Rotary Board Meeting notes

11-16-17 meeting

Secretary Report:

  • Attendance at this Board Meeting
  • Mansell
  • Roccucci
  • DeSelle
  • Leonhardt, R.
  • Ely
  • Prouty
  • Edwards
  • Kinne
  • Stockton
  • Felker
  • Hochrein



  • Doug Ely agreed to be Rick Leonhard’s Co-chair for Membership.
  • Kory mentioned that Josh MacLean is not interested in joining at this time.  
  • Amy Carey has expressed interest in joining.


Youth Services: 

  • Aly is considering being Brenda’s Co-chair.
  • Johnny agreed to head up the 50/50 Raffle.
  • Proposed upcoming program dates – 2/12/18=Raffle Party (Evening Meeting), 3/5/18=Speech Contest (lunch meeting), 3/19/18=Music Contest (evening meeting).



  • The Board decided to bill the other Area 2 Rotary clubs $100 each for the cost of putting on the Foundation Dinner
  • Area 2 raised $347 to contribute to “TRF”.

Other Matters:

  • John DeSelle is working with PCTA to construct a kiosk at Bucks Lake Summit using Wilbur Vaughn’s money that he donated to our club thru his Trust.