The end of the year brought a different kind of program.  There was no speaker, no formal presentation.  Instead, the program committee designed a program that involved everyone and was designed to help the members know each other better.  It began with five questions, of which we were to choose two and share our answers with the group – What are your favorite things to do? How did you come to live in Quincy?  What are your goals for 2014?  What would you like to change in the world?  What is something about your life others may not know?  
The members really got into the spirit of the day and I for one learned a lot about other members.  For example, did you know Susan Leonhardt is a budding cell phone photographer?  She likes to take pictures of things at angles you don’t ordinarily see.  Who wouldn’t guess that one of Andy Ryback’s goals for 2014 would be to get through half of 2014 and half-way through 2015 as a successful Rotary Club president?  I was certainly surprised to learn Johnny Mansell’s goal for 2014 is to retire.  Mike Summerfield got off to a rough start in life in Ranglo Island, Alaska as a preemie and spent some time in the hospital.  We are happy you made it through Mike.  And then there was the story of Tim Gallagher whose picture was published in National Geographic as he was body surfing.  Dave Little has been holding back on his talents – he traveled with a choir in Europe, including the Ukraine as part of a mission trip.  And John Sturley played saxophone on Brazillian television while doing short-term mission work there.  Toni Thomas shared her favorites things to do are camping with family AND refinishing furniture.  Several folks said they had projects she could ‘enjoy’.  
Needless to say I could go on for a while.  So many stories.  So little space.  Thank you Karen and Siegfried for a good program.