On Monday July 23th we learned about the stair step of water in the North Fork of the Feather River and the job entailed in upgrading a plant that was built in the 1950's.  Hydro power is cheap (2-3 cents/KWH) and can come on line in less than 2 minutes.  The North Fork Feather River provides a substantial percent of PG&E's total hydro generation right here in Plumas and Butte Counties.

Good News Included:  The announcement of Kory's second child.

Missing bell fines were extracted from Mike T. 

Reminders: Park Bench work day July 28, 9:00 am Rotary Pavilion,
Bocce Ball Tournament Dinner July 30, 5:30 pm, Rotary Pavilion.

On another topic - Reno Aces game & Polio Plus on 8/26. The Portola Club is trying to secure a small bus to take them over to the game, it seats 29 so there is limited space.  The cost of the transportation would be approx $15-$18 per person (not a bad deal when you consider parking alone would cost you $10 if you drove yourself).  Let Pete know if you are interested in this great deal.


This years District 5190 Outbound Youth Exchange Students - Ethan is third from left on the top row.  He leaves for Brazil in August.

Rotary Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting #1 (7-19-12)
In attendance:
  •            Hochrein                                 Summerfield
  •            DeSelle                                    Ryback
  •            Edwards                                  Little
  1.  Pete will be gone on 8-5-12 (Tim to run the meeting)
  2.  Service Projects: The goal is to have 1 service project per month (weather permitting).  The Bocci Ball table refurbishing on 7-28-12 will be our project for July.
  3.  Pete is submitting the $2,000.00 District Simplified Grant application for the “Trail Project”.
  4.  Other upcoming events:
  5.  A “business warming” is planned for 5 PM and John Breaux and Ken Barnard’s office on 7-25-12.
  6.  Bucks Lakeshore dinner meeting: 9-10-12
  7.  Budget Item: John DeSelle reported an approx. balance of $16,000 in the bank.  There’s hasn’t been a whole lot of activity yet this year, but the money is all budgeted for.
  8.  Secretary Item: The board authorized Summerfield to terminate Ron Taylor and Glenn Harris at the end of July due to them leaving the area.  Ron Taylor may be transferring to a new club.     Summerfield to check into the transfer procedure as it pertains to his termination.
  9.  The board agreed to grant a 5-month leave of absence for a Ron Horton and a 1-month leave for Linda Jameson.
  10.  The board agreed that club would donate $100 to the Foundation in Sam Wilbank’s name in lieu of a gift at his upcoming visit.
  11.  Some discussion took place about a donation request made by the Plumas County Fair Board for a two-year commitment of funds.  Some board members felt that, although it is a good cause, donations  in the past have generally been granted for one-time special projects or improvements, and not for large dollar amounts, and not for general operating capital.  Pete agreed to check with  some surrounding Rotary clubs to see if this could possibly be a joint donation project.