Uganda Nursing School - Dr. Scott Kellerman and former DG Jerry Hall by Donna Wood


Uganda was once called the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill.  One reason for this description is the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park located along the volcanic Virunga mountains in the far southwestern corner of Uganda, home to the mountain gorillas.  Until 1991, when the area became a national park, the Bwindi’s mountain gorillas shared their forest with the Batwa pygmies, a tribe of hunter-gatherers who lived in its caves and trees for more than 4,000 years. Concerns about humans infecting the gorillas led the government to relocate the pygmies.  The Batwas became conservation refugees.  With no land rights or compensation, they were left to fend for themselves and are now living in poverty with an average annual income of $25 per year.  It was into that situation that Dr. Scott Kellerman, physician and Rotarian, and his wife Carol arrived in the Kanungu district to conduct a survey.  The survey revealed that life expectancy of the Batwa was 28 years and four in 10 would die before their fifth birthday, too often in childbirth.  The tribe was dying out. Moved by their experience, the Kellermans founded the Bwindi Community Hospital complete with neo-natal unit which today is a lively hub for Buhoma village.  The hospital has been ranked the top hospital in Uganda.  The hospital focuses on maternal and child health.  There is a 40-bed hostel for expectant mothers who have to travel great distances on foot to the hospital which can lead to complications resulting in the death of infants and their mothers.  There is a pediatric ward and a neo-natal unit as well.  There is a building for persons with HIV/AIDS for treatment and counseling, particularly in teaching mothers how to prevent transmission to their children, the rate of which has dropped from 30- 40% to less than 2%.  And the Kellermans didn’t stop with the hospital.  Their drive has led to the building of schools, improving water sources and now they are in the process of establishing the Uganda Nursing School, Bwindi.  In a land where there are 130 nurses per 100,000 population, this will be a major step in improving the lives of the Batwa pygmies of the Kanungu District where most villages have no medical care.  The nurses’ training will include health education and basic public health skills which they may then take to clinics where the people live.


The success of the hospital and the future success of the nursing school has been made possible in no small way by Rotary Clubs, who working with Rotary International’s matching grant program to provide equipment for the hospital and even a generator that powers the hospital.  Through your contributions to the Paul Harris Foundation, you have helped make a difference in the lives of the Batwa pygmies.  And now there is a need for more help.  The Reno Rotary Club has agreed to serve as an international grant sponsor and has submitted an application for a Foundation Global Grant to purchase furnishings, classroom and lab equipment.  To date six other Rotary clubs have signed on as co-sponsors.  Quincy Rotary President, Pete Hochrein, has invited our club to participate as well. You may make a personal pledge and donation through the club and each donation will earn you Paul Harris credit.  Any donation counts, regardless of amount. 


Jerry Hall and Scott Kellerman



Enjoy this short video clip from DG Woody about the upcoming District Conference -

Quincy Rotary Club is pleased to announce that the following Quincy High School students will attend the 2013 District 5190 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Program:  

Kendal Hicks, daughter of Karen and Rand Hicks

Claire Kepple, daughter of Nancy and Jeff Kepple

Shawn Hughes, son of Amy and Bryan Hughes

Special thanks to High School Principal Dr. Sue Segura, Guidance Counselor Betsy Anumu, and Administrative Assistant Jennifer McColm for their assistance. The above will be excellent representatives of our community. The students will be invited to a Rotary Club meeting to share highlights of their leadership training experiences. Last year was the first time the Quincy Rotary Club sent students from Quincy Middle School to the District 5190 Eighth Grade Leadership Program. It proved to be an outstanding experience for the students who now will be taking their leaderships skills and experience to the High School. With the help of High School Principal Dr. Sue Segura,

Quincy Rotary Club is pleased to announce that the following Quincy Junior High School students will attend the 2013 District 5190 Eighth Grade Leadership Program:

Rebecca Leonhardt, daughter of Rick and Tiffany Leonhardt
Lydia Morgan, daughter of Ross and Brenda Morgan
Brett Beeson, son of Curt and Lori Beeson
Miles Rubalcava-Cunan, son of Jeff Cunan and Micaela Rubalcava
Kainoa Hall, son of Thomas and Mimi Hall

The Leadership Camp is scheduled for September 13-15 at Grizzly Creek Ranch.   During the three days of camp, students will learn individual and team building leadership skills. After the camp experience, they will work with Dr. Segura and New Generations representatives from our club in developing a plan to exercise their leadership skills throughout the upcoming school year. They will also be asked to provide an overview of their learning experience and goals at a Rotary Club meeting.  


Rotary Board Meeting Minutes 4-18-13

1.)   Attendance:  Hochrein, Ryback, DeSelle, Edwards, B., Boland, Little.

2.)   Membership:

·   Doug Ely has agreed to serve as Membership Chair next year

·   Jim will be organizing a fireside for Kevin Trutna in the next couple weeks

3.)   Community Service:

·   Need to organize work day for the East Quincy Welcome Sign

·   Need to schedule a Highway Clean up

4.)   New Generations:

·   8th grade leadership students have been selected for camp in September

·   3 juniors have been selected for RYLA camp this summer

·   Mike Flanigan is heading up the high school scholarships this year

·   Patrick will be hosted by Tim and Terry Gallagher this spring

·   Thanks to John Sheehan for judging the Area 2 speech contest in Greenville

5.)   Club Service:

·   Charter Night May 20 5:30 – Past President Ramblings – Sign up on line or at the May 13th meeting

·   Reno Aces June 2 – Sign up on line

·   David is working on a Quincy Rotary clothing order

6.)   Board voted to spend Wilbur Vaughn’s money on Bucks Lake interruptive signs

7.)   Adjourned: Next Board Meeting will be a JOINT meeting with both boards May 16th at 3:30 PM at Plumas Bank Admin building.



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