Highway Cleanup
Quincy Rotary did our part Saturday on the highway clean up crew! All of us volunteered to clean both sections of highway adopted by Quincy Rotary and our esteemed president Johnny Mansell completed his final community service hours!
District Music Contest

Congratulations to Quincy Rotary Club music contest winner, Sylvia Wood (center) who placed second in the Rotary District 13 music competition in Reno. She competing with 11 winners from the Reno area, northern Nevada and northeastern California. 

Sixteen year old Sylvia is a Sophomore at Quincy High School. She has been playing piano since she was four, and composing music since she was six. Sylvia played Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu No. 2 in C# minor (Opus 66) on piano, and two pieces she wrote, Snowstorm, on flute, and Tempest, on piano, for the competition.

First place winner, Sarah MacHarg, in 11th grade at Davidson Academy in Reno, won $1,000 for her performance on piano. Sylvia won $750 for second place, and third place winner, Evan Rashby, a 12th grade student from Nevada City, CA, won $500 for his performance on Alto Sax. Contest funds were generously donated by Jim Annis and his company, The Applied Companies, in honor of his mother, Fannie Annis. Jim is a member of the Reno Centennial Sunset Rotary club and a 4th generation Rotarian.