See you at the Football Party on Monday at 5:30 PM (no noon meeting).  Meal cost will be $12 and we have guaranteed a minimum of $200 to the Main Street Sports Bar for opening that evening for us.  We need everyone to support the 49ers and the Sports Bar.  We also have a Pool started with one square for $5, 3 squares for $10 and 7 squares for $20.  Big money will be won.

Monday, October 22 – Sara Frigo with “Thrive Quincy: Youth Development Project” presented a program on how she is working with at risk kids to improve their self-esteem with activities after school. The Quincy Rotary Club inducted new members Karen Pierson, Johnny Mansell, John Sturley and Donna Wood with their sponsors Dwight Pierson, Cory Felker, Chuck Leonhardt and Jim Boland supporting them in the Red Badge journey.  President Pete was very pleased to announce that Wilbur Vaughan left $4,340 in his Living Trust to the Quincy Rotary Club.


Fines included:


Birthdays: None


Anniversaries Celebrated:  None


Membership Anniversary: Andy 2 Years


Missing bell fines were extracted from Tim, Doug Ely and Cory. The Bell even helped with the Highway Cleanup, drinking some of the refreshments and having a great time with the gang.


Chuck and Gerry gladly donated a fraction of their winnings from the Fireman’s 50/50 raffle to the club.




Polio Plus fund raiser at the drive up flu clinic October 26, 11:00 A.M.-1:30 P.M.


Readers needed - Once again the Quincy Rotary Club is purchasing books and reading to Quincy Elementary School Kindergarten students.    We are scheduled to read the first Thursday of each month.  At least two readers are needed for the following dates:  November 1, 2012, December 6, 2012, January 10, 2013, February 7, 2012, March 7, 2013, April 11, 2013, and May 2, 2013.  Please call Dwight Pierson at 283-3429 if you would like to schedule any of the dates listed.   Members will also be asked to volunteer at our regular meetings in the event there is an opening or a member had to cancel because of other commitments.   This program has many rewards for both the students and readers.   It also gives young students yet another example of a good role model who loves to read to others


 We still need a reader for November 1





Rotary Board Meeting Minutes 10-18-12

1.)    Attendance: Breaux, Summerfield, Hochrein, Boland, Ryback, Kleven, DeSelle, Little

           2.)    The minutes from the 9-20-12 meeting were read and approved.

           3.)    Community Service:

·    Toni has agreed to organize the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals project (coordinating and heading-up that committee).  Gerry Hendrick did it last year, so she could use him as a resource if she needs help getting started.

·    John DeSelle will check with Fred to see if he has enough people to help with the highway clean-up project on 10-20-12.

·    Pete agreed to ask Karen Pierson about the sign project on the east end of town, and to confirm the extent of the Chamber’s plans for this.  We would like to help if they need some additional help with this.  The board’s general consensus was that simply refurbishing/replacing the existing sign in the meadow would be best way to get something accomplished quicker on this.

·    Pete agreed to contact Joe Wilson in the Plumas County Facilities Dept to see about getting the sprinklers turned off so we can finish the dug-out painting at the Little League field.

           4.)    Club Service:

·    David Little gave the board an update on the Football Party (10/29 evening meeting, which will replace our 10/29 noon meeting). Pete agreed to make a board for the football pool.  The Board also approved a $200 minimum to Main Street Sports Bar, and decided to leave the meal cost at the normal $12 per member.

·    Pete agreed to check in with Gerry Hendrick, and encourage him to begin planning and coordinating our 50/50 Raffle fundraiser.

·    The 11-5-12 program will be Cathy Fitzgerald with the “Water Well” program.  The Board agreed that the club would donate $500 to that organization (SAWI), and we would try to have the check ready to present to them at that November 5 meeting.

           5.)    Foundation:

·     We raised approx. $655 at the Foundation Dinner to go towards Polio Plus.

           6.)    New Generations:

·    John Breaux agreed to talk to Sue Sugura about potential outbound long-term student exchange prospects.

·    We need to find host families for our two inbound exchange students (from Australia).  John Breaux agreed to ask around and check again with club members and community members, as those students are scheduled to arrive in about one month.

·    Andy gave us an update on RYLA and the 8th Grade Leadership programs.  Everything is on-track and coming together.

           7.)    Adjourn:

·     Next Board Meeting is set for November 15th, 2012 at the Plumas Bank Admin Building.