seen scurrying from the seen late on the morning in question or three wedged tailed eagles who mysteriously disappeared after being spotted souring overhead. Surveillance photos taken at the scene, have been posted and those pictured are encouraged to make themselves known to authorities at the next Rotary Club meeting.

Anyone interested in learning more about the identity of the individuals involved or the reasons for their mysterious activities are invited to attend the Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell club meeting on the night of Tuesday 11th December 2018.

Authorities have confirmed that the two leaders of this project will be in attendance and presenting a full confession as our guest speakers on the night.

More details to follow.

Undercover Investigative Reporter

Gary Gradsack 

Interact Conference photos

This Year the Interactors had their very first Interact Conference in conjunction with the Rotary Combined District Conference. A great day was had by all, with feedback on how to grow and innovate the day for future possibilities of another Interact Conference. This years conference was MC'd by our very own Lachlan Heywood. Well done Lachy and to all Southern Mitchell Interactors who represented us on the day. 

International News: 

This week we had success of our application for $2500 from a District grant. This will 
match our $2500 from the International dinner to go towards the school 
in Cambodia.

We received a thank you letter from the Memorial Hall Committee for the new dishwasher.


Environmental News

A very successful Clean-up in Kilmore. A significant change from this is that the only plastic bags picked up are now obviously old ones. No new bags were collected,
which is great news for lessening the environmental impact in the future. 


ryla 2018 

We had a great night at the RYLA dinner, Emily seemed to be enjoying her time there and said it was life changing in the 2 and a half days she had been there. We truly look forward to hearing a report on the week, and particularly her transformation from her experience, and what her goals and aspirations are moving forward in the future. 


I thought you may be interested in the local Rotaract activities. 

This week I met with the students working on the student garden for the 
third and final stage of the Kilmore Creek Art Walk.

The garden will be set up the second week of February 2019  with help 
from the students of the Interact Club. Jeremy Clark is the landscaper 
who will co-ordinate and supervise the work of the students.

The garden, designed by the students, will be set near the silver horse 
in Apex Park beside the walking path. It is of a semicircular pattern 
with the perimeter of native plants. The central part of this flat 
design shows the sun shining over our town and along the base are 
depicted some of the local well known buildings. This design is created 
using coloured pavers and tiles. The students have also donated a 
substantial amount to the funding of the project.

Jeannette Jain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Don't miss your chance to Capture the Moment at this year's Rotary International Convention.
Join us 1-5 June in Hamburg, Germany, where you'll experience unforgettable moments alongside new friends.
Come early to enjoy the Rotary Peace Symposium, 31 May and 1 June.
Register by 15 December to take advantage of early registration savings.
Still undecided? Read more about the convention experience and explore what Hamburg has to offer.
On behalf of St Pats and St Vinnies, Alyssia and Xavier wish to Thank you for collectively contributing to the St Vinnies Christmas Appeal.
On Friday Morning Daniel took it to school in the back of the car and was greeted by Alyssia, Xavier and some very happy helpers who took them to the classrooms. The teachers were very grateful for our contribution and Alyssia and Xavier were walking a little taller. (Not that Alyssia needs encouraging to grow taller as she towers over her mum!).
On Tuesday evening at our club meeting Ian Dempsey presented Peter Appleton with a pink rose as a token of our admiration. 
Celebrating our members achievements is so important in building great relationships and particularly self esteem within our members. 
Peter is certainly a humble recipient of the Order of Australian Medal, and has raised the idea that many other locals are worthy recipients of the medal and should be nominated. 
Nonetheless Peter, you are well appreciated in our community, and your tireless work doesn't go unnoticed. 
May your rose bloom for many years as a reminder of this momentous time in your life. 
Photo Source: Pasquale De Cesar
The Rotary Foundation Gala Dinner is to be held in Wangaratta on the 16th of March 2019.
The guest speaker for the dinner will be PRIP Bill Boyd.
Bill is highly sought after worldwide in Rotary circles as a guest speaker for his casual easy going speaking style which is informative and entertaining. If you have seen Bill Boyd speak before you won’t miss it and if you have not heard him you must book a seat.Bill has agreed to travel from NZ to address the meeting and share pre dinner drinks with Rotarians or members of the community who have recently become Major Donors, PHS members or Bequest Society members to make presentations and express thanks for their generous support to TRF. We invite all District Rotarians to consider becoming a Donor, PHS member or Bequest Society member.
As the date of the Gala Dinner draws near organisers are becoming quite excited and a little nervous as the bookings are a little slow coming in.
Please follow the attached a link for those members who cannot attend and would like to consider donating to TRF in a number of easy and affordable ways.
For those who want to attend and have not booked, please do so in the next few days, so organisers can ensure the dinner will go ahead and also to let caterers know numbers.
This is a great opportunity to learn how TRF works and be entertained by one of Rotary’s foremost authorities and leading speakers Past Rotary International President Bill Boyd.
Reminder the dinner is in Wangaratta on the 16th March 2019 for The Rotary Foundation Gala Dinner. Book now on the District Website (www.rotary9790.org.au).

