Christmas Meal Delivery
As the Club's Foundation Chair, I thought it might be helpful to our members to present a brief explanation of how Rotary Foundation "points" work. A number of years ago, the Foundation created the concept of points to encourage contributions to the Foundation.
For every dollar donated to the Foundation, one point is credited to whoever made the donation. As members make donations to the Foundation, they are accumulating points in their account.  
For example, every time a member pays their quarterly billing, which includes $25 for the Foundation, they accumulate 25 points.  These points can be used to create a Paul Harris award for their spouse, or someone else. After the member has donated $1,000 to the Foundation,  they will have earned a Paul Harris award for themselves, and will also have earned 1,000 points that they can use to create an Award for someone else.
The Club also is credited with points for their contributions to the Foundation, such as when the Club sends to the Foundation the proceeds from the annual Drive-thru Flu Clinic fundraiser. The Club often uses their points to help members get to the $1,000 level, so that they will earn a Paul Harris fellowship. 
Should you have any questions about the above, please don't hesitate to contact me.
John DeSelle