Monday, October 1 –Nico, our exchange student from Argentina revealed the answers to our first trivia quiz of the year.  We learned that the national game of Argentina is Duck. Pato, also called juego del pato is a game played on horseback that combine elements from polo and basketball. It is the national sport of Argentina as of 1953. Pato is Spanish for "duck", as early games used a live duck inside a basket instead of a ball. Accounts of early versions of pato have been written since 1610. The playing field would often stretch the distance between neighboring ranches. The first team to reach its own ranch house with the duck would be declared the winner. Nico then presented a great program on Argentina and showed pictures of his adventures in America.

Fines included:

  • Birthdays: Dwight 10/7
  • Anniversaries Celebrated:  None
  • Missing bell fines were extracted from David Little and Herschel.  Steve is taking the 5th on how he came into procession of the gavel. The trial may be delayed as more evidence is being recovered.
  • Tim celebrated the news of a new granddaughter. The club started a college fund of $90 with a match from Tim.
  • Ken revealed he is heading to Lincoln to bask in the heat and not have to fall on ice anymore.


  • Rescheduled Little League Dugout painting October 13, 9:00 A.M.
  • Foundation Dinner October 15, 6:00 P.M. Mineral Building (No noon meeting)
  • We are up to 19 bottles towards our 2 cases of wine needed for the Foundation Dinner.  Please sign up for the Dinner and bring those bottles to the next meeting.
  • Highway Clean Up October 20, 9:00 A.M.
  • Polio Plus fund raiser at the drive up flu clinic October 26, 11:00 A.M.-1:30 P.M.

Quincy Rotary Club Board Meeting Minutes For the 9-20-12 Meeting

1.) Attended: Hochrein, Ely, Summerfield, Edwards, Ryback, Little

2.) New Generations/Youth report (Andy Ryback):

  • Andy reported that Niko recently shifted over to his new host family, the Cunan’s.  We’re still looking for a host family for Patrick for the Spring. Patrick is now being hosted by the Hutchins.
  • The Board approved a request for our club to pay for a CAL/UCLA football game and a Shakespeare ticket for Niko.  The Board also authorized the expense of a 4 gift certificates at $40.00 each, for “thank you” gifts for this years host families (2 for Moons and 2 for Sweet Lorraine’s).
  • The 8th Grade Leadership program will be starting in October, and we need some Rotarians to volunteer to chaperons.  Dwight and Andy are working together on this project.  There will be a BBQ/Graduation Dinner on Sunday, November 4th for the 8th Grade Leadership students.
  • Andy announced that the dictionaries have been ordered for the Dictionary Project.    

3.) Club Service:

  • David Little postponed the Greenhorn BBQ to (hopefully) allow for better attendance at the Foundation Dinner.  Also, we decided not have a regular noon meeting on the day of the Foundation Dinner event (10-15-12).
  • The Board approved a 6 month leave of absence for Janet Hilde, and a 1-month leave of absence for Walt Steuben.
  • Pete announced that the grant funds for the “Trail Project” need to be spent by the end of January.  Pete will be ordering the material for that project.
  • Doug Ely signed up for the public relations committee.  Doug was asked to meet with Rick Foster to do some public relations planning.  We also need a club member to volunteer in that capacity, to take some notes/minutes at our regular club meetings.

4.) Foundation:

  • Bob Edward is preparing for the Foundation Dinner (gathering raffle prizes/wine, etc.).  Mike Summerfield was asked to obtain a 1-day liquor license/permit for that event (since it’s not a meeting exclusively for Rotarians and spouses of Rotarians). Which was determined was not needed   Pete will work on a program agenda for the Foundation Dinner.  Herschel will be asked to handle the bar.