Board Meeting Notes 12-21-17




  • Felker
  • Stockton
  • DeSelle
  • Mansell
  • Richards
  • Ryback
  • Summerfield
  • Leonhardt, R.

Public Relations:

  • Sarah Richards is requesting some help taking photos for Facebook posts, etc. – at meetings that she’s unable to attend.  


  • Richard Stock with follow up with Jimmy LaPlante.
  • Kory Felker agreed to follow up with Carson Wingfield
  • Other potential new members: the new high school Principal and David Arsenault
  • Rick Leonhardt is looking next year’s Membership Chair, and he intends to approach Doug Prouty as to his interest level.   


  • John DeSelle says we’re on pace to meet our $2,000 Polio Plus goal this year.  
  • John DeSelle is also working on a project involving the Kellerman Foundation and some medical supplies in Uganda.  

Club Service:

  • Richard Stockton wants approach the membership about our club’s “marble raffle drawing”, and the membership’s thoughts on if it’s an issue for guests to participate in that drawing or not.