"To be a person is to have a story to tell." 

Isak Dinesen (alias Karen Blixsen 1885 - 1962)
This week our community are reminded of the 10 year anniversary of the Black Saturday Bushfires. Everywhere we go, social media, local papers, community notice boards, meetings, our workplace, our homes, we will be reminded. However it's even more than that for those who lost loved ones, their homes, their pets, their workplaces, friends and colleagues, it's a reminder to tap into their emotions, or trigger unwanted feelings again. For some it will be a sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, depression and a sense of hopelessness.
Tonight a neighbour was out the front of her home, I could hear a young baby crying continuously, and another child speaking, it sounded as if they were outside my bedroom window. So I went outside to investigate, and saw where the child's cry was coming from. I noticed there were torches flashing on their verandah, and I wondered had they locked themselves out? In the silhouette of the street light I could see the young children moving about, yet the youngest was still crying continuously.
So I decided there were two things I could do, call someone to investigate, I wasn't sure who, or I could go over and see how I could help. I grabbed my jacket and a torch and thought if I don't offer to help, who will? As I started to cross my front path, my husband came back from walking the dog so he came over with me to investigate. On arrival we found out they had been having an issue with the front light shorting out the house power for quite some time, and the poor little 1 yr old baby was beside himself being in the dark. Still crying whilst mum tried to figure out what to do with her front light. Thankfully my husband was able to help, and went back home to get the tools he needed, and with the help of his electrician brother we were able to stop the light from shorting out the power and no sooner was the power back on for the rest of the house. I had kept the kids occupied with my dog, and they were relieved to know they could go back inside and have power. It was a humble feeling to know we had helped some neighbours we didn't know before. I came home and started to think again about the tough times many families are going through in our community, and how desperation, shame, vulnerability and hopelessness are leading to long term stress and struggles, family violence, homelessness, depression, anxiety and suicide.  
My mind then began to meander down a creative and thought provoking path, and I started to wonder 'How can we inspire hope in our community?'
And thus I was inspired to write this article. 
Our story is as long as our life and over our lifetime we will have many different versions. Experiencing life difficulties can be a huge and complex challenge from which we can only begin to recover when we start to make sense of what has happened, or what we need to change. Through giving someone you know who is going through a challenging time, the opportunity to tell their story offers them the chance to share experiences with others who may have faced similar challenges. It is a chance for them to be validated and to acknowledge what has happened, for their resilience to be witnessed, to celebrate their survival and to give them a space to dream about the possibility of a brighter future. Offering them the interest and respect of fellow human beings and opportunity to rediscover themselves through self-expression.
To live in hope is essential to us all. When we hear that zero to hero story, it lights us up, we celebrate the power of these stories to touch and inspire us with hope. Telling your story is part of a healing process, inspire hope in people on a similar journey. These stories are at the heart of changing practice, moving forward and learning together, helping each other. Many people are afraid, ashamed or uncertain about the outcome of using services, especially in a smaller community. However, through these stories we can inspire others to trust, and overcome the shame and stigma surrounding their beliefs, and give them a little hope.
There are so many supporters and advocates to create this change in our community, and I believe if we can start to help our neighbours and reach out to them to know they are not alone. Sit and listen and have a cuppa while they generously and bravely share their story. Through talking about their experiences and sharing their stories, we are able to understand how to support them and help them move forward positively. By Working together, we can help more people make sense and meaning out of life’s great challenges.
Much Love,
Melissa Ryan 

I will finish with the following quote: 


"A story told at the right moment in someone’s life can shine a light sufficiently bright to illuminate the way ahead on the map of life."

The therapeutic use of stories (1997)
unsplash-logo Annie Spratt
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