Now you can search for a Rotary club with Rotary International's free mobile app, Rotary Club Locator. Find any Rotary Club meeting place using your Apple or Android device.  This application provides you with meeting place, date, time, the club's website link along with full mapping using your phone's GPS location.
Download the free version of this application for your Apple or Android mobile device.


The Rotary Club Locator app helps you find a Rotary club meeting when you're on the go. 

  • The "Near Me" search locates clubs within a physical radius of 100 miles. (Note: Actual driving distances may be further.)
  • A keyword search for clubs. This search looks for the keyword in either the club name or meeting location address. This is useful for finding clubs that are outside of the 100-mile radius from your current location.
  • A map showing a club's location and driving directions
  • The ability to save search results to a list of favorite clubs
  • The ability to add a club to your phone's contact list
  • The club's website and primary phone number, if available
  • A search function to find clubs by district