The Missing Bell.
Many of you, myself included, have been wondering where our historic bell might be.  A good President usually keeps close eye of the bell.  It is to nobody’s surprise that this year’s leader has lost it.  Being the great President elect that I am I decided to do some investigated.  We all know the history of the bell from what is written on it.  I had to dig deeper.  An anonymous letter pieced together out of magazine scraps showed up on my office front door.  It read “To find the bell you must look to genealogy.” I wasn’t quite sure how to take that.  It turns out after researching on that the bell didn’t originate with Quincy Rotary.  I looked through census after census.  I found the missing link.  It turns out that the bell came over to America in 1906.  His father and mother, Belldor and Bella, had three children.  The names of those children were Neldo, Belldo, and the man pictured below.
It turns out that Neldo tragically based from Polio.  After hearing of this Belldo decided to dedicate his life to a cure and to Rotary.  Belldo did that until just a few weeks back.  He received a ring from his older brother.  It was time to finish what they started, to wipe out Polio.  The rest of the magazine clippings said he would send pictures of his travels along the way.  I will share these pictures as I receive them from this anonymous source.