Rotary June 2, 2014
   Our speaker for June 2 was Jim Dahl, Liaison for Senator George Runner, member of the State Board of Equalization from District 2.  He presented an overview of the types of taxes, the history of the agency and talked about some of the things that effect business and tax assessor offices.
   Jim is based in Redding and serves five counties in the surrounding area including Plumas.  The Board oversees the collection of sales, use and 30 other tax types including the Cal Fire fee.  Interestingly, the California Board is the only one elected by the voters.  In all other states they are appointed.  There are only four districts, each one representing approximately nine million people.
            The district offices such as the one Jim manages are operated to provide support to tax assessors and collectors, small businesses and tax payers.  They offer personal support, provide seminars on new and changing tax regulations and provide online services as well.  For more detailed information, you can go to their web site at
Quincy Rotary Student Ambassadors to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
   We had as our guests two sophomores from Quincy High School who are going to be short term exchange students to Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Ashlin Hamlin is looking forward to her experience in Ballarat.  When asked to share her likes, she mentioned reading and travel and thinks this will be a great travel experience.  She is anxious to meet her host family and begin school to meet and make new friends.  Riley DuPont has been playing sports for most of his life.  First it was baseball, then American football and soccer.  Perhaps he’ll get a chance to see some Australian Rules football while in Ballarat.  Riley said he was most looking forward to the experience of learning about the culture and the people and how they are the same and different.  Riley and Jim are just finishing their sophomore year and will be entering tenth year while in Ballarat.  Riley said that while it looks like they will be repeating, he’s sure it will be a totally new experience.
            These two young people are sure to be excellent representatives of Quincy and the Quincy Rotary Club.  We wish them well and look forward to a report of their experience when they return.