This Uganda Nursing School - Bwindi progress report is being sent to you because you have donated funds, expressed interest, were part of the approval process or in other ways have expressed support for the project. If you are interested in supporting the school you can make a donation to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and specify that you want the money to go to Global Grant 14-10616. Thanks for your support.   Jerry Hall, Rotary Club of Reno, Nevada, USA.
Uganda Nursing School - Bwindi
November 11, 2013


The global grant submitted by the Rotary Club of Reno to support the Uganda Nursing School-Bwindi has been approved by The Rotary Foundation! Foundation staff worked with the Reno club in reviewing the grant and used a special process to secure approval. Because the total foundation contribution was in excess of $100,000 a Rotary volunteer from Kenya visited Bwindi to assess and evaluate the project. The Rotary Foundation Trustees would normally be required to approve the project but with the approval of TRF Chairman D.K. Lee, after the onsite evaluation the grant was referred to TRF Programs Committee for review via email. The committee, chaired by Past RI President Kalyan Banerjee, approved the grant and notification of approval was received on September 24. Local match funds were submitted to TRF and the total project funding ($248,758) was received on October 18 and is now available for project commitment.



Nursing School Certification.

The Uganda Nursing Council inspection team visited the school on October 25 and after the on-site review, staff members from UNSB and the Bwindi Community Hospital met in Kampala with the Nursing Council Board. The Council approved certification for the school with conditions and recommendations and will review the school again in two years. Tentatively scheduled to open November 27, the school is the only nursing school in the country that is located and associated with a certified hospital.

The UNSB team is working with Dr. Henry Bukwirwa, Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Kihihi, the host club for the project. Dr. Bukwirwa, a semi-retired professor of anesthesiology, is responsible for overseeing the procurement process and along with his fellow Rotarians will serve as the on-the-ground observer to make Rotary's portion of the project is implemented appropriately.

What are we buying?
The global grant provides for acquisition of equipment and furnishings to support the nursing school. The small campus includes student dormitories and faculty housing (beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs), a great hall with five administrative offices (desks, chairs, computers, printers,  and file cabinets), classrooms (student desks, whiteboards, lab and medical equipment, and simulation models), kitchen and dining room (stoves, ovens, refrigerator/freezer and tables/chairs), and support equipment (telephone, internet, and emergency electrical generator). Because of the remote location time acquiring and transporting equipment and furnishings to the site has been a challenge.

 Vocational Training Team.

A Vocational Training Team, composed of professional nursing educators, will visit Uganda in April/May of 2014 to assist in upgrading the Ugandan tutors training skills. The VTT was originally planned for October but the delays in processing the grant precluded the earlier effort.

Technology and the nursing school.

One of our generous donors has purchased 30 iPads and each iPad will be loaded with the entire electronic version of the first year's required curriculum and will be furnished to the first year students free of charge. The iPads will be supplemented with hard cover textbooks in the library but the intent is to develop and sustain the high tech approach by introducing electronic white boards in the future. This will be a special feature of the development of the school and the technology element will play a key role in student and curriculum evolution.
Eighteen Rotary clubs and over 60 individuals contributed over $68,000 to serve as match for the global grant. Thanks for your support and commitment to Rotary service. Please forward this email to a friend or associate that shares your interest in service to others.

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In support of Rotary goal to support literacy, Quincy Rotary Club Members Tony Thomas, Fred Surber, and David Adrian were  the November guest readers in Kindergarten class at the Quincy/Pioneer Elementary School.  Volunteers read and then donate the books to the Kindergarten classes.  At the end of the year our Rotry Club gives every child a book for their keeping.   Those interested in volunteering for future months should contact Dwight Pierson at 283-3429.   We are scheduled to read the first Thursday of each month at 11:00 a.m.   It has proven to be a rewarding experience for all.