Request for Funds


Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe
Project Nomination/Grant Application Form

 Applications for grants and/or nominations for projects are comprised of two sections:

1. Organization and Contact Information
2. Proposal Information

Applications should be no more than 2 pages in length.

Organization and Contact Information: 

  • Organization name
  • Contact person name, address, telephone number, web-site and email address
  • Contact person's role in the organization 


Tax Exempt Status (if applicable):  Please attach a copy of your IRS Letter of Determination indicating 501(c)3 tax exempt status if your organization is tax exempt.


Proposal Information: 

  • Amount requested 
  • Brief description of the project (20 words or less) 
  • Objective(s) of project/program
  • Strategies to achieve objectives 
  • How does this project or program help fulfill the objectives of the Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe? 
  • How will this project or program contribute to the community? 
  • How will you evaluate the results of this project or program? 
  • Program/Project Budget (and other sources of funding) 
  • Timetable for the project 
  • Other comments 

Please send this application to:

Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe
P.O. Box 19517
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151
Or email in HTML, Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to

 ***If grant or project is approved, recipient will be invited to come to a Rotary meeting to receive the funds or project approval.