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Pulled from the Feather River bulletin.  Important stuff that all our members should contribute to.

Once again we are challenging our readers to make the conscious effort to spend at least $100 locally this holiday season.

We’ve issued the challenge for the past four years and, according to reports from many of our merchants, you’ve responded: several local merchants said they’ve heard shoppers mention this campaign as they were spending their way through town.


If each person who reads one of our Plumas County newspapers — yes, that’s you — spend at least $100 shopping at home this holiday season, that would pump more than $1.8 million into Plumas County’s economy, based on a conservative average of just two readers per newspaper.

Keep in mind that the $100 — or whatever extra comfortably fits the family budget — doesn’t necessarily need solely on gift items. Be creative! How about gift certificates from local restaurants, beauty salons, massage therapists, auto detailers, gyms, golf courses or other service providers in your community?

Beyond gifts, there are literally hundreds of other ways to spend an extra $100 in town. How about making a spur-of-the-moment decision to get your nails done for a special party or going out to a relaxing dinner or tanking up the car for an unplanned trip to visit family.

So again this year we challenge you to find the way(s) that best fit your needs and lifestyle to spend an extra C-note (or two or three) locally. We don’t have to tell you how this additional influx of cash benefits our community.

And be sure to let the establishments know you are doing your part to strengthen our community.
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