Susanville Rotary Club  (Sunrise) Community Service Chair , Gary Felt, congratulates the winner of the 2018 Rotary Youth Music  Area 1 contest, Megan Glucklich (Susanville) who performed  on the Harp.  Looking on are 3rd place finisher Chloe Monday from the Chester Rotary  Club, who performed on the piano and 2nd place Molly Glucklich also from the Susanville Cubs, who performed on the flute. 

As judge Thomas Braun remarked, and was agreed to by judges Ben Wade, Greg Dood, and Phil Fetterman; even though a first, second, and third place are awarded, all the contestants are truly winners and music performance is art, and an expression of personal feelings, not really a competition.

All the performers did very well as evidenced by the difficulty the judges had in establishing positions. Cash awards were presented, and  the winner of this Rotary District  5190 Area 1 Contest, Megan Glucklich, goes on to compete in Reno, NV at the  Rotary District Conference on May 19.

A special thanks to Eagle Lake Village for allowing use of their facility.