April 7th 2014
Plumas Fire Safe Council
Nils Lunder
The project manager for the Plumas fire safe council, Nils Lunder, joined us to discuss their activity.  Nils was raised in Westwood and is very self sufficient.  He raises his own livestock, grows his own vegetables, and works hard. 
The Plumas fire safe council provides assistance for homeowners and neighborhoods in the reduction of fire fuels.  They have had numerous projects throughout the county in which they have already completed.  They are funding through grants and donations.  They look for projects of at least 100 acres.  Neighborhoods that are interested can contact the fire safe council.  They subsidize the cost so the homeowners cost is $250/acre treated.  With Cal-fire inspections coming down the pipeline Nils recommends for everyone to check their homes for fire readiness.  If you or you neighborhood are interested in a project through the fire safe council you can contact Nils at 258-6936.
New Blue Badge.
Wes Sanders receives his blue badge.