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Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe has a motto: "Service above Self" and we believe in this whole heartedly.  Our Rotary Club is one of the only community service organizations dedicated to doing active, community service EVERY month.  We plan at least one Rotarians at Work (R@W) day per month, and take requests via our Project Nomination/Grant Application Form (click on the link to the left of this page).  Our goal is to positively affect as many children, families, and community members in South Lake Tahoe as possible, thus we spread ourselves far and wide!  Please, feel free to ask if you need help with a project! 

For more information, please contact Kathy Haven at

 OUR NEXT R@W DAY: Drugstore Project: April 2, 2013

Please contact Lisa Huard if you can help out with the Drugstore Project being held on Tuesday, April 2 from 8 am to 2pm at the LTCC College.  It is an amazing event that benefits all 6th graders on the south shore...teaching them the ramifications of doing drugs/drinking.

LITERACY PROJECT for 2012-2013:

At Sierra House (SH) Elementary School , Rotarians are paired up with a 1st or 2nd grade teacher and have set up a month (4 weeks) to come in once a week and read to the class for about 30 minutes. The Rotarians and teachers decide what stories or type of books the Rotarian will read. The Rotarian and teacher have also coordinated the exact dates and time for this reading to happen. The Rotary Club will provide a class set of books that the Rotarian will read to the students on one or two of these visits. Kathy Haven and Kimberly Kuntz will work to get class sets of books based on the requests of the teachers and the Rotarians.

At Tahoe Valley Elementary School (TV), Rotarians are paired up with a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher and here Rotarians read approximately once a month for the school year (always in the same class). Once again, we have left it up to the coordinate betweeen the teacher and the Rotarian to determine their exact schedule and dates, but basically a Rotarian will come in to read about 8 times this school year. The Rotary Club will provide a class set of books to each class on one or two of the Rotarians visits as well. Kathy Haven and Kimberly Kuntz will work to get class sets of books based on the requests of the teachers and the Rotarians.

Basically, we are trying to create a bond between students and Rotarians, exemplify the joys of reading/books, and once again demystify Rotary. Any and all Rotarians who would like to commit to one of these school for the year is welcome to join in!   Contact Kathy Haven if you are interested  in helping out!!!


  • May 2013: Sawmill Pond



MARCH: Over the last weekend of March, 20+ SLT Rotarians helped remodel Bookworks, the used bookstore, run by the Family Resource Center.  In 7 short hours, we painted the new room and then moved about 5000 books and their 35+ bookshelves.  Thank you all for your hard work!  It was amazing how quickly it all came together.  I am proud to be a part of this club where all the individuals do so much for the greater good!  THANK YOU ALL!  Thank you also to the SLT Library and LTCC Library for donating the use of their carts for this move!

February: We made 1600 tree "cookies", one for each child in Lake Tahoe Unified School District...a project requested by the Jr. Botany Program !  Thank you for all your hard work!
January's R@W day was simple! We collected an entire SUV full of cans, fresh fruit, and vegies for the Family Resource Center!  Thank you to all who donated!!!

Saturday, Dec. 1st (8-10 am): PAINTING! Our project at the Boys and Girls Club needed completion.  Last month we did the demolition, and Bill Mohr got a drywaller to donate time and material to fix up the B & G Club room.  So, now we went back in there and painted!  With 20 bodies painting, it only took us about two hours (and we added a room to the painting project!)  Thanks to all that helped out!

On Saturday, Nov. 17, we began remodeling a room at the Boys and Girls Club.  With over 20 volunteers, we demoed the room in under an hour.  A huge thanks to all who helped out, and a special thanks to Bill Mohr who found someone to come in behind us to drywall the walls to give the room a new and fresh appearance.  We will return next month (Dec. 1) to paint the room with paint donated by Kelly Moore Paints (thank you again Bill for securing this donation!)

On Sunday, September 30th, 2012 (8-3pm) we helped at the finish line of the Lake Tahoe Marathon passing out medals and prizes.  We had more than 12 Rotarians and their families come help out!  THANK YOU ALL!

On Sunday, Sept. 3rd where we sold and poured wine at the local Sample of the Sierra Fest!  We had a very entertaining and fun day!  Thanks to all the Rotarians who slaved over the pouring of the wine to over 1500 participants!!! Special thanks to Tim Treat for coordinating the event for our club.

In August, SLT Rotarians went out to the Tahoe TriKids Triathlon on Aug. 7th and helped keep the kids safe and on track!  It was a beautfiul day with lots of laughter and fun!  THANK you all who helped out!

Our July R@W day was Saturday, July 7th at the "Swimming at Altitude" meet here at the SLT Rec Center.  18 Rotarians came and manned the snack bar the entire day (from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm).  Our show of force did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Parents throughout the day were thanking me for the extra help as it allowed the Tahoe Swim Club parents to actually enjoy the meet and cheer on their children.  We raised over $1500 for the Tahoe Swim Club with the food we sold!  THANK YOU so much to all of you who came out and helped!  A special thanks to Pat Enright who came back out on Sunday and helped for 4 more hours!!! 

Kathy Haven
Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe