The Missing Bell still at large.
August 18th
Rob Wade
Our speaker was Rob Wade, Learning Landscapes Coordinator for Feather River Land Trust and water shed consultant.  Quoting from the FRLT web site, “Learning Landscapes is FRLT’s conservation and education program designed … to enhance children’s contact with the natural world, place-based learning, and hands-on stewardship experiences. One of the places for this learning is the recently built barn located on Quincy Junction Road.  The purchase of the plot from Rick Leonhardt was made possible through grants.  While there is still work to do, the barn is ready for student programs.
The barn may not look exactly like barns of yore, but in days of yore they didn’t have building codes.  Still architect Brett Marty and other local professional builders and craftsmen and volunteers worked together to make it as aesthetically ‘correct’ as possible.  But it is built to be a working barn.  Rob hopes it may help spark the restoration of the Agricultural Education program at QHS.  He invited anyone who wants to tour the barn to give him a call. 
President Andy and Rob have been talking about having a Rotary work day at the barn to help with one or two of the projects left.  Look for that news in the future.